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Tablet Pal Slate Stand Molds Comfortably to Your Lap

Ever wish you could get your hands on a tablet stand that you can use while lounging on the couch and watching Hulu? At this year's CES, Tablet Pal is taking the wraps off of its self-titled series of lap-friendly tablet stands along with a smartphone holder for use in cars. 

The Tablet Pal, which will be available in seven colors including red, blue and pink. Resembling a cross between a pillow and a purse, the stand is made of stretchable, water resistant neoprene fabric that can be molded to fit comfortably on a multitude of surfaces ranging from your desk to your lap. It's designed to fit tablets between 9.5 and 11-inches and should be compatible with the venerable iPad as well as the Nexus 10, Surface, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Note 10.1. 

So how does it work? Instead of providing you with shelf space for your favorite slate, the Tablet Pal's rounded edges wrap around the corners of your tablet. Its relatively wide underside allows you to rest the Tablet Pal comfortably in your lap or other surfaces. It's also got anti-skidding grips to prevent it from going airborne, and sports pockets for storing cables and headphones.

The Tablet Pal Pro, available in black, is the same as the Tablet Pal but it ships with a sticky pad for your vehicle's dashboard, allowing you to prop it there while you drive. The Pro comes in two sizes: one for larger tablets in the 10-inch range, and a smaller one for 7-inchers like the iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

The Tablet Pal Mini comes without the sticky pad, is available in the same colors as the Tablet Pal and fits slates between 7 and 9-inches. There's also the Gap Pal, which comes in Black or Grey and fills the void between your car's front seat and the center console, serving as a storage bay for smartphones.

While Tablet Pal states that all of its items are currently available through its site, we weren't able to access the store at this writing. When it is up and running, the Tablet Pal will retail for $29.99, while the Tablet Pal Mini is a few bucks cheaper at $24.99. The company hasn't yet announced pricing for the Tablet Pal Pro and the Gap Pal.