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Rumor: 15-Inch MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Could Be on the Way

If you've been keeping up with our reviews this last week, you know that we love the new 13-inch MacBook Air for its strong combination of portability, top-notch performance, and an ample enough screen for all your computing needs. (We're fans of the 11-inch MacBook Air too, but the small display makes it impractical for use as your primary laptop.) It looks like the lightweight goodness of the recent Air refreshes could be extending to a 15-inch model, if MacRumors' sources are to be believed.

According to the site, Apple is already testing an ultra-slim 15-inch notebook, though it's uncertain whether the laptop will fall under the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro category. MacRumors writes that the upcoming 15-incher will use an integrated SSD and forgo an optical drive to keep a thin profile.

The folks over at TUAW have more meat to add to the rumor, though they believe the 15-inch model will be a MacBook Pro rather than a larger-screen MacBook Air. They also have word that a 17-inch model is in the works, and that both will be available shortly before Christmas this year. Given the popularity of the latest MacBook Air refreshes, an ultra-thin Apple notebook with a larger screen sounds like a very smart (and very likely) idea. Check back for further developments.

via MacRumors, TUAW