Is HP Customer Service Good? 2017 Rating

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HP gives you a bevy of ways to get tech support for your laptop. While we had a good experience with both online and phone support overall, it's pretty obvious that HP would rather you not call.

HP Tech Support
Overall Web Score Phone Score Avg Call Time Phone Number Web Support
80/100 45/60 35/40 27:00 888-698-3762 Link
Phone Hours (ET): 8a-12a (M-F), 9a-9p (wkd)

We contacted HP's tech support to resolve three issues. As with other brands, we asked how to deal with our computer's habit of going to sleep and then asking for a password whenever we walked away for a few minutes. For HP only, we asked how to change the scrolling motion on the touchpad and how to adjust the audio properties of the speakers on our HP Pavilion x360.

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Web and Social Support

In addition to its phone service, HP offers tech support through the company's website, Twitter and Facebook, as well as an app preinstalled on the manufacturer's laptops. Overseas, HP has expanded to WeChat and Weibo in China, Line in Japan, and Kakaotalk in Korea.

support and troubleshooting section of HP's site makes getting information about your system pretty easy. At the top is a large bar that you can use to search all of support by your system's model name or serial number. Beneath that bar are six large boxes, which include commands to Find Your Product, Get Software and Drivers, Ask the Community, HP Guided Solutions, and Use HP Support Assistant.

forumsThe Community section is divided up by product type (Notebooks, Desktops, Software, etc.), and a column on the right shows five Experts who have solved a lot of issues for customers.

To diagnose the issue with my test laptop, an HP Pavilion x360, I used the HP Support Assistant app, which appears in the Windows Menu bar. After opening the Support Assistant, you'll see a dashboard showing you updates, alert messages, diagnostic tools and more. The Support tab gives you three options for connecting to help: via Twitter or a phone call (both of which are available only during certain hours), or a live chat, which is available 24/7.

I selected the live-chat option. After I entered my name and email address, and described my problem ("My screen goes black after I walk away for just a minute, and then it asks me for a password. How do I change it so it doesn't?"), I was connected with Saumik Dutta in a chat window.

After confirming the issue, Saumik then took control of my laptop remotely (once he'd asked my permission to do so). While he could have suggested disabling the password prompt for wake-ups, an option available under Settings->Accounts->Sign-In options in Windows 10, he instead recommended changing the sleep timer so the system would stay on longer, another viable solution.

After opening the control panel app, Saumik asked me how long I wanted the screen to remain on — I said 20 minutes — and changed it to the time I requested. While he was there, he also changed "Turn off hard disk after" to 999,999,999 minutes, an unnecessary change, and updated my graphics driver. In all, it took 25 minutes from start to finish.

I also tweeted HP Support a question about changing the scrolling direction on the mouse pad. Thirty minutes later, I received a reply from Susan, which contained this URL for an HP support page. That site showed me how to adjust the mouse-pad settings.

hp_datedHowever, the page (see above) was last updated on March 1, 2011, and didn't have instructions on reverse scrolling; the screenshots of the control panel were equally outdated.

When I mentioned this to Susan, she responded within a few minutes, asking me to describe the issue in more detail. Then, she tweeted back the correct instructions for changing the scroll direction.

Phone Support

You can talk to an HP tech-support representative on the phone, but you've really, really got to work for it. Somewhere in a labyrinth of web pages and remote support, HP's phone-based tech support resides. When I did a search for the number online, I came across 1-800-HP INVENT (474-6368), and when I called that number and indicated that I wanted laptop tech support, the automated voice promptly directed me to HP's support page.

Taking the advice of the automated recording, I went to HP's support site to look for the phone number. Once there, I had to navigate through five pages entering model and serial numbers, plus my contact information, before I got an actual number to call and a case number to give to the rep. Now, if you purchased one of HP's marquee products like the HP Spectre, a direct number would have been provided with your system.

tss 2017 bar chart v2 3071111489010941.2 3071111489010941
HP tech support runs from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. EST from Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It's not 24/7 service, but it's still pretty generous.

