Is Samsung Customer Service Good? 2018 Rating

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Although it doesn't make a lot of computers, Samsung has some of the best tech support in the business. The company employs a large number of resources to assist people with any ongoing laptop issues. The people manning the company's social media accounts, live chats and phones are well-versed in all things Samsung, polite and fast. But in case you're human-adverse, the company offers a number of troubleshooting guides and tutorials to help out.

Samsung Tech Support
Overall Web Score Phone Score Avg Call Time Phone Number Web Support
90/100 55/60 35/40 5:53 800-726-7864 Link
Phone Hours (ET): 8 am - 12 am (M-F),
9 am - 11 pm (wkd)

For this year's tech support, I used a Samsung Notebook Spin 7 and asked several test questions. As with our other brands, I asked how to get Cortana to respond to the phrase, "Hey Cortana?" and how to protect my system against Spectre/Meltdown. For the brand-specific inquiry, I asked how to transfer files from a smartphone to laptop and vice versa using Samsung's SideSync app.

Web and Social Support

When you go to the Samsung Support page, Windows-powered laptops doesn't even make the main product listing. It's to be expected by a company whose bread and butter is coming from smartphones, TVs, tablets and Chromebooks. But once I found the Windows Computing section, it wasn't took hard to find an entry for the Series 7 Spin.

The Series 7 Spin landing page is broken down into several sections such as Top Solutions, which acts as FAQ of sorts. There's also a Troubleshooting guide, which has step-by-step guides with pictures to walk you through fixing common problems like smart battery calibration, setting up Cortana and fixing erratic touchpads. You also have a community forum, a related apps section and information to reach out to Samsung tech support.

I tested the company's live chat feature (available 24/7, 7 days a week) at 12:43pm where I spoke to a chatbot. I inquired about protecting my laptop from Spectre/Meltdown and the rep almost immediately decided it was above their pay grade and connected me to Samsung Care Pro and Rahul R. from the software and drivers department.

After taking a few minutes to research the problem, he came back with the news that Samsung was aware of the problem and working on a patch and I didn't have to do anything right now. It was reassuring to be sure, but he didn't suggest that I update Windows and my antivirus software in the meantime, unlike the reps manning Samsung Support's Facebook page.

Within 5 minutes of messaging the Facebook page, a rep told me that Samsung encourages me to stay current with all my updates including Windows and antivirus. They also sent a couple of links for the necessary updates. When I went to Twitter to get an answer about getting Cortana to answer to "Hey Cortana," I received an answer 36 minutes after my initial query, Samsung Support pointed me to Cortana's settings menu, which is partially correct, but I was hoping they would have gone a bit further and mention the slider, which enables the feature.

The Notebook Spin 7 also comes with the Online Support app which lets you chat with a support rep. There's even a Remote Support button in case the rep needs to take a more hands-on approach. There was barely any wait time before I was connected with expert 107 who I asked about Spectre/Meltdown. After apologizing that they might not have the correct answer, since they're only supposed help with actual Samsung issues, they went on to give the correct response of updating Windows and the antivirus software.

If you don't need an immediate answer, you can email Samsung Support and wait the 24-hour waiting period. So while I worked on other odds and ends, I sent an email inquiring how to transfer files between my smartphone and laptop using the company's SideSync software. The company's tech support reps did reach out to me a day later. However, Sai Likhit from email support identified SideSync as only a mobile app and felt it was disqualified as a laptop question and sent it over to the mobile team, whom I'm still waiting to hear a response back.

Phone Support

After such a good experience with Samsung's online tech support reps, it was time to pick up a phone and let my fingers do the walking. You can contact support via phone from Monday - Friday from 8am - 12am EST or Saturday - Sunday from 9am - 11pm EST. When you're initially connected to Samsung, you speak to a friendly bot that asks a series of questions including notebook model and the type of issue you're having. While the bot identifies whether or not it can answer the question itself, you can hear typing sound effects in the background in an effort to enhance the illusion. If the bot can't assist you, you're then connected to an actual human being.

I made my first call at 3:34 and spoke to Vinesha to ask how to transfer files between my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Spin 7 using SideSync. Once I explained my problem, she quickly and confidently walked me through the steps, asking if I had the app installed and open and if the devices were on the same network.

After I gave the confirmation, she walked me through dragging and dropping images from the Note 8 into the SideSync folder. She also informed me about what other media I could transfer and told me how to create new folders on the desktop. Satisfied that I had the hang of things, we ended the call after 5 minutes and 49 seconds.

I made my second call-in at 10:44am and spoke with Eashan and I asked him to help me get Cortana to respond to "Hey Cortana." Eashan took a few moments to look up a solution and deftly walked me through launching Cortana's setting menu and enabling the "Hey Cortana" feature. The call concluded at 7 minutes and 5 seconds.

On my final call, I spoke to John about protecting my laptop from Spectre/Meltdown. He confidently informed me that all I had to do is install antivirus software and that would take care of it. When I asked about updating Windows, he said it was unnecessary as the antivirus was enough. In truth, you need to update both Windows and your antivirus software to defend against the security threat as well as check regularly for any subsequent patches. So with a partially-correct answer, the call ended in 3 minutes and 41 seconds.


Samsung has a wide variety of products under its belt with different warranties. But most of the company's laptops come with a 12-month limited warranty for parts and labor similar to our test Notebook 7 Spin. However, some of Samsung notebooks feature a generous 36-month plan.

Bottom Line

Samsung never fails to impress with its tech support. The company has a full cache of options to help consumers resolve any issue that may arrive with their laptops. If you don't want to talk to actual humans, there's the FAQ and the forums. But if you're up for some social media engagement, the reps manning Samsung Support's Twitter and Facebook pages are fast, knowledgeable and concise.

I like the hybrid approach that Samsung has taken on its live chats and phone calls. The intro bots are just as polite as any human and, provided that the question is in their purview, they can deliver a solution as fast if not faster than their human counterparts. But for more complex situations, the human reps are patient, polite and pretty quick on the draw.


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  • cam cairns Says:

    Service representative pretended he had lost communication with me.

    Samsung is clearly not committed to its customers. A pity, because they make excellent equipment in general. I hate it when good engineers get let down by incompetents in other elements of an organization.

  • Carla Says:

    Samsung customer support is the worst! After multiple calls even with Costco Concierge on the line with them, it took almost a week just to get a correct shipping label. The was just the label part. The rating is very, very hard to believe.

  • Raja Hamarneh Says:

    Samsung tech support is the worst.I tried their laptops and cellulars.stay away if you want less headaches

  • Judy Brewer Says:

    i have a Samsung Chrome Book. I want to cancel my Face book Account. Is there anyone there who can tell me how to do it without getting so technical. I can't ever get into my Facebook account because I never completed the application.

  • troy knight Says:

    i bought a galaxy note 5 in december. 2 nights ago the phone wouldnt power on. ive been put on hold for hours and hung up on by samsung. i have platinum level service which says i can get a replacement phone first without sending mine in first and i keep getting the run around. nobody in samsung knows anything about the service level and send u to different places which have no idea what is going on. this is why people switch to iphone

  • Beto Zaro Says:

    I bought a Samsung Ativ Note 9 in August . Already the hinges are loose. The screws in the back are coming out. It is slowly falling apart form normal wear. I called the customer service and they refused to replace the product. I wanted this computer to last me for years it has not even lasted three months. For the price I paid I expected a lot more.

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