Is HP Customer Service Good? 2018 Rating

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Experiencing problems with your HP laptop? The company has a deep well of resources, including social media, HP Support Assistant and the good, old-fashioned phone, to help you find the appropriate solution. We tested each of the tech-support resources by asking them three questions.

HP Tech Support
Overall Web Score Phone Score Avg Call Time Phone Number Web Support
75/100 50/60 25/40 10:00 888-698-3762 Link
Phone Hours (ET): 8a-12a (M-F), 9a-9p (wkd)

As with other brands, we asked how to protect our computer from the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability, and how to get Cortana to respond to "Hey, Cortana." We also asked a brand-specific question about adjusting the sound presets in the Bang & Olufsen control panel. And while we had a fairly seamless experience finding answers and seeking assistance on the web, calling HP's tech-support agents didn't always yield the right answer.

Web and Social Support

HP's support and troubleshooting site offers a deep trove of knowledge that's easily accessible for both tech-savvy and entry-level users alike. The site has been retooled to provide a more unified presentation, with large blue tabs for Software and Drivers, Troubleshooting, How-tos, Product Info and User Guides.

I was especially impressed by the Bulletins and Notices tab, which has the latest security news. It was here that I found an article about the Spectre vulnerability, the potential impact to HP devices, and what the company is doing to address the issue. You'll also find a Windows 10 Support Center.

You can either search for general answers on the site or enter your laptop's serial and product numbers for a more-targeted experience. Once you enter the pertinent information, you can check your system's warranty status, register your product or check the repair order in case it has to be sent back to the factory.

If you're a social media addict, you can get your questions answered via Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. When you ping the HP Support Facebook page or the company's Facebook Messenger, you get a prompt informing you that your inquiry should be answered in 2 hours or less, between the business hours of 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST.

HP held true to its word: My question about protecting my laptop from the Spectre/Meltdown security vulnerability was answered just 25 minutes after I sent it. The Twitter reps took slightly longer, answering the same question after an hour and 15 minutes.

You can reach an HP tech-support representative on social media from 8 a.m to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET on Saturday and Sunday.

HP's Support Assistant chat app stays on the taskbar for quick access and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After entering the required information (name and email address), a small chat window opened and, after a few seconds, I was connected with Asmita at 4:50 p.m. to ask her how to change my audio settings via the preinstalled Bang & Olufsen software.

The experience was hinky as the connection kept dropping out, which forced me to quickly type my questions.. The situation became so bad that a phone tech had to call me and help me establish another connection. Once the connection problem was fixed, I asked Asmita if she could help me with my audio-software difficulties.

After ascertaining from me that the audio was operating properly and that I was trying to access a third-party software (albeit one that HP has partnered with Bang & Olufsen to get), the HP said that "the issue is out of scope for us." She then wanted to elevate the situation to the level 2 techs at HP's SmartFriend service. They would be able to help me for a nominal fee, which was a bummer, to say the least, especially since I had 8 months left on my warranty.

I had a better experience with Paramita at the Chat Support on HP's support site. I contacted her at 11:14 a.m. with the same question, and she also asked for remote access to my laptop. After granting her access, she quickly pulled up the Control Panel, located the Bang & Olufsen panel and correctly adjusted the settings. Once I confirmed that everything was working as it should, Pamela offered to send me an email with the steps to get rid of junk files on my laptop. She also tried to talk me into purchasing some accidental damage warranty coverage, which I politely declined. From beginning to end, the whole process took 21 minutes.

If you'd rather not deal with virtual assistants or tech-support agents, you can probably find your answer on HP's YouTube channel. And starting in August 2018, the company will offer a new method of tech support in the form of a mobile app. It'll come in handy if you have have a burning tech-support inquiry and don't have a computer in front of you.

Phone Support

If you would rather conduct your tech-support business via phone, HP has several numbers for consumers to reach a representative. There's 1-800-HP INVENT for all consumers, the Omen direct line for gaming laptop owners (1-866-724-8628) and the Spectre line for premium machines (1-888-817-4633). HP call centers are available from 8-12 a.m. EST Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.on Saturday and Sunday. HP has call centers in a variety of places around the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico,Costa Rica, the Philippines, India and El Salvador.

Since our last Showdown, HP has made it a little easier to find which number you should call for which notebook line, and for specific problems. Simply go to the Contact Support tab on the support website, enter your serial number and you'll see options for Facebook Messenger, Chat and Phone. Under the Phone icon, you'll see your case number and two phone numbers. The first is for problems with powering up your system, and the second is for everything else.

