How to Force Quit in Windows 10

Of all the problems that Macs and PCs share, crashing and unresponsive programs rank as one of the more annoying commonalities. If you're switching from a Mac to a PC, you'll kiss Force Quit goodbye, and now rely on Task Manager to shut down programs that you can't quit by traditional means.

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While you can use Task Manager to end any program, even if it's not unresponsive, it's primarily used to close programs that are frozen and do not respond to clicking the X icon in the upper right corner.

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How to Force Quit in Windows 10

1. Hold Control + Alt + Delete at the same time. Your keyboard may vary. If this does not work, try Control + Shift + Escape.

2. Select Task Manager.

3. Select the unresponsive app. 

4. Tap End Task.

The unresponsive program has been shut down! 

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