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Dell offers a wide variety of tech-support options, including phone, Facebook, Twitter, web resources and live web chat. Despite its wealth of information, I didn’t always get correct information from Dell. In the last year, Dell representatives tell me, the company focused most on its SupportAssist software, which can recommend driver downloads and help with support requests.

Dell Tech Support
Overall Web Score Phone Score Avg Call Time Phone Number Web Support
76/100 46/60 30/40 13:36 800-624-9897 Link
Phone Hours (ET): 24/7

When I called with questions about the XPS 13, including adjusting the audio equalizer, prioritizing which apps get access to the internet and increasing the amount of time before the computer falls asleep and asks for a password (we asked all laptop manufacturers this question), I sometimes received different answers based on which method I used. With the exception of one question, I did eventually get the right answer to my queries.

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Web and Social Support

Dell offers technical support online via its own website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. I was able to get decent answers through web chat, but the company's social media options were less helpful.

Dell_web_supportDell’s support site is easily accessible from a navigation bar on its home page. It has links to check previous support requests, Windows tips, online diagnostics you can download and run yourself and a library of how-tos and FAQs about common problems.


There’s an “interactive support agent” that filters FAQs based on your unique issues, but I didn’t find my specific problem. Instead, I clicked on an option to contact the tech support team and began an online chat.

I was second in the queue, and when it was my turn, I asked my support representative, Carlos, how to stop my laptop from going to sleep and asking me for a password everytime I walk away for a few minutes. During a 13-minute chat, he guided me through Windows 10’s settings to the right spot to make the changes. However, the Dell rep sometimes got ahead of himself, assuming I knew what I was doing and skipping a step here and there.

On Facebook, I went to Dell’s page and asked if I could change my audio-equalizer settings for more bass. About 30 minutes later, I received a private message from Gokul, who suggested checking for Dell Audio software and asked me to send my email and service tag. There’s no Dell Audio app — instead, I was hoping he’d send me to the pre-loaded Waves MaxxAudio Pro. Half an hour later, he sent me a message about MaxxAudio Pro, and pointed out that support had spoken to me about it before (see phone support, below). I asked if there were any bass-specific features, and he suggested third-party software, though there is a bass dial in the MaxxAudio software.

I took to Twitter to ask the @DellCares support account about how to prioritize which apps get the most of my bandwidth on the latest XPS 13. I got a response 29 minutes later saying that there was no way to do this. Unfortunately, this information was incorrect, because the Killer Network Manager app that comes with the XPS 13 does allow you to control bandwidth usage.

Phone Support

Dell has a ton of different support numbers based on what you’re calling for and if you’re in warranty. (I found 11. For instance, Alienware has its own phone number, as do phones, small business help and different types of warranties.) So I did what any good consumer would do — I called the phone number Google suggested and followed the automated phone tree. I was able to call whenever I wanted, because Dell offers 24/7 support on the phone.

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If you pay for Premium support (prices differ based on product lines), you’ll be transferred to a higher tier of support. We called without this support. There is no dedicated service for product lines, so expect the same quality whether you bought a cheap Inspiron or an expensive XPS 13 or Alienware.

My first call was a late (11:45 p.m.) chat with Justine, who told me she was located in the Philippines. I asked her how to keep my XPS 13 from constantly sleeping and requiring a password. Instead of just telling me how to make the change, she had me download software to let her take remote control of the laptop and make the changes. She then showed me some additional settings I could change to keep the computer from sleeping, like customizing what the power button does.

It worked, but I wish she would’ve given me the option of receiving step-by-step instructions. The bulk of the call was actually spent getting an automated phone tree to work and giving all of my data, like the laptop’s service tag number, to Justine so she would start providing instructions. From dial tone to hang-up, it took 17 minutes and 34 seconds.

My next call was at 8:13 a.m. I spoke to Jen, and asked if there was any way to customize the music equalizer, as I preferred a bit more bass than the standard sound. She said that she didn’t know of any software to do that, and then gave instructions to check my audio driver that were so rapid-fire I couldn’t keep up. Ultimately, she said, it would be easier to find software to download. I was hoping she would point me to the Waves MaxxAudio Pro app that already came installed on the system.