During my first call, at 8:07 p.m., I was connected to Lize in the Philippines almost immediately. I asked how to get Cortana to respond when I said "Hey, Cortana." She quickly directed me to the microphone in the search bar, which activated the digital assistant. Lize was sort of correct, as Cortana was up and running. However, she failed to point me to Cortana's settings where I could have enabled the functionality myself. Convinced she had answered my question correctly, we said goodbye at 8:11 p.m. The call lasted 4 minutes and 38 seconds.

For my next call, at 12:16 p.m., I waited for 14 minutes and 38 seconds until I was put on the line with Mike in India. I asked about protecting my laptop from the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities. I was hoping Mike would tell me to make sure that my antivirus software was up-to-date, before instructing me to update my operating system via Windows Update. Instead, Mike walked me through the steps to make sure my McAfee LiveSafe antivirus software was current, insisting that was all I needed to keep my system safe.

Sensing the hesitation in my voice, he offered to escalate my question to SmartFriend, for a nominal fee. When I declined, Mike seemed satisfied that he had answered my question, and wished me a good day, ending the call after a discussion that lasted 6 minutes and 42 seconds. That brought the total call time to 21 minutes and 10 seconds.

For my final call, at 11:15 p.m., I spoke to Michael in an attempt to find the Bang & Olufsen control panel to toggle my music. I explained to him that I was looking for the control panel to change my audio settings from music profile to movies. Confused, he asked if there was something wrong with the sound that prevented it from playing. I explained that the sound was fine, but I was looking to tweak the settings so I could get optimal audio quality when I was watching movies. He explained that if I had the Bang & Olufsen, then there was no way to adjust the settings, as it was already at the optimal configuration, which is incorrect.

I attempted to give him one more shot, and asked if there was a Bang & Olufsen control panel where I could look at the sound settings. He responded no, and realizing I had hit a brick wall, I thanked him for his time and we ended the call after 4 minutes and 11 seconds.


The Envy 13 comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty, 90-day phone support (from date of purchase) and complementary chat support for the length of the warranty. That's similar to most of HP's other consumer laptops. However, warranty length can differ depending on the notebook line. In an instance where you have to send your laptop to HP for repairs, the company will pay for shipping for most systems, but consumers that own entry-level notebooks might have to pay a small fee.

A two-year extended warranty for Pavilions, Envy 13, 14 and 15 with accidental-damage coverage costs $181.12. The plan also includes LoJack theft protection, replacement parts and materials as well as access to remote diagnosis, telephone and chat support.

Want to upgrade your system with additional RAM or an SSD? You'll have to check with HP. The company does allow for some upgrades depending on the notebook line as long as you use company-approved parts. If you don't meet those requirements, you could void your warranty.

Bottom Line

HP has a large arsenal at its disposal to assist consumers with any problems that might arise during the life of their computer. With the exception of one incorrect answer from the chat assistant, the web and social portions of HP's tech-support strategy delivered reliable answers in a reasonable amount of time.

And while we appreciate HP making its tech-support phone line easier to find, we were disappointed at how often the agents, while patient and polite, delivered incorrect answers. We were also taken aback by how many times they referred us to the company's SmartFriend subscription service for simple questions we were able to answer using the company's website.


Tech Support Showdown

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  • Erica Adams Says:

    HP customer service are just incompetent!!! I have spent over a week, speaking with dozens of representatives without any success! Some appear to be helpful but others not so much. It is SO frustrating! They are just incapable of help me! All I need is the product key # for the home and student 2019 I purchased last year! Why can't I speak with someone in the US!!!!!


    Battery replacement
    Am in need of the "NP03XL Notebook Battery for HP Envy X360 15-u010dx 15-u110dx 15-u011dx 15-u111dx 15-u050ca". Am in Uganda. Where can I easily find this?

  • Jacquelyn Belton Says:

    Please help All at once I seem like I lost control of use of my computer Microsoft come up across the screen making a loud sound and covered screen .I don't have service hope you can help I think I been hacked.I need help I have a Hp computer.

