Microsoft: Edge Gets 70% More Battery Life Than Chrome

In a post on its official Windows blog, Microsoft claims that Edge browser offers significantly better battery life than its competitors. According to the company's tests, Edge provides 36 to 53-percent long endurance than Chrome, Firefox or Opera when streaming videos or performing everyday tasks like browsing.

On the one hand, this is not surprising in the least. Microsoft is telling us that the Microsoft browser has the best battery life on a Microsoft operating system. And they ran this test on Microsoft's Surface Book. The company provided a video detailing their test, which has four of the laptops streaming the same video on four different browsers.

The machine running Edge lasted the longest at 7 hours and 22 minutes. The next best was Opera at 6:18, followed by Firefox at 5:20 and Chrome at 4:19.

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Microsoft points out the the laptops were in Battery Saver mode, which can make your laptop last longer, but may also reduce performance levels to squeeze out more juice. Microsoft said that the version of Edge that gets better battery life will be available with the Windows Anniversary Edition, which is due out in July. We don't know which build of Windows the tests were performed on, what video they streamed or what level of brightness the laptops were set to.

We'll have to do some of our own testing in our labs to see if the results hold up in the real world. How has your battery life fared under different browsers? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Microsoft

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