10 Things We Expect From the New MacBook Pro

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The new MacBook Pro will be sleeker, faster and more graphically powerful than any laptop we've seen before -- at least, that's what we think. Apple has debuted incredible technology within the last year -- the ultra-sharp resolution of Retina Display on the new iPad, for example, which could very well make it into the Pro. And the industry as a whole has witnessed the advent of faster processors, more energy-efficient graphics chips, and ever-slimmer Ultrabooks. We fully expect Apple to incorporate many of these new advances in the latest iteration of its flagship notebook while adding some important innovations of its own. Here are 10 things we expect to see (or not to see, as the case may be) in the new MacBook Pro.

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  • Ianjf Says:

    For a MAC BOOK PRO computer and "PRO" being the important part - Ethernet is a must.
    I look after many large data centres and network equipment where there would be no wireless networks
    whatsoever, not now, and not in the future!!!! I manage network equipment via USB Console and Ethernet.
    Take away the Ethernet and no MBP for me!!!

    At home I have both Wired and Wireless networks and structured cabling installed in my house. Once I want to do any serious type of work, all my devices get wired even game consoles. Wireless is still too unreliable and slow despite some of the speeds it claims to have.

    So a Mac Book Pro - With no capabilities of transmitting Gigabit speeds would be Apple shooting themselves in the foot!!! That would be one MASSIVE step BACKWARDS!!! It would also be the sole reason to stop me buying a new MBP - which I fully intend to buy when it is released!!!

    I don't care about Optical Drives etc, but Eternet is a Must!!!!

  • Talonts Says:

    Your analysis is highly lacking. There is absolutely no way that all 10 features will fit in one laptop. You expect the thin profile of an Air, the Retina display, and longer battery life?

    Hoave you forgotten that the iPad 3 (Apple are jerks for just calling it "iPad") is thicker than the 2, as it needs a MUCH larger battery to support the Retina display? And that desktop apps, suitably rewritten for a Retina display, would balloon even worse than for the iPad?

    Think about that for a minute, it will come to you...

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