  • Jyotishankar kisan Says:

    I have HP computer but i don't get a better sarvice

  • Michaelruth Says:

    First product I can remember buying is this worthless laptop. No wonder they are always in supply at Office Depot! They send continuous updates to your computer and when it crashes from the inundated onslaught of files, they tell you on the phone that they will not assist you until you spend $ to get software coverage to handle the problem...the one THEY created in the first place. Of course I just got off the phone with one (you will never know what they are saying when they say their names) and he swore that the problem was my COMPUTER. Not the software they sent to my computer! One does not have to be a computer geek to figure out when a scam is being run.

  • rson9841 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this information.

  • Julius Nepos Says:

    Just moved from Canon to HP for a laserjet M477. HP support is outsourced to a center in the Philippines. Agents there ask all sorts of unnecessary questions and it pretty much hit or miss finding an agent who can actually help.

  • HP Customer Says:

    I have the unfortunate task of dealing with HP quite often as its the brand my company chooses to work with. The chat agents are hit and miss, never mind the automated agent, most of those are useless when dealing with any company if you know a thing or two about IT. I just had an experience today with a sales chat associate and they lost the sale. The person completely ignored my comments in the field before initiating the chat, I had to repeat myself a couple of time, they couldn't find our customer number in the system because it was provided by a different department that uses different customer number formats, they asked for information from me after I already gave it, and they seemed overworked because when they returned to the chat window, they only acknowledged the last sentence and completely forgot the prior dialogue. When I asked to be transferred, he wouldn't do it but offered 15% off, and then asked for payment information when I told him repeatedly I needed a quote. I got so fed up, I said I can't do this anymore and left the chat. I got 4 subsequent phone calls afterwards while I was away from my desk. I tried to initiate another chat and got the same guy so I just left only to get more phone calls.
    As I mentioned earlier, they require different customer numbers for your organization depending on which department you're working with. Tell me why our organization needs to keep track of several different customer numbers, which cannot be cross-referenced if you're talking to an HP rep in the wrong department, to complete varied tasks. Shouldn't HP have one customer number for one customer? So ridiculous. They are too large of a company to adequately serve the needs of their customers in a timely manner.
    That being said, most of the time I don't have issues with their products and most of the time they solve my issues, they just make it painful to go through when you've got dozens of their products. For every great experience there are really bad experiences of incompetent staff, especially at the consumer level.

  • Elina Says:

    Hi! I am Elina from California and I called on this number because my laptop has been working very slow for a few days. Dan picked up my call and very kindly helped me to fix the issue and assured that the problem would not come up again.

  • Auditory Says:

    I phoned HP for warranty information about a specific HP laptop I was interested in purchasing. HP, like so many other corporations today never misses a chance to turn a technical support issue into an opportunity to sell you something. I was connected to an outsourced sales representative from the Philippines (no surprise there). The representative was very nice, answered all of my questions, and offered to telephone me a few days later to help me with my purchase if I chose to go with HP. We decided on the best day and time for her to call and I made certain she knew I was in the Eastern Standard time zone of the United States.

    During the interim period I made the effort to look on HP’s website for the exact model computer I spoke to the HP phone representative about. I located it and discovered there was no savings incentive to place my order with an HP sales representative versus purchasing online from HP’s website. After doing some additional research, I also found out that the representative had given me misinformation about HP’s
    in-warranty phone support that was included after purchase. The sales representative claimed I would receive phone support for a full year. This was not true; it was only 90 days. Only chat support was good for one full year after purchase. Despite my misgivings about an over-the-phone purchase, I decided to give the sales representative a chance to earn my business. Perhaps she would throw in a free HDMI dongle if I purchased from her instead of directly the HP website.

    The day came that I was supposed to receive a scheduled telephone call from the outsourced HP chat representative from the Philippines. I never received a call at the designated time and she had previously told me she could not provide me with a phone number with which to contact her. Nor could she email me any information without a confirmed purchase agreement. I waited several hours. Finally, after 10:00 pm on a Saturday evening a noticed a strange call coming in from a toll-free phone number. I did not answer thinking it might be a typical telemarketer. A few minutes later I had a voice mail message. It was from my HP sales representative. She missed the time she was scheduled to call me by over 9 hours.

  • Mark V Says:

    I purchased a HP designjet T520 36" plotter.

