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Apple's Rumored Black MacBook Air Debunked

MacRumors reported yesterday that it had received several anonymous tips that Apple's line of up-and-coming Sandy Bridge-based MacBook Air notebooks could be seeing a refresh in black anodized aluminum. In 2006, Apple had offered a black option for top line MacBooks, which makes this rumor seem, at the very least, plausible.

But in a follow-up article, MacRumors posted an e-mail it received from an Apple employee, saying that while the MBA rumor is grounded in truth, Steve Jobs ultimately "killed the idea" because the new paint job was a magnet for fingerprints.

The company had tried to powder-coat the Airs and Pros in black as a test run and there are several black versions floating around, however. The employee also said that Apple may someday offer a black coating, "but it won't be a powder coat, and it won't be anytime soon."

For everyone who still badly wants a black MacBook, there's always Colorware.