Select Chromebook Owners Can Score Free Netflix

Google is sweetening the deal for anyone considering grabbing a premium Chromebook before the year is out. Anyone copping a Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Pro or Plus can get six free months of Netflix.

The six months apply to Netflix's $10.99 per month streaming plan that lets two people stream at once. If you already have a Netflix subscription, including a different plan. you can apply the value ($65.94) to that.

Owners of those machines should go to Google's Chromebook offer site and click "Redeem" by Dec. 31, when the offer ends. Google also includes 100GB of Drive storage for two years, 90 days of Google Play Music, a free car pack for Asphalt 8, and, for Chromebook Plus and Pro Owners, $20 of Google Play credit.

This doesn't seem to be limited just to new purchases, but also to recent buyers, so if you just got one of these machines, you should still try to cash in. 

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