Instead, the Dell rep offered to transfer me to its software department for a recommendation, but after a bit of time on hold, the phone rang and I got disconnected. No one ever called me back with the callback number I provided on my previous call. The whole thing, including the phone tree, took 5 minutes and 19 seconds.

I called back the next day at 12:27 p.m., hoping to get the audio question answered. I spoke to Andrea, also in the Philippines, who managed to answer my question correctly without transferring me. She had me use Cortana to search for the Waves MaxxAudio Pro app (she spelled out the two XX’s, just to make sure I knew). During the call, there was a brief 1- minute hold while she researched, but there was no waiting otherwise. I was on the phone for 8 minutes and 36 seconds.

Finally, during a 1:43 p.m. call, I asked about prioritizing which apps get most of my internet bandwidth. Maria, on Dell’s main tech support line, told me that because it was a software issue, I had to be connected to another team. I was on hold for 3 minutes and 40 seconds before the service tag was verified, then was put on hold again for 30 seconds before being connected to Sonny in India.

Sonny put me on hold for 2 and a half minutes to check my service-tag information a second time, when he came back with questions about my warranty status. He put me on hold again, this time for 40 seconds, when he came back to request my name and when the computer was purchased, but still had warranty questions.

I was put on hold again for 5 minutes and 22 seconds while he did a bit more digging. He wanted to put me on hold again, when I suggested that because it was a software question, he could help me without my warranty status. I restated my question, and he said, no, prioritizing bandwidth prioritization isn’t possible.

This is incorrect. I was hoping he would point me to the preinstalled Killer Network Manager, which works with Dell’s Killer Networking Wi-Fi card and supports prioritization by apps. Sonny decided to put me on hold one more time to double-check with his supervisor, and after 4 minutes, he had an unorthodox solution. There was no Dell or Microsoft software to do this, he said, but in a Google search, he came across NetLimiter, a third-party application that he couldn’t guarantee would work. The whole call lasted 25 minutes and 48 seconds.

Of those calls, Justine and Andrea both sent follow-up emails with reference numbers that I could reply to if I had more questions. The other representatives didn’t send those emails.


Dell’s laptops come with a standard one-year warranty, which includes return shipping. When buying from Dell, consumers can pay extra to extend the warranty up to four years, and to move from Basic to ProSupport to ProSupport plus plans. Basic support gives you phone support during business hours; ProSupport extends that time to 24 hours a day; and ProSupport Plus adds accidental damage protection.

Bottom Line

I appreciated Dell’s many means of offering technical support, including its social media accounts, phone tree and plethora of information on its website. However, the quality of the service seemed based on the luck of the draw, especially on the phone, and it was frustrating when representatives didn’t know about the software the company has on its own laptops. With Dell, you can rest assured you will eventually get your question answered, but you may have to try a mix of chat, online and phone help until you find what you’re looking for.


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  • Roger Says:

    I already knew, when I bought my extended warranty and Premium Service package from Dell, that it amounted to grossly overpriced insurance, but I figured they would at least keep me covered if I did had problems. Not so. When my monitor freaked out, I endured ten long fruitless sessions on-line with Dell tech support before I demanded the on-site assistance I had paid for. "Of course Sir, but policy requires that we first re-image your computer." Digital hari kari - but I had no choice. That didn't fix the problem. The technician - the eleventh I'd spoken with - then figured out that the computer had shipped with the wrong monitor cable. He asked if I'd like to buy one - because the problem wasn't covered by the warranty.

  • Jim Elliott Says:

    Could Dell be running 2nds on people w/o telling? And unknowingly the customer would be paying an overprice for premium support instead of extras. I had hard drive issues 2 weeks after starting use. They have given me all kinds of useless emails and promises to stay abreast but I end up doing the essential work without any compensation. Because I didn't use the xps8900 until 10 weeks after I bought it.

  • john michael howard Says:

    I,m trying to get protection for my printer& computer since leaving HP

  • pamfarnsworth Says:

    NEED HELP, PLEASE, sERVER PROCESS CANNOT START CONFIGURED IS INCORRECT. if yo would call me please on my homephone. my laptop is goofy. .

