Windows 10 May Soon Look The Same on All Your Devices (Report)

Windows 10 powers most laptops PCs and a few smartphones, but you may not know it's also the operating system for Xbox One and the HoloLens AR headset. This is because Microsoft has different "shells" for Windows for each platform. According to a report from Windows Central, the company is putting together one "adaptive shell" that will work on all of those devices.

This new shell will make it look more like you're running the same version of Windows on your laptop, desktop, phone, Xbox and more. Everything from the desktop, taskbar, Start menu and more will be adaptive to fit the screen or computer you're working on.

It's sort of like the Continuum feature, which lets you plug a Windows Phone into a dock to use on a monitor, but at a larger scale. You'll see a smaller version of Windows 10 on a phone than you will on a laptop, which can scale up even higher on an Xbox One or a HoloLens. Windows Central reports that Microsoft is calling it a "Composable Shell" or "CSHELL"

In theory, we're several Windows 10 releases -- possibly several big releases -- away from this occurring, but Windows will be a lot more unified than ever if it comes to fruition.

Read the full report at Windows Central for more.

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