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Is the MacBook Pro Next in Line to Lose the Headphone Jack?

First Apple ripped the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack out of the iPhone, and it appears the port's time may be up in the MacBook Pro as well. According to a survey from Apple, published yesterday (Sept. 14) by MacRumors, the company is trying to figure out how important the analog audio port is for owners of its professional line of laptops.

The survey asks "Do you ever use the headphone port on your MacBook Pro with Retina Display?" and also offers questions about battery life, ports and the SD memory reader. Considering all of these at once, it's safe to assume that Apple's trying to figure out what it can eliminate to get a longer charge without crippling the notebook's usability. 

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Prospective MacBook Pro shoppers should probably not worry about this change affecting the laptops that are expected to be announced in the coming months. Leaked designs for the upcoming notebooks that may feature a OLED touch bar at the top of the deck all show the familiar circular headphone jack.

The dots are so easy to connect here because the isn't exactly a surprise. Adapters are less of an inconvenience to laptop users than they are to smartphone users, and why would Apple keep a port on the ever-thinning laptops that it no longer deems necessary for its smartphones?

As MacBooks get thinner, Apple loses space to fill with battery cells. So, something's got to go, and the headphone jack already has a target on its back.

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