A Guide to Windows 10 Touchpad Gestures for Mac Users

Switching from a Mac to a PC can be confusing at times, especially when you don't know if the gestures you've committed to muscle memory over the years will work anymore. Fear not, though, as you'll be able to re-learn those skills in no time. 

Image: THANAWAT TEAWPIYAKUL / Shutterstock

While Microsoft introduced some gestures that OS X users are familiar with in Windows 10, not all are the same, and the new operating system doesn't make it easy to find them. Scrolling may be universal, but jumping to your desktop is not (it's actually easier in Windows 10).

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Here's a handy list of the gestures that Windows 10 shares with OS X, and which differ!

Top Windows 10 Gestures for Mac Users

Zooming in and out (Same on both): Pinch or stretch two fingers together or apart on the touchpad.

Contextual click (Same on both) Tap with two fingers.

Scrolling (Same on both): Move two fingers together up or down on the touchpad.

View all open windows (Mac: Swipe four fingers up): Swipe three fingers up.

Switch between open windows (Same on Both): swipe three fingers left or right

Show Desktop (Mac: Spread your thumb and three fingers apart): Swipe three fingers down.

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