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How to Right-Click on a Chromebook

Switching from a PC to a Chromebook comes with a few adjustments. For one, you'll need to have access to a Wi-Fi signal for most apps to function. There's also a number of keyboard shortcuts you'll need to learn, and touchpad motions that are different from the average PC. For instance, to bring up a traditional right-click menu or to drag-and-drop an item, you'll need a little know-how. 

1. Click the touchpad with two fingers to open the right-click menu. 

2. Place two fingers on the touchpad and move up and down or right to left to scroll. 

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3. Click and hold on an item you want to drag and drop using one finger. Then, with a second finger move to where you want that item dropped. 

4. Swipe left or right quickly using two fingers to swipe between open tabs. 

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