    I contacted them on 6 Sept 2018 with a print head cartridge problem. After swapping out 2 print head cartridge kits (genuine HP) they committed to have a technician come out under warranty within 48 business hours (as required under their extended warranty contract) (before the close of business on Monday (10 Sept 2018). Seems as though they cant get a technician out before Wednesday 12 Sept 2018. Not the 48 business hours that they promised in writing but 96 business hours. And this is an on site within two business days agreement. This is client work that has a liquidated damage clause as this doesn't constitute force majeure (an act of god). The technicians reply is I'm over booked. No call from HP to let me know that they wont be out when their extended warranty promises. No call from the third party technician that they are overbooked. This isn't hobby work but it professional engineering work that has a late penalty clause. The dolt from corporate promised to call me before the day was over and guess what? No call. The question isn't does HP lie and commit fraud but when do they not lie and commit fraud. If HP cant support professionals that are doing work for a living and are licensed PE and their actions convey they don't give a rats rear you really think that a machine used for personal use when it breaks down will get any level of support? Dream on buttercup.
    Sadly in the past their support was the best in the business (before they sold the instrument business and went into the PC business. Their word was platinum. Today puppy poop has more value than their word.

  • Peggy Says:

    I purchased HP All-in-one 24-e0XX PC from Best Buy on May 4, 2018. I have discovered the keyboard had problems a week after the purchase, the space bar key did not work as you touch, this problem was on and off. I went to talk to the salesman at the Best Buy who recommended that I contact HP Service. I spent hours with HP technician. He concluded the keyboard was not working properly. HP is now asking me to send the entire computer back to them for repair. I repeatedly telling them that all I need is a new keyboard. All HP has to do is send me a new keyboard and I return the keyboard that doesn't work. They just don't hear you! So, I call HP again to make them see what I need. HP is now asking me to do another hardware test online. I told them forget it. This will be my last HP purchase. Please do not purchase HP products!

  • RAVI ARORA Says:

    Please do not recommend HP products to anyone. I purchased HP Laptop on 25th May 2018, and on 11th June 2018, it stopped working. Today is 27th June, and till date only promises have been made that the part in the Laptop will be changed. Nothing has been done so far. Do not let others suffer, the way I am suffering.

  • Nancy Says:

    Update to my comment below: After holding for 1 hr and 15 minutes, the automated voice said they were unable to take my call and to call back at a later time. Grrrrrrrr!

  • Nancy Nicas Says:

    Horrible customer service at HP. I purchased a new laptop, and ordered the Office 12 month subscription. It was on my packing slip, but there was no access code or any way to activate/install the subscription. Obviously, this is not something their web trouble shooter can help with. I am currently at 3 hrs and 20 minutes holding and my fourth call. The first rep hung up on me. The second told me I needed to call a different number, when I called that number, it went dead after about 25 minutes. As I type this, I'm at 58 minutes holding for a rep on the fourth call. This is simply unacceptable! At the very least, they could offer what a number of companies now do: the opportunity to leave a call back number and have them call me. I don't know how I'll like my new laptop, but I'm already regretting buying it from HP.

  • Jenny Says:

    HP laptop is horrible. Bought it in April 2017. Down the road replacement item one after another and the latest being replacement of battery for the 3rd time within 3 weeks. The support always lie and refuse to replace instead keep on replacing the poor quality product. Never ever trust HP. Would not recoomend anyone even my enemy to buy as they dont deserve it. Bad product and service poor.

  • Susan Phillips Says:

    I have just spoken with CJ at HP Support, regarding my HP Pavillion. After each Windows update, when using the Desktop, it goes into sleep mode and will not re-boot. We have to manually turn the computer off and on again, to re-boot. The Service from CJ was excellent and the problem was fixed over the phone. This has happened on a couple of occasions and each time we have had the issue resolved quickly and efficiently. CJ was patient and polite and will phone us in the coming days to check if all is OK. Can't speak highly enough of the help we have received from HP Support. Great Service and very much appreciated.

  • Tim McGuire Says:

    HP smart friends is a rip-off. They will lie about their capabilities to get you to purchase. Then when they fail to fix your problem they refuse to refund your money saying you used their services.

  • Richard Cornwall Says:

    add to my previous comment. Although the warranty is 1 yr, "Tech assistance" is not included. I was told that for another $89 I could extend my warranty. I hung up.