  • Tobias Says:

    I bought the brand new XPS 13 with Ubuntu. Arrived with dead Motherboard, took one week for a tech to show up. Replaced it, still didn't work. I can't boot and my wireless card is broken. Needs another fix. They sad I should reinstall Ubuntu, they tried to "help" me on the phone. No success with them. After two hours on my own I was able to install it. Added Ext4 partition and Swap partition on my own, the problem was with the /dev/nvme. They even said I should install Linux Mint or buy a Windows license.
    They refuse to send me a new one. I should buy one in the store and send the current XPS back, for 120€ more than I paid two weeks ago.
    Worst customer experience I ever had in my whole life!

  • Jordi Says:

    I bought a new expensive xps laptop from dell. The motherboard is defect and has to be fixed. They didn't only refuse to send me a new laptop but also let me wait now already for four months to fix my motherboard. Their service is horrible. Not knowing anything about how to keep a client satisfied. I'm not buying any products of Dell anymore because if you're unlucky and get a bad model, they even won't do anything for you

  • Doug Couvillion Says:

    We purchased 3 Dell Latitude 5550's for our business. About 6 months later the Enter key on one of the keyboards popped off. This is for a laptop that sits on a desk 24/7. It's not traveling and has been lightly used. Dell refused to fix the keyboard under warranty saying keys popping off are caused by customers and are not a defect! I spent about 90 minutes on the phone and spoke with 8 different people before I finally gave up. In my opinion if they can't design a keyboard that will last 6 months under normal conditions that sounds like a defect. What's the point of a warranty if it doesn't cover things breaking?

    My only options now are to send it back to them for repair, which will cost $159 and means my employee won't have a computer for a month, or to have an onsite repair done which will take a week and cost $258. I guess in this case Dell won the battle but lost the war because I'm planning to take our business elsewhere for our next set of laptops.

  • Awful Laptop Says:

    The first day I got my Dell Precision 3510 which is hella expensive and not so great specs and it already has faulty battery issue.
    A few days later it couldn't come out from hibernation and has start up problem.
    Went to their website to file a support request and the system couldn't process it(After nth times of attempt). Had to call different departments and wasted 2 hours of my time just to diagnose the laptop and they couldn't find the problem. Currently waiting for the technician to come over to fix the problem.
    No more Dell for me. Bad quality.

  • Steve Lee Says:

    Dell's customer service sucks. Half the time you can't even understand their English. The other half of the time they don't solve any problem at all. No more Dell purchase for me.

  • Benjamin Says:

    Purchased the Dell Inspiron 1500 and had issues immediately. List of issues:
    - Charging ( Battery would not charge even when plugged in)
    - Freezing going to grey or black screen
    - Error msg causing a restart every 15-20 minutes for no apparent reason
    I am a business owner and had my IT department attempt to work out these issues but were unable to do so. My next step was to call Dell support.
    I ran a few reports with the technical support and they could not find the issue. The next step would have been to send my computer in via mail and wait a month for them to return it. As mentioned previously I am a business owner and need a computer to operate. At this point I believe purchasing another computer from a company other then Dell is my best option.
    I would also like to mention that during these discussions with Dell my phone call was disconnected multiple times. This was very frustrating considering the time spent after each dropped call going through their que system to speak to a representative again.
    I am not one to write complaints and or give bad reviews. But the frustration I have felt over the
    e past few months merits my review.

  • Very Angry Says:

    Did Dell pay you ????
    Dell service sucks big-time...
    want to waste your time waiting days for a repair request get a Dell, want to work with your computers buy anything else....

  • Kendon Bell Says:

    Have been on the phone with Dell premium support for 40 minutes now. This is not at all an experience I am happy to have paid for. I'm just looking for a part...

  • Fare-thee-well Dell Says:

    Against my inner judgment, I bought a Dell Inspiron based on the assurance by sales rep that Dell had worked out many of its problems as to product and tech support. A year later, my Inspiron became buggy and stopped loading Windows 10. I called tech support and was immediately patched to a person in India, who tried to help. The other negative reviews on this site basically tells the same story. The tech helper was not only difficult to understand, but when I asked him to repeat himself, he sounded overly patronizing as to how he will correct the problem. All of his suggestions were for obvious fixes that can be found online. They also didn't work when we tried them so the Indian fellow quietly hung up the phone and left me momentarily thinking he was still there. As of this moment, my Inspiron is in the repair shop. The computer guy opened the case and immediately asked if someone else had changed out the components! Why? Right now it looks as though Dell had put an older Inspiron computer inside one of its "newer" models.

