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New MacBook Pros Finally Coming in Late October (Report)

If your MacBook Pro is feeling a bit long in the tooth (and it probably is -- the Pro hasn't seen a drastic update in over four years), hold on just one more month. MacRumors says that Apple is rapidly iterating upon the recently released macOS Sierra to get it working on the new machines for a late October launch.

This jives with rumors we've been hearing of an October launch for months now. What was strange was that Apple chose to release the operating system ahead of the new computers, rather than alongside them, so it makes sense that there's still some optimizing to do in macOS 10.12.1.

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Among the expected new features are an OLED touch bar replacing the function keys, Touch ID, USB Type-C and, on higher-end models, an AMD "Polaris" graphics chip.  A report yesterday suggested a partnership between Nvidia and Apple, but that appears to be in too early a stage to reach October's MacBook.

The report suggests Apple plans to seed the beta version 0f 10.12.1 with critical security and bug fixes to get the final version ready for mass production, while smaller bugs wouldn't be fixed until 10.12.2 in November. Additionally, it mentions that LG and Apple may be working on a 5K display to replace the discontinued Thunderbolt display, but there's no word on when that will launch.

As I type this on my 4-year old MacBook Pro that's starting to feel a little old (sorry, my friend, but you don't even have a Retina display!), it feels like it's about time. Have you been waiting on a refresh? Let us know in the comments.

 [via MacRumors]

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