Top 10 Google Nexus 7 Cases

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Google's second-generation Nexus 7 tablet packs a more powerful processor, a full HD screen and strong speakers into a slimmer package. And now that you’ve spent $229 to get yours, it’s time to offer it the proper level of protection. Whether you’re heading into the boardroom, the kid’s room or the living room, we’ve found the perfect case for you. 

ASUS Nexus 7 Travel Cover ($29.99)

From the same folks who made the Google Nexus 7, the ASUS Travel Cover keeps the profile of this 7-inch slate slim. The accessory also protects your Android 4.3 tablet against the bumps and bruises that come from everyday life. The flexible, nonslip material offers a good grip and comes in Dark Gray, Light Gray, Light Blue, Orange, Pink and Teal. While all the ports and buttons remain accessible, we really appreciate the cutout that won’t muffle the sound coming from your speaker. 

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Gumdrop Drop Tech Case ($49.95)

Butterfingers will need more protection for their Nexus 7. And the Gumdrop Drop Tech Case can offer that along with a touch of color. Choose from army green, black or black and red. When secured inside this snugly fitting case, you can rest easy knowing that your Nexus 7 will be protected against bumps and short drops. You’ll get multilayer silicone protection with screen and port covers and reinforced corner bumpers. It even comes with an integrated screen cover to prevent scratches.

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DODOcase Folio ($124)

Bookworms and lovers of paper will flock to the DODOcase Folio. Made in San Francisco, this Nexus 7 case looks like a leather-bound and cloth-covered book made of gray fabric and tan leather. The main attraction is the refillable 24-page reporter-style notebook made with Mohawk Superfine paper. And for an extra $9.95, you can add a personalized monogram on the front. You tablet will nestle inside an eco-friendly bamboo tray, while interior pockets can hold a stylus, loose papers and business cards or ID. 

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M-Edge Stealth 360 ($49.99)

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to the M-Edge Stealth 360. This black case allows you to spin the Google Nexus 7 in a complete circle to make it easy for left-handed or right-handed users. Plus, you can watch video in landscape or portrait mode. The tablet is secured with strong silicone straps, and M-Edge’s Griptrack material will hold the slate at almost any angle A magnetic closure secures the front cover while also protecting against scratches.  

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iBlason ArmorBox Kido Series ($24.95)

We love that the new Nexus 7 lets you set up restricted profiles to shield kids from inappropriate content, and the iBlason ArmorBox Kido Series adds yet another layer of protection. The super protective EVA exterior — available in black, blue, green, orange or pink — can help Google's tablet survive the occasional tumble. Cutouts maintain access to ports and a slot on the backside offers access to a stylus for little hands. Best of all, the carrying handle converts into a stand. 

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Targus Vuscape ($39.99)

Simple and graceful, the black leatherette Targus Vuscape with contrast stitching inside and out offers multiple viewing positions for watching video, typing or reading on your Google Nexus 7. Deep grooves in the soft lid ensure your tablet will sit sturdily in place, even on a bumpy ride. Handy cutouts maintain access to all ports, buttons and the sound bar on the back. We particularly like the lifetime warranty.  

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Hipstreet Venture Case with Bluetooth Keyboard ($99.99)

When it’s time to get some work done on the Google Nexus 7, a case like the Hipstreet Venture Case is ideal. This top-grade leather case comes with a removable wireless Bluetooth keyboard. All your ports and buttons remain accessible, thanks to some handy cut-outs. When the keyboard and tablet are both secured inside, both are protected from scratches and bumps. A one-year warranty adds more peace of mind. 

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Hard Candy Shockdrop ($49.95)

Rugged and ready for action, the Hard Candy Shockdrop will encase your Google Nexus 7 in shock-absorbent, dual-layered silicone with a soft-touch exterior. Strategically placed black ribs help you keep a solid grip. You'll also appreciate the reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners, rip-proof port covers, molded volume up and down buttons and integrated screen cover. 

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Speck FitFolio ($34.95)

The Speck FitFolio sports a classic design that will protect your Google Nexus 7 against the dangers of a full bag. The form-fitting case features a padded faux-leather exterior cover — available in black, coral or harbor — while the interior is lined with a soft microsuede. The Android tablet sits cradled in a rigid shell. The case also converts into a horizontal stand with up to four viewing angles. Smartly, the magnetic closure can put your tablet to sleep when it's no longer in use.

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Roocase Executive Leather Case Cover ($34.95)

Stand out in the boardroom with the Roocase Executive Leather Case Cover, which is made of a mix of cowhide and synthetic leather. The detachable inner sleeve makes it easy to grab and show off. Then simply use the Velcro strips to reattach the slate to the case in portrait or landscape mode. The built-in kickstand on the back will angle the slate up for easy viewing. Business cards and ID slots will certainly come in handy during meetings, as will the loop for a pen or stylus. The zipper closure keeps everything secure. And the 999-year warranty ensures a lifetime of regular use. 

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  • Douglas Berry Says:

    This article reads like an advertisement for super expensive cases. $100+ for something is worth it because it includes "paper"?

    There are many, many low cost alternatives to these tablet cases, and some of them even have features that aren't included here. This article doesn't touch on any of the inherent negatives with these cases, nor does it offer up anything aside from a tiny blurb that you could get on the company website as a list of features. What seperates a $30 case from a $100 in the context of this review. Is forking over $100+ going to make my tablet more protected? Other than "it looks nice", this article gives absolutely no information for the differences to be found here. Considering the cases are just hitting the market for the new Nexus 7, it's disappointing that such a review wouldn't include a bit of distinguishing information to help a consumer make their choice. Categories for price or size would be even more helpful toward informing the consumer to make a smart choice.

  • Travis P. Says:

    The DODOcase is nice, but there are really no options in terms of colors. The Treegloo cases are pretty awesome ( They have way more colors and a black frame if you don't want the wood look.

  • zeddy Says:

    All these photos show the old nexus, not the 2013

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