Windows 10 Prompting Chrome Users to Switch to Edge

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Sometimes, when your operating system nags you, it’s for a good reason. When Windows tells you that you need to update your antivirus software or activate a firewall, you should probably listen. However, when it tells you that you should stop using your preferred web browser, that may be a step too far. Windows 10 — the operating system, not the Edge browser itself — has apparently begun encouraging users to switch away from Chrome, warning them that it’s a drain on their laptop batteries.

Chrome draining battery

The warning hasn’t been confirmed across a wide range of people yet, but the primary source is a reliable one. Rudy Huyn, an app developer who works with Windows devices, tweeted the message along a screenshot of the events. “Chrome is draining your battery faster,” the popup claimed. “Switch to Microsoft Edge for up to 36 percent more browsing time.”

First of all, credit where it’s due: There is indeed some evidence to suggest that Microsoft Edge is the most power-efficient Internet browser. In June, Microsoft released a time-lapse video, which showed four Surface Pro tablets running the same streaming video on different browsers. The Edge-powered Surface Pro lasted 7 hours and 22 minutes while the Chrome-powered model died after just 4 hours and 19 minutes. The Wall Street Journal also found that Edge lasted longer when streaming video.

While Microsoft Edge is indeed the preferred browser of Windows 10, historically, Microsoft hasn’t hassled users for switching. Edge will encourage users to switch if the program is open, as will Chrome or Firefox, or just about any other browser. Intruding on a user’s desktop, however, is perhaps a step too far. It was for Huyn, at least.

“When I pay for a car, I don’t want ads when I drive,” Huyn wrote in a follow-up tweet. “Same thing with my OS.”

At present, Huyn appears to be one of the few users reporting this issue, although he says he found it on a regular, non-beta version of Windows 10. Some Twitter users remain skeptical of Huyn’s finding. While that’s a fair attitude, Huyn is generally a pro-Microsoft developer and enthusiast. Making up a screen to knock Windows would be damaging to his reputation for no real reason.

For what it’s worth, I use Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop almost exclusively, and have never seen this message. Since Microsoft tends to roll out features on a moving basis, though, that’s not necessarily unexpected. Maybe the rest of us will see it soon, or maybe Microsoft will change course and pull the feature before it gets too widespread.

Edge Browser Tips

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  • Gordon Gilbertson Says:

    I can confirm both the battery related and speed related messages.

  • Timothy Dutton Says:

    Can confirm I get this on both my desktop and laptop. If it's not telling me about the battery, I'm getting told Edge is faster than Chrome. Cut it out Microsoft.

  • Phil C Says:

    Sorry, just saw Peter's message. I have now turned off notifications from Microsoft Edge under system settings. Hope that works. Thanks.

  • Phil C Says:

    So, how do we disable this message telling us to switch to Microsoft Edge? I stopped using Edge when all my saved favorites disappeared during a Windows update. I haven't had any problems using Chrome.

  • Brian Says:

    I can confirm I have been getting this message on Win 10 Home since about 20 Jan 2017. I had removed and reinstalled Chrome because it started to hang up after a Windows update

  • Peter Says:

    If you don't want Microsoft's recommended tips, disable them from the notification settings in Windows 10.

  • Peter Says:

    I thought this was happening to everyone that uses a browser other than Edge. Definitely had it happening for a while now.

  • DrewL Says:

    This happened on my corporate laptop no less

  • DrewL Says:

    This is definitely a thing - I just got the message myself.

  • Mark- Says:

    How long until we get a fix to disable these annoying notifications?

  • Kelly C Says:

    Agree - HATE this. Hoping to block it. Although I'm far too entrenched to change myself (though perhaps I will get there), I'm definitely encouraging my kids to avoid Microsoft OS. Yikes.

  • Nick Steele Says:

    OH my God! Every, single, time I boot Chrome... I get "Chrome is draining your battery 30% faster than Edge" popup... From my Operating System?!?!?! I now officially HATE Windows 10. This is ridiculous. First Ads on our start menu, then ads on our start screen, now POPUP ads????????

  • Zoe__ Says:

    i just recently started getting these so no, Huyn is no liar or sole 'victim'. while it's no reason for me to stop using windows 10, it is definitely irking to have my own OS constantly berating me for using a browser that, while slow, still has the best and most convenient features available to me. i'll use Edge when i need to.

  • Doug Poole Says:

    I get these all the time. I actually went to Google and found this article hoping to find some way of blocking them.

  • Lysander Says:

    Haha, I just got this message starting Firefox! such a dumb thing

  • Sau Koon Neo Says:

    I'm also receiving such message on Windows 10.1, starting mid November 2016

    The "tips" triggers whenever I open Chrome.
    I notice there are a few similar tips on "why Edge is better than Chrome", not only from battery perspective but include other areas as well

  • Leslie Says:

    I just want to go on record to say that I too have received this message. It is not exclusive to Rudy Huyn and I completely agree with him, that I should not be intruded on while I am using the browser of my choice. I believe [whomever is responsible] should take care of it quickly!

  • John S Says:

    I am appalled at what Microsoft has decided is appropriate to do with "my" device. No respect for the user anymore, Microsoft has decided it can do whatever to your device at any time. Not saying Microsoft is the only guilty company here, but certainly it's been much more annoying that what I get from Google or Apple.

  • Bill_ Says:

    This just started happening on my laptop today. I tried disabling all notifications from MS, we'll see what happens.

  • Steve Says:

    This has become an every day event. Most disturbing. The question is: How to disable this message..... I don't need Microsoft to do anything but simply work. The upgrade to 10 was a disaster. Lenovo support did not even recognize Windows 10 as a "verified operating system".... drivers for new printers and video cards were not supported. iTunes glitched in full screen mode on GTX 980 cards.... what an absolute mess. No wonder so many people move to Apple. Problem is, web servers dont' run Apple, no office or IT department runs on Apple. MS, get your shit together and stop 'fixing' a browser that you have never been able to build!

  • TheBats Says:

    This news is old already. The fact that Windows 10 is doing this is no longer"prompting," ..... RATHER, IT'S BEGGING.

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