Case number in hand, I made my first call at mid-afternoon and was connected with Anush in India to ask how to change the power settings so my screen wouldn't lock me out after a minute of being idle. Once the rep had confirmed the laptop's registration, make and model, he informed me when the warranty was up, then got to work.

Anush was professional and friendly, quickly guiding me to left-click the battery icon to access power settings and change the sleep timer. From there, he walked me through the process of adjusting my settings. He even offered to guide me through advanced settings. The call took just 8 minutes.

For my second call, I spoke to Adrian in India in the early evening about adjusting the speaker quality using the Bang & Olufsen control panel. Although I dropped several hints to Adrian referencing the preloaded software, he remotely accessed my laptop after placing me on hold for 3 minutes. Next, he went to the audio panel and ran the troubleshooting utility. I mentioned the possibility of the B & O control panel for the fourth time before he started searching for the app.

From there, it took a matter of seconds to resolve the issue. Throughout the call, Adrian was polite and conversational. In fact, once he solved the problem, he even played Bruno Mars' "24K Magic" to celebrate. All in all, the call ran 25 minutes, which is longer than we like to see, but in the end, both Adrian and I got a little dance break.

I made my final call at 11 p.m., and was connected with Ed; I asked him about changing the scroll direction on my touchpad. After he got a sense of the question, he placed me on hold for 2 minutes while he searched for the answer. When he returned, he asked for remote access to the system.

Once Ed was in, he dug through a series of control-panel mouse settings until he found the one I requested. He quickly enabled the setting and then walked me through getting to the correct settings in case I wanted to change it back. To ensure the change took effect, Ed then asked to restart my computer. After he confirmed that I could do inverse scrolling, the call was done, or so I thought.

As we were wrapping up, Ed tried to sell me some McAfee software starting at $39.99 for one year. After I politely declined, the call was officially over. From start to finish, Ed took 19 minutes to help me solve my problem.


The Pavilion notebook we used for this test comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty, 90-day phone support (from date of purchase) and complimentary chat support for the length of the warranty. That's similar to most of HP's other consumer laptops. A two-year extended warranty with accidental-damage coverage costs $135.

Bottom Line

We were generally pleased with the level of HP's customer support, both online and over the phone. While it was clear, from the amount of digging we had to do, that HP would prefer that customers not call, once we were connected to the company's tech reps, they efficiently solved our problems. In general, it's probably easiest, and fastest, to solve your problems using the company's online chat support.


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  • Johnparker1 Says:

    Get best hp tech support help on this number. 1-844-813-3269 Get best hp tech support help on this number. 1-844-813-3269
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    Get best hp tech support help on this number. 1-844-813-3269

  • Julie Times Two Says:

    Wow, my experience with HP tech support really does not reflect other commentors' experiences AT ALL! (I am so not paid for this)

    My new printer kept dropping the connection, and after 6+ hours of me trying over and over again all the steps described on various websites and on the verge of breaking into tears, at the end of HP's website's troubleshooting, I was advised to call tech support. So I did.
    The technician (who sounded Philippino but spoke excellent english) was very professional and utterly patient. We spent 45 minutes on the phone before he managed to fix the issue via remote control (despite my computer system and router links being in French!).
    I have saved the tech support number into my contacts list and will not hesitate to call again, should I ever encounter similar issues with my HP products.

  • Client Monitoring Says:

    I have had to deal with HP on many different occasions. It alway the same thing transferred, transferred, transferred, transferred, and then lose the call. Sometimes they would call back most of the time you would have to go through the same process. All the time I was tryn to return a office jet pro 8720 the was under warranty and would not work.

  • Jason Says:

    I had and am having the exact opposite experience that this article references. I almost have to wonder how much the author got paid to write this.

    As part of a large IT organization, I have had to deal with HP on numerous occasions as we are standardized on them.

    Here's my latest issue:

    I'm trying to get a soundbar installed on an HP Z24NF monitor. According to the product specifications page on HP's website, this is the correct soundbar for the monitor. However, the directions state that either you use the clips in the back of the monitor or you use a couple screws to attach it to the back. These are the only two options they list. However, if you look at the back of the HP Z24 NF monitor, you'll see that it's entirely black plastic. There are no screw holes or clips on the back. So either the HP site is wrong or the people that ordered this got the wrong part.

