How to Authorize Your New PC with Your iTunes Account

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If you've made the switch from a Mac to a PC, the lack of iTunes and the songs, movies and TV shows you've gained from it over the years may be a glaring hole in your new experience. Fortunately, Apple makes iTunes for Windows, so your purchases are not lost.

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While we wish there was a way to convert these DRM-protected shows, songs and films to work with any media player on Windows, you'll need to keep using iTunes in order to rewatch this content on your PC. You can also buy the same kinds of content from the Windows Store, but you might want to consider continuing to buy from iTunes, since it's cross-platform, unlike Microsoft's online store.

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To access all the content attached to your iTunes account on your PC, you'll need to download the program and then sign in. Here are step by step instructions to get you there!

How to Authorize Your New PC with Your iTunes Account

1. Visit and click Download.

screenshot (61)2. Select Download Now, and you can uncheck the boxes if you don't want to get emails from Apple.

screenshot (64)3. Open iTunes6464Setup.exe.

screenshot (65)4. Click Install, and select Yes when prompted during the installation.

screenshot (80)5. Select Finish.

screenshot (81)6. Tap on Agree.

screenshot (82)7. Select No Thanks or Agree. It makes no difference.

screenshot (83)8. Tap the Account icon.

screenshot (84)9. Enter your Apple ID and Password, and select Sign In.

screenshot (85)Your PC now has access to your iTunes purchases!

screenshot (86)

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