  • Richard Cornwall Says:

    have had my HP pavilion for 6 months. Called their support # as it has been logging off on its own. Tech said the min. Is $69.99 per hour. Of course it is going to take more than an hour to do tests. I purchased the laptop on 11/2007

  • Julie Times Two Says:

    Wow, my experience with HP tech support really does not reflect other commentors' experiences AT ALL! (I am so not paid for this)

    My new printer kept dropping the connection, and after 6+ hours of me trying over and over again all the steps described on various websites and on the verge of breaking into tears, at the end of HP's website's troubleshooting, I was advised to call tech support. So I did.
    The technician (who sounded Philippino but spoke excellent english) was very professional and utterly patient. We spent 45 minutes on the phone before he managed to fix the issue via remote control (despite my computer system and router links being in French!).
    I have saved the tech support number into my contacts list and will not hesitate to call again, should I ever encounter similar issues with my HP products.

  • Client Monitoring Says:

    I have had to deal with HP on many different occasions. It alway the same thing transferred, transferred, transferred, transferred, and then lose the call. Sometimes they would call back most of the time you would have to go through the same process. All the time I was tryn to return a office jet pro 8720 the was under warranty and would not work.

  • Jason Says:

    I had and am having the exact opposite experience that this article references. I almost have to wonder how much the author got paid to write this.

    As part of a large IT organization, I have had to deal with HP on numerous occasions as we are standardized on them.

    Here's my latest issue:

    I'm trying to get a soundbar installed on an HP Z24NF monitor. According to the product specifications page on HP's website, this is the correct soundbar for the monitor. However, the directions state that either you use the clips in the back of the monitor or you use a couple screws to attach it to the back. These are the only two options they list. However, if you look at the back of the HP Z24 NF monitor, you'll see that it's entirely black plastic. There are no screw holes or clips on the back. So either the HP site is wrong or the people that ordered this got the wrong part.

    So our adventure begins at around 11:15am which is to say it's past 8am PST. Tried to use the Chat service but that component was down.

    So then I try phone support. Called the number, and they said I had the wrong department and transferred me. Then, after being transferred, I'm told, once again, that I got the wrong department and they transferred me again. Now, during the transfer my call ended. I also noticed that, at least, a case was created for my issue. So I try to click on the case number (via my work's gmail account) and gmail wants to open it in hangouts as a phone number to call - wtf? But whatever. I go to HP's website, and get to a point where I can look for case numbers. Found mine, but when I click on it it said I don't have permission to look at that. I logged into the service as well and saw the case number under my cases so I know this one belongs to me. Why can't a customer look at the latest case they've called on? It's just stupid.

    Off to a great start so far HP. I go to lunch with my buddies, vent a bit about how awful this has been so far, then return for battle once again.

    So now that it's been a few hours, I decide to try chat support again and this time it is up. So I give her the info, and it takes about 6 or 7 minutes for the rep to type each response. Once again I was told that I had contacted the wrong department and I need to call a different number. She gave me the number to call which, as it turns out, was an old number. Because it was taking her so long to what I assume was finger typing her responses, I actually called it while waiting for her next response. Sure enough - there was an automated message saying that the number in question is their old tech support line and you need to call this new one (which is actually written right below the option for chat support....) so I inform her that she was wrong. And she said she was not. So I told her I called the number and what it said and then ended the chat.

    So now I call the number - again - and am concerned I'm just going to be passed around again. So I go through it all again, saying I have a monitor, and it transfers me but, once again, I got transferred to the wrong department. Apparently it transferred me to the commission department....ok? once again I'm transferred. Fortunately and finally I got someone whose native language was english and from the USA. Turns out there's two generations of this monitor. I kinda knew this but HP's website for both the product and support page only ever show the front of the monitor, not the back. Also, the second gen one doesn't even have any info up for a sound/speaker bar. So there's literally nothing to go by for the second gen monitor.

    All that just to figure out how to install a speaker bar or what the right speaker bar would be.

    And speaking of HP's website - it's not nearly as great as the reviewer says it is. Having needed to use it extensively, I can confirm, for example, that no you can not type your serial number into the main support page's search bar. If you do, it will come back to you saying it didn't find anything. So first you need to enter in your product's name such as HP Prodesk 600. THEN at the next search bar typing in your serial number will work. This is sloppy web design and extremely unintuitive. Why ask for the serial number at the main page if it isn't even going to work?

    I've already detailed my experience with their help personnel. But to reiterate they don't make it easy to get to where you need to go and those on the front lines that first answer the call appear especially clueless. Not through any fault of their own, I'm sure, but rather through HP's own asinine business practices.

    So it seems to me that at multiple levels the service is extremely broken and I simply can not and will not recommend anyone ever purchase their products.

    Finally, and I'm not sure if this is an HP thing or a general battery thing, but when our tech repair department tried getting a battery for an older laptop (like 2012ish) - they were told by HP that they did not have any in stock nor was there an ETA about when they would get them in. How can they function like this?