    So our adventure begins at around 11:15am which is to say it's past 8am PST. Tried to use the Chat service but that component was down.

    So then I try phone support. Called the number, and they said I had the wrong department and transferred me. Then, after being transferred, I'm told, once again, that I got the wrong department and they transferred me again. Now, during the transfer my call ended. I also noticed that, at least, a case was created for my issue. So I try to click on the case number (via my work's gmail account) and gmail wants to open it in hangouts as a phone number to call - wtf? But whatever. I go to HP's website, and get to a point where I can look for case numbers. Found mine, but when I click on it it said I don't have permission to look at that. I logged into the service as well and saw the case number under my cases so I know this one belongs to me. Why can't a customer look at the latest case they've called on? It's just stupid.

    Off to a great start so far HP. I go to lunch with my buddies, vent a bit about how awful this has been so far, then return for battle once again.

    So now that it's been a few hours, I decide to try chat support again and this time it is up. So I give her the info, and it takes about 6 or 7 minutes for the rep to type each response. Once again I was told that I had contacted the wrong department and I need to call a different number. She gave me the number to call which, as it turns out, was an old number. Because it was taking her so long to what I assume was finger typing her responses, I actually called it while waiting for her next response. Sure enough - there was an automated message saying that the number in question is their old tech support line and you need to call this new one (which is actually written right below the option for chat support....) so I inform her that she was wrong. And she said she was not. So I told her I called the number and what it said and then ended the chat.

    So now I call the number - again - and am concerned I'm just going to be passed around again. So I go through it all again, saying I have a monitor, and it transfers me but, once again, I got transferred to the wrong department. Apparently it transferred me to the commission department....ok? once again I'm transferred. Fortunately and finally I got someone whose native language was english and from the USA. Turns out there's two generations of this monitor. I kinda knew this but HP's website for both the product and support page only ever show the front of the monitor, not the back. Also, the second gen one doesn't even have any info up for a sound/speaker bar. So there's literally nothing to go by for the second gen monitor.

    All that just to figure out how to install a speaker bar or what the right speaker bar would be.

    And speaking of HP's website - it's not nearly as great as the reviewer says it is. Having needed to use it extensively, I can confirm, for example, that no you can not type your serial number into the main support page's search bar. If you do, it will come back to you saying it didn't find anything. So first you need to enter in your product's name such as HP Prodesk 600. THEN at the next search bar typing in your serial number will work. This is sloppy web design and extremely unintuitive. Why ask for the serial number at the main page if it isn't even going to work?

    I've already detailed my experience with their help personnel. But to reiterate they don't make it easy to get to where you need to go and those on the front lines that first answer the call appear especially clueless. Not through any fault of their own, I'm sure, but rather through HP's own asinine business practices.

    So it seems to me that at multiple levels the service is extremely broken and I simply can not and will not recommend anyone ever purchase their products.

    Finally, and I'm not sure if this is an HP thing or a general battery thing, but when our tech repair department tried getting a battery for an older laptop (like 2012ish) - they were told by HP that they did not have any in stock nor was there an ETA about when they would get them in. How can they function like this?

    So, dear reader, if you've made it this far through my comment then you have my thanks!
    But take it from a tech who has to rely on their products: DON'T GO WITH THEM.

  • John Padgett Says:

    Absolutely the most ridiculous, unhelpful, unintelligible foreign, help support in the business They do not understand American English and prefer to refer customers to HP@Friends to seek support assistance for broken laptops still under warranty.

    Either they are trained to hang-up on customers when the customer requests to send the product in for repair or they simply not have the linguistic capabilities to understand US English speaking customers. Either way once this issue has been resolved this will be the last HP product I or my company ever purchase from this non-US technical support business.

    If HP is so desperate to make a profit that they have to outsource their technical support services overseas its time to cut HP Executive fees to keep technical support in the United States.

    Maybe if these HP executives had to rely on these non-US technical support personnel to ensure they get their paycheck they would understand that paying the extra money to employ US workers are worth the extra expense.

