How to Get Beautiful Google+ Photos as a Mac Screensaver

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If you're looking to brighten up your MacBook's display with new photos, there's a new screensaver utility from Google that will keep your display swimming in crisp imagery. The newly released Google Featured Photos brings a rotating collection of high-res images shared on the Google+ social network (yes, that's still a thing), which makes it look more interesting than when the screen just goes to sleep.


If you connect multiple displays to your Mac, you'll get a different image on each one, turning your desk into a miniature art gallery. You won't need to worry about random strangers showing up in these socially-shared images, as the screensaver only uses photos without people in them.

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To learn more about the images, click on the Google+ profile photo in the bottom left corner to visit the profile of the person who shared the snapshot. Here's how to get the Google+ Featured Photos Screensaver on your Mac:

1. Visit this site and click Download Screensaver.01

2. Open the downloaded file.


3. Open Google Featured Photos.saver.03

4. Select how many users you want to give the screensaver to and click Install04

5. Select Google Featured Photos.05

6. Click Allow.06

7. Enter your user password and click OK.07

You've installed Google's Featured Photos screensaver!ending

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