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How to Give Any Mac the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

Duet Display is an iPad app that allows Mac owners to extend their displays to their slate, and its latest feature throws a favor to those holding onto older machines. And how does the app pull it off? It emulates the 2016 MacBook Pro's Touch Bar on the tablet display.

Duet Display, currently down to $9.99 thanks to a half-off sale, requires that a MacBook run the recently released version 10.12.2 of macOS Sierra, in order to emulate the Touch Bar. While having the touch bar in a tablet adjacent to your input devices isn't the best way to work, this feature will give some users a way to see how much Apple's latest laptop could add to them.

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This new feature is found in the latest update, version, which also allows the iPad's on-screen keyboard to function as one for the Mac. This way, you could substitute an iPad for the keyboard itself, if you prefer keys that don't move. This setup could work especially well for those laptop users using standing desks who want their keyboard at waist-level while the notebook is set at eye-level.

Previous Duet users should be happy to hear that the new version includes "performance and stability improvements," so it will be smoother to use. The Verge's Thomas Ricker reports that the new version solves the bug that kicked "users back to the login screen when trying to use Expose or Mission Control" that plagued users after the Sierra release.

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