  • Nathan Says:

    Terrible customer service i got a its your fault for not making the recovery media(that part is true) and a, give us $50 dollars and we will send you a cheap $5 usb drive with the recovery software and that is your only option. No download links to the software not even a torrent o they can avoid costs of serving it nothing.
    They have always been like this and squeeze money out of you at every possible opportunity while giving "tech support"

  • Sharlene Williams Says:

    I have never in my life experience the worst customer service ever I was on the phone last night with them for an hour and 5 minutes they put me on hold more than 15 times took my credit card and then told me it didn't go through and I was charged they don't know what they're doing I could hardly understand the first guy he switched me to another guy and had me do the strangest things to my computer instead of just getting my address and telling me to send the computer in it was the worst experience I've ever had. I will never buy a HP computer again if I have to go through this I would never buy this brand computer again with the customer service they have it's completely ridiculous

  • Steve Says:

    Awful service. Long waits, dropped calls, misinformation. Finally got back "repaired" laptop and trackpad still doesn't work.
    A very frustrating experience.
    I'll never ever buy an HP product again!

  • michael Says:

    I have also found HP customer support (phone) to be worthless. Today it was 43:35 minutes long, I spoke with 3 separate Indian individuals (main number, warranty dept, desktop dept) through a progressively poorer phone connection. While on hold with the third I was disconnected, which has happened before. A previous call they tried to sell me software service rather than first determine if it is a hardware or software problem (I am under a 2-714 hardware support program. All-in-one is having ongoing a worsening "ghost touch" issues which essentially disables the computer.

    Case # 3041385025.
    Guess I will try chat option.

  • Bharat Tyagi Says:

    Trust me. Stay away from HP. This is my story:

    My 3 month old laptop screen went half blank. And it happened as I was working on it. So it wasnt an act of God or Man. It was purely a case of substandard product. So I call HP customer care who lodge a complaint and ask me to send a picture of the screen. This takes me one week because the mail id they give me keeps bouncing mails and I have to call the customer care 5 times just to get alternate mail-ids. Anyways, so I send them the picture finally.
    And promptly I get a call saying the screen is defective due to some possible impact and not covered under warranty. Pray why???
    When I tell them there is not a scratch on the laptop and I was working (fingers on the keyboard!) when this happened.. they are not bothered. Just keep repeating the same thing...

    After I keep at it for a long time, they did send a technician who agreed that there are no signs of damage or physical mishandling on the laptop. And takes some pictures and leaves. But promptly I get a mail from the service centre stating the same thing.

    I wrote again to the customer service people who had got in touch with me and arranged the visit just asking them to confirm if this was in fact HP India's final stand on the issue but they have gone silent on me even after repeated reminders

    So I dont understand. Looks like they just dont care.

    My advice to you guys: Stay away from HP!!

    Case number - 5003146561

    Product Description: HP Notebook - 14-am122tu
    Product Number: Z6X86PA
    Serial Number: 5CG71045WQ


  • TheEyeOfTheDefunction Says:

    Wow. This is a paid off review.HP Support is so terrible. Its 100% outsourced to scammers in india. You have to waste a huge chunk of your life and fight your way to the CEO directly to get something guaranteed to you done now. They justify it saying its just 2017 and other peoples service sucks now too.

  • JD TEXAS Says:

    Bought a couple of HP 3005PR USB 3 PORT REPLICATOR on Amazon 9 MONTHS AGO. One of them failed with a fiery POP. Past the 30 return for AMAZON, so I contacted HP Customer Dis-service called 3 times an was transferred 4 times per call, then disconnected. When I called back the 4th time, I refused to be transferred and the person took the report. I sent in the Amazon Invoice 3 times before finally getting an Email stating the item was being shipped. Got another email the next day saying the item is "OUT OF STOCK". Now, three weeks after the initial contact and a promise to ship, I receive an email stating that the product was not purchased from an "AUTHORIZED RESELLER" and the warranty is void. Next call will be to AMAZON maybe they can stop selling HP products since they are not authorized............