    So, dear reader, if you've made it this far through my comment then you have my thanks!
    But take it from a tech who has to rely on their products: DON'T GO WITH THEM.

  • John Padgett Says:

    Absolutely the most ridiculous, unhelpful, unintelligible foreign, help support in the business They do not understand American English and prefer to refer customers to HP@Friends to seek support assistance for broken laptops still under warranty.

    Either they are trained to hang-up on customers when the customer requests to send the product in for repair or they simply not have the linguistic capabilities to understand US English speaking customers. Either way once this issue has been resolved this will be the last HP product I or my company ever purchase from this non-US technical support business.

    If HP is so desperate to make a profit that they have to outsource their technical support services overseas its time to cut HP Executive fees to keep technical support in the United States.

    Maybe if these HP executives had to rely on these non-US technical support personnel to ensure they get their paycheck they would understand that paying the extra money to employ US workers are worth the extra expense.

  • Nathan Says:

    Terrible customer service i got a its your fault for not making the recovery media(that part is true) and a, give us $50 dollars and we will send you a cheap $5 usb drive with the recovery software and that is your only option. No download links to the software not even a torrent o they can avoid costs of serving it nothing.
    They have always been like this and squeeze money out of you at every possible opportunity while giving "tech support"

  • Sharlene Williams Says:

    I have never in my life experience the worst customer service ever I was on the phone last night with them for an hour and 5 minutes they put me on hold more than 15 times took my credit card and then told me it didn't go through and I was charged they don't know what they're doing I could hardly understand the first guy he switched me to another guy and had me do the strangest things to my computer instead of just getting my address and telling me to send the computer in it was the worst experience I've ever had. I will never buy a HP computer again if I have to go through this I would never buy this brand computer again with the customer service they have it's completely ridiculous

  • Steve Says:

    Awful service. Long waits, dropped calls, misinformation. Finally got back "repaired" laptop and trackpad still doesn't work.
    A very frustrating experience.
    I'll never ever buy an HP product again!

  • michael Says:

    I have also found HP customer support (phone) to be worthless. Today it was 43:35 minutes long, I spoke with 3 separate Indian individuals (main number, warranty dept, desktop dept) through a progressively poorer phone connection. While on hold with the third I was disconnected, which has happened before. A previous call they tried to sell me software service rather than first determine if it is a hardware or software problem (I am under a 2-714 hardware support program. All-in-one is having ongoing a worsening "ghost touch" issues which essentially disables the computer.

    Case # 3041385025.
    Guess I will try chat option.

  • Bharat Tyagi Says:

    Trust me. Stay away from HP. This is my story:

    My 3 month old laptop screen went half blank. And it happened as I was working on it. So it wasnt an act of God or Man. It was purely a case of substandard product. So I call HP customer care who lodge a complaint and ask me to send a picture of the screen. This takes me one week because the mail id they give me keeps bouncing mails and I have to call the customer care 5 times just to get alternate mail-ids. Anyways, so I send them the picture finally.
    And promptly I get a call saying the screen is defective due to some possible impact and not covered under warranty. Pray why???
    When I tell them there is not a scratch on the laptop and I was working (fingers on the keyboard!) when this happened.. they are not bothered. Just keep repeating the same thing...

    After I keep at it for a long time, they did send a technician who agreed that there are no signs of damage or physical mishandling on the laptop. And takes some pictures and leaves. But promptly I get a mail from the service centre stating the same thing.

    I wrote again to the customer service people who had got in touch with me and arranged the visit just asking them to confirm if this was in fact HP India's final stand on the issue but they have gone silent on me even after repeated reminders

    So I dont understand. Looks like they just dont care.

    My advice to you guys: Stay away from HP!!

    Case number - 5003146561

    Product Description: HP Notebook - 14-am122tu
    Product Number: Z6X86PA
    Serial Number: 5CG71045WQ


  • TheEyeOfTheDefunction Says:

    Wow. This is a paid off review.HP Support is so terrible. Its 100% outsourced to scammers in india. You have to waste a huge chunk of your life and fight your way to the CEO directly to get something guaranteed to you done now. They justify it saying its just 2017 and other peoples service sucks now too.

