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Best cheap MacBook deals, prices and sales in the UK for October 2021

Best MacBook Deals
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Apple MacBooks are amongst some of the best laptops you can buy, but if you go looking for one in the normal places, it can cost you an arm and a leg. Let us help you find a good deal!

Whether it’s the lightweight MacBook Air, the ultraportable rocket that is the M1 MacBook Pro, or a beasty 16-inch MacBook Pro, these laptops excel in their respective categories and have confidently high RRPs to boot.

However, there are a lot more MacBook deals out there than you may think. Apple never talks about them because discounts are not its thing when it comes to brand messaging. But just take a look in some of the more hidden corners of all your favourite retailers and you’ll see some huge savings on even the latest and greatest MacBook laptops.

Before you settle on anything, let us help find some deep price cuts — we’re called Laptop Mag, so we know a thing or two about this subject. Here are the best MacBook deals in the UK.

Best MacBook deals

Current gen MacBook deals


MacBook Air (M1/8GB/256GB): was £999 now £892 @ Amazon
Let’s start with the cheapest way to get a taste of Apple’s new silicon while on the go. As you can read in our MacBook Air with M1 review, the switch to an ARM-based processor presents a groundbreaking transformation with blistering performance and super-long battery life. All of this is crammed into a seriously sleek chassis and runs so cool, it doesn’t need a fan.

512GB: was £1,249.97 now £1,108.98 @ Amazon


MacBook Pro (M1/8GB/512GB): was £1,199 now £1,169 @ Amazon
On the surface of it, differences are minimal between this MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. But thanks to an impeccable thermal management system, this machine is capable of so much more, as you can read in our MacBook Pro M1 review. With the addition of a fan, the Pro can handle processor-intensive tasks on a more sustained basis than the Air, and the bigger chassis gives this a far better battery performance.


Refurbished MacBook Pro (M1/8GB/256GB): was £1,299 now £1,099 @ Apple
The refurbished section is one of the best places to look for deals. Apple has some incredibly rigorous standards and testing to make sure each refurbished product comes out of the factory just like new. Better yet, everything is covered by a one-year warranty with the chance to expand that with Apple Care.


Refurbished MacBook Pro (M1/8GB/512GB): was £1,499 now £1,269 @ Apple
Seriously. If you’re comfortable not buying new (which with Apple’s refurbishment process, you’ve got nothing to worry about), then there are some insanely good deals to be had. That includes this portable powerhouse of an M1 MacBook Pro with half a terabyte of storage.


MacBook Pro 14-inch: from £1,899 @ Apple
No, it's not technically a deal, but we'd be daft to not highlight the brand new MacBook Pro models — starting with the 14-inch model with the starting spec featuring an M1 Pro chip, 16GB of unified memory and a 512GB SSD, with a price tag of £1,899.


MacBook Pro 16-inch: from £2,399 @ Apple
Bump your screen size up by two inches, get a slightly more souped up M1 Pro with two additional CPU and GPU cores, the same RAM, same SSD storage and a faster 140W charger for a price of £2,399.

Previous gen MacBook deals


16-inch MacBook Pro: was £2,399 now £2,299 @ Very
When it comes to a serious prosumer model for those who want the absolute best, the 16-inch MacBook Pro still stands head and shoulders above for pure power. Up top, you’ll find a gorgeous 16-inch Retina display along with beasty speakers and a great typing experience. Under the hood, there’s a 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7 CPU, dedicated AMD Radeon Pro 5300M GPU with 4GB of GDDR6 memory, 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD.


13-inch MacBook Pro (2GHz Intel i5/16GB/512GB): was £1,649 now £1,559 @ Currys PC World
Need a 13-inch Intel MacBook Pro with a little more oomph? This model has that same Intel Core i5 CPU running at a far more zippy 2.0 GHz, alongside 16GB of RAM and double the storage. Don’t forget, use the code FREENEXTDAYDELIVERY for (yep, you guessed it) free next-day delivery.

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