  • John French Says:

    turn of my HP desktop as I do ever nigh tried to turn it on next day would not come on tried HP trouble shoot site no good call HP su[pport

  • John Cooke Says:

    HP warranty service is terrible. 10 days later and our HP Notebook is still not working. We had to pay for someone to come out and put in a hard drive. But he left before the recovery process was complete and it failed. Many calls and hours of hold time later, and the problem is still not resolved. Now the case manager hopes I have a "fantastic day" and tells me his goal is to completely satisfy me with HP. Fat chance. I will never buy HP products again.

  • Edwards Says:

    Ridiculous service. Paper is not feeding for my deskjet, and I follow every instruction on the user manual regarding about the problem. Sadly, it won't fix the issue. I decided to call and the agent keeps asking me to update my driver, as if I am a 5 years old kid that don't understand what is the driver for. It's definitely a hardware problem and updating driver won't fixed it. I hang up the phone and called second time next day, different agent but same story. WTF, do all the agents think that customer don't have single knowledge on hardware and software. 3rd calls, the agent told me to do the same thing on the user manual, and I told her, you are directing me to the same thing on page x in the user manual.

    HP Service, wake up. customer would not call up to solve a problem if they can solve themselves. Do you think listen to the music while waiting on the line is a fun thing to do. The world has changed, majority users are educated users, they will search assistance online such as video clip on youtube, webpage and etc to get a solution before calling. Call the Support number is the last thing a normal consumer will do.

  • Dee Sam Says:

    Don't ever buy HP, they are terrible! We bought an officejet printer and I tried to get Online service and when I didn't feel comfortable giving out my numer they banned me from ever getting Online help without answering any of my questions. I am furious! Money down the drain, and I still can't get my computer to recognize the printer as an Online Service.

  • Estrella Ellison Says:

    Don't buy any HP printers specially HP office jet 4630. Your ink goes fast and if you don't use it with in few months you need to buy a new ink. Also, it has problems printing. They suck. They don't make good quality anymore. They are so expensive and so poor quality now. Costumer service they are ok, but so impatients, don't help much and make waist your time. Why they just don't tell you the quality sucks and to buy a new one. Is simple and fast.

  • Aaaaaa Says:

    HP customer service is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vickie Says:

    DO NOT EVER BUY HP SMARTFRIEND. Here's what they did to my 80 year old mother- made her buy software she didn't need to buy, charged her a set up fee, a purchase fee and a 2-year locked in monthly fee with an early termination charge. Then, to boot, they were unable to fix anything on her computer, and in fact, slowed it to a snail's pace.

  • John S Says:

    I have no beef with HP's technical help through chat. But it's lousy at follow through if you have to send your device in for repair. You can either pay a fee for in home service but many complain the tech only comes with what parts were first diagnosed as bad and the other option to send it to a repair facility means waiting for packing material, shipping time and wait sometimes weeks or even months as some on HP forums have reported. Some even get their device back not fixed after all the waiting with no explanation. So I guess if its not fixable they just send it back? This is my first experience with HP warranty and I hope I have better luck then some. If not, I certainly won't be buying any more HP products.

  • shirley A Ruff-Pankey Says:

    the problem i had was i contacted hp web support because i was having trouble connecting my wireless printer to my computer. hp support said they could not connect it due to a virus. mind you computer and printer brand new. i had to pay 149.00 for a cleaning and a norton virus protector and technical support for a year. 6 months later, i get a message from norton that my free trial of norton had expired. technical support was contacted, i gave them access to my computer, they uninstalled the 149 (free) protector promised to install a permanent protector that i paid for and did not. kept promising to call me back and did not and kept not answering my calls. 149.00 scam that i do not plan for India, Canada or HP to get away with because i plan to file a lawsuit.

  • Anna Lucas Says:

    The hinge on my laptop broke and I contacted hp support and the entire experience was amazing. The man I was talking to actually listened to me and was so kind. They sent me everything I needed to ship my laptop to them, including tape and fixed it the day they got it. I hope nothing else goes wrong with my laptop, but if it does it is comforting knowing that they are so great.

  • BOB WHALEY Says:

    Am attempting to purchase new display screen for HP Pavilion dv9930us laptop. HP website does not recognize this Product #, the Mod#, P/N, now anything else. The website won't let me progress without this. I can't call in at 8:30 PM because that department is closed. Very, very frustrating. They must not want my parts money.

