How to Create a Microsoft Account

If you’re making the move from OS X to Windows, one of the first things you’re going to need to do is create a Microsoft account. Just as OS X requires an Apple ID to log in to services and make purchases on your MacBook, Windows needs your Microsoft account information for a wide variety of features. Your Microsoft account information can be used to buy apps, make Skype calls, create, edit and share documents with Office 365 and share files in OneDrive. If you already own an Xbox, you probably already have a Microsoft Account, it’s connected to your gamertag, achievements and other account information.

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Windows users can even sign into their computers using their Microsoft Account, though it's not mandatory. Here’s how to take your first step into the wild world of Windows, and make your Microsoft Account:

How to Create a Microsoft Account

1. Open the Microsoft Windows Account page, and select “Create a free Microsoft account.”

2. Fill in your personal information and enter a password. Select “Get a new email address” if you want your Microsoft account to be seperate from your personal account.

3. Enter the Captcha code to verify you’re real.

4. Click Create account.

5. Open your email account and select Verify.

Congrats, you've got a Microsoft Account!

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