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Samsung Windows 8 PCs Will Have Start Menu After All

It's a case of now you see it, now you don't and now you do again over at Samsung. When we first reported on Samsung's first Windows 8 devices, notably the Series 5 and Series 7 Slate, they featured S Launcher, a Samsung utility that mimicked Windows' familiar Start Menu. Then ZDNet reported that the S Launcher wouldn't make it into the final shipping product in the U.S. That's only partially true. 

It seems that you can't hold a good utility down. We've received confirmation from Samsung reps that while S Launcher will not ship with Samsung's Windows 8 devices, it will be available for download when the products hit store shelves. The widget lets users access settings, files and programs without having to go back to the Modern-style Start menu. You can also quickly get to your pictures and music, as well as shut down with a click.

Update: S Launcher has undergone a name change and will debut as Quick Starter.

Although third-party alternatives like Stardock's Start8 offers similar functionality, Samsung's S Launcher could give the company an advantage in the upcoming Windows 8 wars. Stay tuned for a full review of Samsung's Windows 8 devices and its nifty widget.