  • paul williams Says:

    HP are suppliers of faulty equipment, the staff lie and treat disabled people like dirt. They do not comply with UK law!!

  • Ann the gran Says:

    I have a new HP Spectre laptop with core i7 and I had to call customer service. I called them with my printer last year. Each time 100% amazing! They have a dedicated customer service line for the Spectres.

    I don't understand bad reviews. For three consistent years I have been faced with amazing service.

    Dell, on the other hand ruined my computer when I sent it in (changed the hard drive without my permission). But HP? Listen, I LOVE my laptop and the best one of all my laps. I had my first 386 in 1985 with 80mg, so I've been around. --70 year old grandma

  • Ayala Says:

    Horrible company I have purchased 2 computers that broke on me. I have purchased smart friend service and was just wasting all my time , im talking about days! They just transfer u to someone else and no one knows what there doind. just tried to cancel after my second Pavilion just broke -total loss. just sent it in after the first one also broke (although i could of turned it on). I am amazed of what is going on and how it is allowed. Many representative are placed overseas. I had so many problems and wasted all my time and then when I sent my first computer in it was found it is a hardware problem. I had problems with computer getting stock, volume, lost power and all my files, and very bad customer service since the case manger just hung up on me so i have to post something :/

  • Hollie Says:

    Worst phone support person you could imagine. $60 later, on hold waiting for them for nearly a half hour, he was short and sarcastic, and the biggest waste of time. Call goes something like this: did you pay the $60? Uh yes, (side note to the snob know-it-all, pretty much only get transferred to them after you pay). Half way through his rushed conversation, pardon for taking your time I only paid for it basically a hard drive fail and out of luck sort of way. Sarcastic because I asked him about resources i read online and he said and I quote, 'unless you have a SPECIAL computer that I have never seen before, that's not going to work. Got to love it, hey HP, why don't you monitor the calls because that will not only be the last time I call for support but the last time I ever buy your computers/printers or anything related.

  • Jitendra Says:

    I had worst experience from HP regarding my newly purchased laptop HP Envey x360 15 inch model. After purchase I hardly used for 1 month and on 11 Nov lap top was dead. No power. I checked everything and called engineer. He came after 3 days and changed mother board saying might be faulty and they refused to replace saying replacement happens only within 15 days. After paying 75000 rs I ended up in 1st repair within month. Still I accepted and started using it. Within 7 days same thing happened again. I was without laptop for 7 days. As this is my company laptop I even had not loaded any unauthorised softwares nor I used for any other purpose. Now I got angered and said that I need replacement as this piece is having problem. They send engineer again. I told them that let me know my fault then only I will accept repairing. They could not do it. Engineer opened whole laptop removed battery and reset settings and laptop started working. On next day I started laptop and again it hanged with no response event to ctr+alt+del. now they say it is our software issue. I got pissed off and closed the laptop. Now through company we r filing case in consumer court. If u have this much time after paying 75000 rs. Pl go ahead and buy HP. But I recommend don't ever buy HP items. Worst company. No ownership. Pl support me if you have same experience. This will help me in law suite.

  • William Says:

    lets just say that i have been an call for the last two hours. Disgrace

  • saurabh gupta Says:

    worst experience with laptop I ever had. they do not provide recovery disc even if you have purchased windows.They have another business of delivering recovery cd for over rs 1000/-.I think this is the only way they can make profit

  • Mukesh Says:

    HP is worst company ever i dealt with. They are cheater and liar. My laptop had some in built issue. When I contacted them (after 35 min, I talked to right person), they asked me to ship the laptop back to them. I did that immediately last Oct 4th 2016. I got 4th time return date changed. I am still waiting. New date is 8th Nov.
    Will neither buy nor recommed HP to anyone. One of my friends recommended me not to buy anything from HP but wish I listened to him.
    Please dont buy any HP products.

