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HP Envy Spectre Video Leaked, MacBook Air Killer Coming to CES?

It's quite the stunner. HP has sent us a video starring what looks to be a consumer-oriented Ultrabook to complement its business-class Folio 13. Approved by the FCC in late December, the Envy Spectre 14 stars looks to be a very sleek 14-inch rival to the MacBook Air, but what makes it different?

While we can't glean much from the video, we do see a lot of glass panes that rotate and fold up to create the silhouette of a laptop, which leads us to believe that the Spectre could have a newfangled glass design. The MacBook Air and Windows machines like the HP Elitebook use glass touchpads, but we haven't seen the material used on other parts of the chassis. You can also see that this clamshell has a dark lid and silver deck, similar to the new HP Envy 15.

The Envy 15 boasts Beats Audio with an analog volume dial, so we expect a similar high-end audio pedigree here. As The Verge notes, the Spectre also has a Heroes-esque logo (remember that show?) so we suppose this is HP's hero product for the first part of 2012. We hope to learn more about the Envy Spectre at CES 2012.

via The Verge