  • NeverBuyDellAgain Says:

    Do not buy Dell if you travel abroad.
    Dell as most US based company do not give a s$#t about worldwide service.
    Try you cannot even contact Dell International only if you are a US citizen and you are located there too.
    I purchased a 2-in-1 with 3 years of "next business day" warranty which day passed about 5 months ago.
    The technical problem was "taken care" by the Israeli Dell representative so after ruining the laptop I have to organize the swap with them too. Meantime I travelled to Belgium, England and South Africa too, but I have to deal with the slightly retarded Israeli tech-support and they have an issue understanding why I won't accept half the resolution, RAM and warranty compared to the one I paid for.
    I had Dell computers in the past but after 5 months to get my laptop or money back, I get back to a different brand. Gave up on them.
    I will spend my time blogging about this issue and raise awareness how bad this company is.
    If any Dell worker ever reads it, here is an official SWAP DPS 25319257672

  • OBXconsumer Says:

    Dell is a horrible company. It is like Ponzi scheme - they sell stuff and fight with you when it does not work and pay employees to put good ratings on the internet. They are like the insurance companies that deny all claims until you literally have to get a lawyer and sue them. Mailing computers is stupid anyway, because they get shaken up and thrown around. It is time US Citizens stood up for themselves and use their hard earned money to buy well made computers that actually last for years. Also, the software and hardware changes all the time and we are supposed to buy new stuff constantly, we are all going broke and filling the landfills. I hate dell. They ripped me off with a lemon I paid $1,577 dollars for and it has never worked for more than a few months at a time. Buyer Beware!!!! They expect you to pay, pay, pay for warranties, etc. and the machines are designed to fail. If you get one that actually works, it was an accident. The people in India never contact supervisors – they put the phone down and say the same thing – I just checked and I am sorry but there is nothing we can do – or they say they will submit the complaint and someone will call you and when they call back, it is just the same person saying I just checked and I am sorry but there is nothing we can do.

  • Aditya Vyas Says:

    Service provided after sales in India is very bad and quality of products are worst third class level they are charging us alot of money like they are carrying brand name but Dell is now not making quality products from day first I am facing issue with laptop.

    Not worth for money.

  • Nadine Says:

    I have had terrible experience with Dell. My company bought me a Latitude E5450/5450 one year ago. The motherboard had gone (Dell fixed reasonable quickly); the hard drive went this week (Dell send a blank hard drive and the recovery key isn't working); I extended my warranty (money taken from my card; confirmation email received, web site says warranty has expired) - tech support has ranged from OK to useless depending on who answers ... not happy, definitely won't buy another Dell laptop and will tell as many people as I can not to

  • Melanie Says:

    Worst customer support experience I have ever received. They did not help me with my computer one bit and then once I proceeded to ask for a way to send in my broken computer for them to fix it, they still continued to get me to fix it myself. This is the 6th time that I have had to have the exact same problem fixed. No one, even the manager, seemed to be concerned with helping me send in my system to be fixed. This is completely unacceptable for a company such as Dell and I will not be staying with them.

  • suzanne Says:

    Extremely bad experience with Dell XPS 13. Notebook was less than 1 day old, it made me feel like opening up a bag of worms. I had problems of flickering screen and my screen keeps going blank intermittently (along with a loud continual sound as if the fan had jammed) and I had to force shutdown. I attempted to do some troubleshooting based on online reading and found out that it seems to be a common problem encountered by others. So I tried reinstalling the display driver, hoping that it was just a minor glitch in the software but issue wasn't resolved.

    So I called dell support and they first claimed that it has to be the problem with the windows system. But I had reinstalled my driver. Hence, they sent an engineer to replace the motherboard. It didn't work! They even called me to ask for customer feedback on the on-site service. Like seriously?! the problem is still not resolved and you're asking me for feedback?

