How to Snooze Tabs with the Microsoft's Edge Browser

Are you a tab hoarder? Do you use your browser as a list of articles to eventually read, bills to eventually pay and forms to eventually fill out? As of Windows Insider Build 14926, Microsoft is experimenting with the ability to "snooze" your tabs in the Edge browser. Doing so lets you create a reminder with Cortana to visit the site again later, which is perfect for users who have far too many tabs open at a time, hogging screen space and RAM.

Here's how to use the Snooze feature with Edge and Cortana in Windows 10:

1. Right click on a tab and choose Snooze.

2. Fill in details in Cortana when it pops up.

3. Click Remind.

You can exit the tab now. It will come back.

4.  Click Open Link when Cortana reminds you about your web page.

The web page will be placed directly where it was when you first snoozed it.

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