  • Shawn Says:

    I will help anyone looking at buying electronics. I made the mistake after having the WORST customer service of any company I have dealt with, I messed up and bought a HP Pavilion Laptop. Had a hardware issue with the touch screen and mouse (works perfectly if I use external mouse & don't touch the screen)
    They blame Windows 10 and say for another $100 they will look at my drivers. My laptop is only 8 months old, still under warranty but they claim it is not a hardware issue

    This conversation happened after 30 minutes of getting transferred around, line cut off and the same questions asked by them 10 X. Then did nothing even though I have warranty.

    I am just trying to help consumers.


  • Screwed by HP Says:

    DONT TRUST HP warranty support!!! I paid for the upgraded 3 year warranty with accidental damage protection. I had a broken hinge (a well know issue of the HP envy) & non functioning keys. It was supposed to be fixed & returned in 5-7 days. 2 days after they recived my laptop for repair the support repair case was put on hold. I attempted to call & find out why it was on hold & if it would ship on time. I was assured that if it would be delayed I would be sent an email update. Well, long story short, the delivery date has come & gone & I have called them every day since, trying to get any info at all as to when I might get it back or what is even going on with it. I have had reps send in multiple requests for updated information that has been completely ignored by the repair department. Its been weeks now. My case has been esclated to a manager who also put a request to the repair department for an update that has been completely ignored. I have requested that my laptop be returned to me fixed or not as I need it for work & I'm losing business every day & it's destroying the reputation of my online business I spent over 15 years building. Unfortunately they are unable to return a laptop they can not locate or get any infomation. So now they have my laptop with all my information that could easily be accessed by anyone. I am now in the process of attempting to file a small claims case against HP in an attempt to just get my laptop back from them.

  • Michelle Monts Says:

    I cannot unlock my computer and I know the password is correct? How can I open my computer. I know virtually nothing about computers. I haves HP 15-f272wm

  • X.thao Says:

    I boughy a spectra 360x I only had it for two months before it broke. TWO MONTHS! I sent it in for repair. A fee weeks later Hp sent me an invoice comfriming my laptop was fixed and is in route to me with a dilivery date. Then they sent me another email chaning the deliverly date to a month later. I called to ask why And they told me the part for my laptop did not even come in yet. Why send me an invoice and delivery date when they have not fixed anything yet! Customer service reps tried to contact me but by that time i didnt care anymore. I knew why my laptop is taking longer to fix and there wasnt much customer can do beside say sorry to me. A fee weeks later, my laptop arrived. Yay! BUT THEY SENT THE WRONG ADAPTER FOR MY LAPTOP. I called again, they sent me from departmet to department, and when i finially arrived at the right department the guy i talked with didnt know whag kind of adapter my computer has. He tried to send me a different kind and i told him no. I want the one that came with my laptop. Then he just said okay, he will send the one for my laptop. On top of all this, he was RUDE! After this ordeal, i will never purchase from HP again.

  • Betsy Dabbert Says:

    Hi Everyone, subscribed to Smartfriend for $29.99 family plan this morning. I was then given to Chuck from Canada who asked what the problem was. As I proceeded to explain he began yelling at me telling me I had no clue what I was doing, to Be Quiet and not interrupt him in any way if I wanted his help and told me if I had issues with Windows and Microsoft to get off the phone and call them. He then proceeded to hang up on me. I was in such shock it took me some text to call and report the incident. They did nothing but switch me to another tech. I am still seething 6 hours later. Is anyone aware who I can report this horrible incident to?

  • raza1 Says:

    I love the HP accidental coverage/or warranty/extended warranty. My kids , broke the screen many times, damaged the keyboard countless times. No question asked, fixed. Just 2 years ago, they couldn't fix my laptop and in return offered me a new one. HP envy 5t . I purchased warranty on that as well. I suggest buying an hp laptop above $500.00 getting a warranty.

  • Margaret Says:

    They told me they could fix my problem with their expert Level 2 Techs, so I signed up, they took more money than they were suppose to, never were able to help. Their experts can only help you with email questions and help you install a program REALLY?? I called my bank to stop payment, they already got it, she told me they did this all the time.

  • Sabrina Says:

    Their chat service agents are either robots or know nothing about computers.