    Following that, they then tried to do remote access to reformat my computer and hell, it made my computer worse. During the remote access, my notebook crashed again. The tech clearly didn't know what better wat to solve it so asked me to try and force shut down. and left me to reformat the system. This definitely is not the kind of experience i would've paid for. Feeling unjust and utterly disappointed with my choice of laptop, I requested for a 1-1 exchange but was told that it will take at least a month and is subjected to approval. And refund is not possible.

    this is such a terrible experience. I seriously believe that consumers should not have to be put through such a long haul process of troubleshooting and negotiating for an exchange when the problem clearly lies with the notebook (be it hardware of software). Coupled with the fact that it is a brand new computer and after a few failed attempts of identifying the problem. i believe that it will take more than a few times of trial and error to fix the problem. The laptop should be collected back to diagnose the issue. Consumer should not have to bear with the consequences of this problem. 1-1 exchange should be a given.

    I have feedback my experience with dell via email but they have yet to respond to my email. I have had problems wth my laptop previously (mac) but have been way better customer service than this.

    I hope you guys out there reconsider getting Dell products but don't just base it on my reviews. you might think that i might just be the unlucky one, but think about it, if you ever encounter problems with your com, would you want to go through the same lengthy process?

  • dellrobedme Says:

    May 11 I was trying to render a video while I was at work and when I came home my computer had no internet access. At first I thought it was my router but after some diagnosis I determined it was the driver for the wifi adapter. With some trouble shooting I was able to get it working but that only lasted till the 13th.

    My brother suggested we try to reinstall the driver, update it and try a different one this didn't work. May 16th I spent two hours on the phone with dell 'customer support' the first one I talked to hung up on me. The next one sent me a email so any follow up could be easily. I was moved to hardware then software and told the one year warranty on my computer did not include software; which is the problem.

    Because I could not connect to the internet the troubleshooting and remote assistance could not solve the problem or very much determine the problem. At one point the person in India on the phone told me to uninstall the driver and then try to open a web page. Needless to say I attempted to get a answer as to why he thought that would work, with no driver how could something run at all? Yeah. It makes me laugh when someone says 'I think it's your router,' when no settings have been changed on anything, something stops working and 4 other things still are. Whatever.

    Two hours later, 8 people, un-known how many departments spoken with; mentioning… I told one of them to tell the next person he sent me to, who I was and why I was calling before he sent me anywhere. He said yes and the next voice I heard said 'how can I help you?' I was mad. Then I told him why I was calling and asked if he could help me with it; because at this point I want a refund. Its under warranty and they can't fix it. Anyway this guy told me he did not know what he could help me with until I gave him my name and service tag or support number.

    It is a simple question is this your department or not, was I sent to the right person yes or no? 'Name and service tag.' So much for tell them why I am calling. My brother talked to him and the next one before I hung up very angry.

    I had forgotten and sent a email to the first one the next day, Tuesday, saying how upset and unhelpful the whole thing had been. This guy spends the next week telling me he can do this and issue me a replacement in his department but to inquire about a refund I need to call this number. And every day for the next week I shove it in his face how he was telling me every day he could do this for me but for some reason was not doing anything for me. And I am not spending another 2 hours on the phone to be passed from person to person again he should send a message to whoever is at the other end of the number and tell them to refund me. So a week went by.

    Then he send a message to his boss; who after a day handed it off to his assistant or something… this is the 26th now. I had to explain what was happening and what I wanted again. And then a message was sent to a higher authority and something would happen in 24-48 hours this had the highest priority attached to it. Monday would have been May 30th I said that was five days ago and nothing has happened.

    Well she tells me that she will send it again. It was April 2nd or 3rd I got out of work to a voice mail very poor quality says some numbers and takes so long to ramble in whatever language they talk in India that the recording cuts off probably half of the speech. So I sent another email to whoever I can wondering why I am getting a call from them, I think it was them, after I have said that I was not talking to anyone outside of America and I am not available by phone most of the time either and spouting words I can't understand does not do anything.