  • JD TEXAS Says:

    Bought a couple of HP 3005PR USB 3 PORT REPLICATOR on Amazon 9 MONTHS AGO. One of them failed with a fiery POP. Past the 30 return for AMAZON, so I contacted HP Customer Dis-service called 3 times an was transferred 4 times per call, then disconnected. When I called back the 4th time, I refused to be transferred and the person took the report. I sent in the Amazon Invoice 3 times before finally getting an Email stating the item was being shipped. Got another email the next day saying the item is "OUT OF STOCK". Now, three weeks after the initial contact and a promise to ship, I receive an email stating that the product was not purchased from an "AUTHORIZED RESELLER" and the warranty is void. Next call will be to AMAZON maybe they can stop selling HP products since they are not authorized............

  • John French Says:

    turn of my HP desktop as I do ever nigh tried to turn it on next day would not come on tried HP trouble shoot site no good call HP su[pport

  • John Cooke Says:

    HP warranty service is terrible. 10 days later and our HP Notebook is still not working. We had to pay for someone to come out and put in a hard drive. But he left before the recovery process was complete and it failed. Many calls and hours of hold time later, and the problem is still not resolved. Now the case manager hopes I have a "fantastic day" and tells me his goal is to completely satisfy me with HP. Fat chance. I will never buy HP products again.

  • Edwards Says:

    Ridiculous service. Paper is not feeding for my deskjet, and I follow every instruction on the user manual regarding about the problem. Sadly, it won't fix the issue. I decided to call and the agent keeps asking me to update my driver, as if I am a 5 years old kid that don't understand what is the driver for. It's definitely a hardware problem and updating driver won't fixed it. I hang up the phone and called second time next day, different agent but same story. WTF, do all the agents think that customer don't have single knowledge on hardware and software. 3rd calls, the agent told me to do the same thing on the user manual, and I told her, you are directing me to the same thing on page x in the user manual.

    HP Service, wake up. customer would not call up to solve a problem if they can solve themselves. Do you think listen to the music while waiting on the line is a fun thing to do. The world has changed, majority users are educated users, they will search assistance online such as video clip on youtube, webpage and etc to get a solution before calling. Call the Support number is the last thing a normal consumer will do.

  • Dee Sam Says:

    Don't ever buy HP, they are terrible! We bought an officejet printer and I tried to get Online service and when I didn't feel comfortable giving out my numer they banned me from ever getting Online help without answering any of my questions. I am furious! Money down the drain, and I still can't get my computer to recognize the printer as an Online Service.

  • Estrella Ellison Says:

    Don't buy any HP printers specially HP office jet 4630. Your ink goes fast and if you don't use it with in few months you need to buy a new ink. Also, it has problems printing. They suck. They don't make good quality anymore. They are so expensive and so poor quality now. Costumer service they are ok, but so impatients, don't help much and make waist your time. Why they just don't tell you the quality sucks and to buy a new one. Is simple and fast.

  • Aaaaaa Says:

    HP customer service is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vickie Says:

    DO NOT EVER BUY HP SMARTFRIEND. Here's what they did to my 80 year old mother- made her buy software she didn't need to buy, charged her a set up fee, a purchase fee and a 2-year locked in monthly fee with an early termination charge. Then, to boot, they were unable to fix anything on her computer, and in fact, slowed it to a snail's pace.

  • John S Says:

    I have no beef with HP's technical help through chat. But it's lousy at follow through if you have to send your device in for repair. You can either pay a fee for in home service but many complain the tech only comes with what parts were first diagnosed as bad and the other option to send it to a repair facility means waiting for packing material, shipping time and wait sometimes weeks or even months as some on HP forums have reported. Some even get their device back not fixed after all the waiting with no explanation. So I guess if its not fixable they just send it back? This is my first experience with HP warranty and I hope I have better luck then some. If not, I certainly won't be buying any more HP products.

  • shirley A Ruff-Pankey Says:

    the problem i had was i contacted hp web support because i was having trouble connecting my wireless printer to my computer. hp support said they could not connect it due to a virus. mind you computer and printer brand new. i had to pay 149.00 for a cleaning and a norton virus protector and technical support for a year. 6 months later, i get a message from norton that my free trial of norton had expired. technical support was contacted, i gave them access to my computer, they uninstalled the 149 (free) protector promised to install a permanent protector that i paid for and did not. kept promising to call me back and did not and kept not answering my calls. 149.00 scam that i do not plan for India, Canada or HP to get away with because i plan to file a lawsuit.