    I couldn't boot into the ssd hard drive on the first day I bought an HP Spectre x360 13t. The HP Hard Drive diagnostic test doesn't exist on the diagnostic test menu for SSD, which is clearly stated on their own support documents. In fact, the instructions are to contact support if you get the boot disk error and have an SSD (because the troubleshooting directions there don't work). So I tell the agent and he ignores me and asks me to run a hard drive diagnostic. I think maybe he knows something I don't and follow his instructions.

    Surprise! The hard drive test isn't there. He tells me I am in the wrong place and makes me repeat the instructions again (reboot, press F2 repeatedly, go to component tests, find non-existent hard drive test). I tell him 3 times that the test isn't there and type out every single option on both the landing page and the component test page. He keeps telling me to find Hard Drive Test and to run Quick Test. I drop some hints that this might not work (meaning I copied and pasted the entire section from troubleshooting, with the link, that says this test is not for SSD), which he ignores. Finally, he says that he'll submit a ticket for mail-in service. I had just bought it that day... I'm not mailing in a laptop that I can just return or exchange at Best Buy. He clearly didn't know what he was doing. For an hour, we just tried to find the same test; no other attempts to figure out what was going on, no information about whether this meant my hard drive was defective. I've worked with tech support at Dell, Apple, Filemaker Pro, Kindle, Samsung credit card machines, etc. and I've never experienced a less helpful chat.

  • Lynn Hagen Says:

    I was very happy with my call to HP. My tech went by the name MG He was very polite, knowledgeable and patient with me. My computer is working great. Thank You!!!

  • pradip s patil Says:

    The service provided by hp service center baroda is good and very fast...

  • Bella Edwards Says:

    Hi, having problems with my laptop can't get access all that's coming up on the screen is shutting down its been like that for 2 days can u help.

  • Donna Kohlhausen Says:

    I purchased the in home repair and they will not honor it. I have unfixed I have not had my computer for over 3 weeks, except one day that they returned it and I had to ship it back..
    So much for in home repair.

  • Vincent Says:

    What company sell a printer and doesn't have the cord that goes to the computer. The printer is worthless without that cord and it doesn't even tell the customer that it not included. What a stupid idea. To sell a worthless printer that you can't use. I was a fool buying it, but I will not make that mistake again. I will also pass it on to my friends, family and Facebook how HP printers are sold, with the bait and technique.

  • Jeannie Says:

    I have had nothing but problems with new HP computer. It won't accept my HP printer which is wireless and less than 18 months old. Tech is a joke, they scared me, I'm not even sure it was authentic site. I used the 888-319-9931 They wanted to offer me 2 options pay or pay more! I backed out of site.

  • Suresh Says:

    I am using hp pavilion dv4-1106ee laptop,windows vista.up log in page opening.once entered my password,desktop page not is showing full black.only cursor is moving.please help to solve this issue.

  • Scongewheel Says:

    I have a computer that no one from HP has been able to successfully trouble shoot. I have spent at least 15-20 hrs on line with techies, many hours on my own trying to troubleshoot, sent the computer in once, with no resolution. Now sending in a 2nd time. In the meantime I bought another computer as I needed a reliable computer. HP reps say my warantee is only a repair warantee and that they won't give me a refund. They apparently would rather drag their customer through endless hours of inconvenience to fix their product than just refund or replace. This is my first HP and after all I have been through, it will be my last.

  • Kristin Says:

    I needed tech support for my computer due to a black screen. The technician, Hozefa, I found to be very helpful and informative. I am very happy with my experience with this technician.

  • hpsupportreviewer Says:

    I totally agree with surendra1234. The only person who can say positive things about HP customer support is the HP customer support itself. Very strange review, almost seems as if this site was bought by HP... I've experienced very bad (approaching None) support by HP several times. Never buy HP!

  • surendra1234 Says:

    Hi I have faced very bad experience of HP Service Centre as they have format my system where the problem in keyboard( Hardware) I have visited 5 times their service centre to sorted out issue.

    Also there was origional Windows 8 in my system earlier what comes with My hp Laptop but they installed Pirated windows 7.

    I am fed up with their replies.there is no authenticity in HP Service Centre.

    Also charges is much higher for any repair work.

    My advice no to buy HP Products as the after sale service is very poor.

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