How to Use the Dark Mode in macOS

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Apple's macOS offers a dark mode for people who prefer to avoid bright, distracting menu items. This mode allows lets menus to fade into the background so you can focus on your work. You can turn on dark mode in macOS like this:

1. Select General from the System Preferences menu.

screen shot 2018 01 22 at 12.10.39 pm 525.65217391304403 453326


2. Check the box “Use dark menu bar and Dock.”

screen shot 2018 01 22 at 12.11.03 pm 675127.89473684211 675127



The menu bar turns dark.

dark menu

Menus are now transparent, but dark.

dark menu

And even the Dock is dark.

screen shot 2018 01 22 at 12.20.41 pm