How to Use Chrome’s Omnibar to Search Gmail

Most people know that you can use Chrome's Omnibar, aka its address bar, to search the web with Google or another web search engine. However, many aren't aware that you can also use the Omnibar to query your own Gmail account.

It won’t work right out of the box, but with a couple of setup tricks, you’ll be able to find a specific email without having to navigate to Gmail first. It’s a real time-saver.  Here's how. 

1. Open Chrome.

2. Open the Chrome customization and settings menu by clicking the icon at the right of the Omnibar.

3. Choose Settings.

4. Scroll down to Search and choose Manage search engines.

5. Copy the following text:

and paste it into the URL field of the Add new search engine area.

6. Add a name and keyword to the other two boxes.

7. Click Done.

8. To use the command, type into the browser and hit the Tab button on your keyboard.

9. Add your search query and press Enter.

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