  • Anna Lucas Says:

    The hinge on my laptop broke and I contacted hp support and the entire experience was amazing. The man I was talking to actually listened to me and was so kind. They sent me everything I needed to ship my laptop to them, including tape and fixed it the day they got it. I hope nothing else goes wrong with my laptop, but if it does it is comforting knowing that they are so great.

  • BOB WHALEY Says:

    Am attempting to purchase new display screen for HP Pavilion dv9930us laptop. HP website does not recognize this Product #, the Mod#, P/N, now anything else. The website won't let me progress without this. I can't call in at 8:30 PM because that department is closed. Very, very frustrating. They must not want my parts money.

  • paul williams Says:

    HP are suppliers of faulty equipment, the staff lie and treat disabled people like dirt. They do not comply with UK law!!

  • Ann the gran Says:

    I have a new HP Spectre laptop with core i7 and I had to call customer service. I called them with my printer last year. Each time 100% amazing! They have a dedicated customer service line for the Spectres.

    I don't understand bad reviews. For three consistent years I have been faced with amazing service.

    Dell, on the other hand ruined my computer when I sent it in (changed the hard drive without my permission). But HP? Listen, I LOVE my laptop and the best one of all my laps. I had my first 386 in 1985 with 80mg, so I've been around. --70 year old grandma

  • Ayala Says:

    Horrible company I have purchased 2 computers that broke on me. I have purchased smart friend service and was just wasting all my time , im talking about days! They just transfer u to someone else and no one knows what there doind. just tried to cancel after my second Pavilion just broke -total loss. just sent it in after the first one also broke (although i could of turned it on). I am amazed of what is going on and how it is allowed. Many representative are placed overseas. I had so many problems and wasted all my time and then when I sent my first computer in it was found it is a hardware problem. I had problems with computer getting stock, volume, lost power and all my files, and very bad customer service since the case manger just hung up on me so i have to post something :/

  • Hollie Says:

    Worst phone support person you could imagine. $60 later, on hold waiting for them for nearly a half hour, he was short and sarcastic, and the biggest waste of time. Call goes something like this: did you pay the $60? Uh yes, (side note to the snob know-it-all, pretty much only get transferred to them after you pay). Half way through his rushed conversation, pardon for taking your time I only paid for it basically a hard drive fail and out of luck sort of way. Sarcastic because I asked him about resources i read online and he said and I quote, 'unless you have a SPECIAL computer that I have never seen before, that's not going to work. Got to love it, hey HP, why don't you monitor the calls because that will not only be the last time I call for support but the last time I ever buy your computers/printers or anything related.

  • Jitendra Says:

    I had worst experience from HP regarding my newly purchased laptop HP Envey x360 15 inch model. After purchase I hardly used for 1 month and on 11 Nov lap top was dead. No power. I checked everything and called engineer. He came after 3 days and changed mother board saying might be faulty and they refused to replace saying replacement happens only within 15 days. After paying 75000 rs I ended up in 1st repair within month. Still I accepted and started using it. Within 7 days same thing happened again. I was without laptop for 7 days. As this is my company laptop I even had not loaded any unauthorised softwares nor I used for any other purpose. Now I got angered and said that I need replacement as this piece is having problem. They send engineer again. I told them that let me know my fault then only I will accept repairing. They could not do it. Engineer opened whole laptop removed battery and reset settings and laptop started working. On next day I started laptop and again it hanged with no response event to ctr+alt+del. now they say it is our software issue. I got pissed off and closed the laptop. Now through company we r filing case in consumer court. If u have this much time after paying 75000 rs. Pl go ahead and buy HP. But I recommend don't ever buy HP items. Worst company. No ownership. Pl support me if you have same experience. This will help me in law suite.

  • William Says:

    lets just say that i have been an call for the last two hours. Disgrace

  • saurabh gupta Says:

    worst experience with laptop I ever had. they do not provide recovery disc even if you have purchased windows.They have another business of delivering recovery cd for over rs 1000/-.I think this is the only way they can make profit

  • Mukesh Says:

    HP is worst company ever i dealt with. They are cheater and liar. My laptop had some in built issue. When I contacted them (after 35 min, I talked to right person), they asked me to ship the laptop back to them. I did that immediately last Oct 4th 2016. I got 4th time return date changed. I am still waiting. New date is 8th Nov.
    Will neither buy nor recommed HP to anyone. One of my friends recommended me not to buy anything from HP but wish I listened to him.
    Please dont buy any HP products.

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