    April 3rd direct from the email, 'Your case have been handled now by our Escalations Team. Thanks.' I had to explain again who leaving an incomprehensible message handles anything. And that has been forwarded to the escalations team, yet again. It's now the 6th.

    In 4 days a full 31 days, a month will have passed. They have 1,400 of my dollars and I have equipment that is worthless because even the Ethernet will not work for internet connection. I was told twice it will be sent to a higher authority, and twice it will be sent on with the highest priority; and once that it has been handled… without any sort of resolution or information forth coming to me that is. So do you want to buy Dell? I don't.

    June 7, Dell | Advanced Resolution Group member emailed this to me; "please do explain the exact issue with the computer so that we can offer a fix to ensure you have a working computer. We expect your response and cooperation." This is funny because I want some cooperation from them but I replied:

    I do not want to return it I want a refund. I want my money back. A refund is where you give me the money I paid for a thing back to me because it does not work and it is under warranty.
    That said let me give you this number: Dell Service Request <<##>>

    That said let me recap for you. The software that makes my computer connect to the internet does not work. The driver for the wifi adapter no longer functions. My computer cannot connect to the World Wide Web at all and no update, no reinstall, no other compatible software can make it work.

    I have a computer that cannot connect to the internet which makes it useless and it cannot be fixed so I want my money refunded, returned, back. I do not know how much clearer I can be.

    I was told a replacement was possible send me one so I can sell it and get my money out of it. Do something. You have two options.

    That said; take one of the two options given to you, refund or replace it. If you do not I will post this review on every website I can find that offers a review for Dell, and I will also send a copy to every news agency I can find a number for and let every man, woman and child who reads reviews and watches the news know that Dell computers inc robed me of 1,500 dollars. Not only did they rob me they refused to do anything to rectify the problem. I will also include a transcript, a record of all correspondents, every email I received along with the review with dates so the world can see how slow to take action dell was and how un-useful that action was.

    I am not kidding and if you don't understand get someone who speaks English to have a look at this:

    I included a copy of this review in the email and the next day, today, I received nothing in the way of a reply; nothing at all from Dell.

  • AwfulDellSupport Says:

    dellsucker hit the nail on the head. I called in 6 times over 4 hours for a BASIC system restore ISO download. They directed me to download it, I did, ran it, and it said corrupted data. Downloaded 3 more times, each time all got the same error. 3 calls put me on hold for 20+ mins then just hung up on me. Others gave me the run around and stopped responding. Others gave me guesses which I knew wouldn't work, so I asked them if they had done it before, "of course," he replied, so I followed his instructions and sure enough, that didn't work. I've been in tech support for 20+ years and only call when I absolutely have to. I can honestly say that the only thing dell phone support is any good for is sending replacement parts. That's about the extent of the support staff's training. Absolutely worthless from a troubleshooting perspective.

  • dellsucker Says:

    the number of complaints are a joke. who can you tell about the poor dell tech support you can not get in touch with because you have no number to reach anyone you are transferd to inda if you try to call anyone. So you are just telling dell about tech. support problems. They are not concered they know you can not talk to any one else but them.

  • Paul C Says:

    I bought a high end alienware for my son. it will bluescreen up to 40 times per day. support blamed Win 10. The diag tools pointed at memory issues, they sent one memory SIMM. it did not fix the problem. I went out and bought GSKILL memory for it and still constant bluescreens. It's obviously a main board problem but Dell support says its a RAM issue. We've been playing this dance with them for 9 months!!! The $2600 laptop is useless. Really Michael Dell? This is what your company has come to?

  • Shanti P Chakravarty Says:

    Technical support on the telephone is good. My problem is that I required visit by an engineer. I have a premium servce contract, next day visit, as an institutional user. This contract is not fit for purpose. The first time, the engineer did not arrive for weeks. The repair service is outsourced to a company which does not carry stock. Promise of obtaining stock within five days is unreliable. Weeks later, the parts rrived and the engineer came to fit them. They turned out to be defective, and the engineere was embarrassed. I was offered a replacement new tablet which arrived some weeks later. It worked fine for 6 weeks before packing up. Technical services on the telephone identified the prpblem as requring a new charger and motherboard. The service engineer, who was due to arrive yesterday telephoned to say that the parts will be procured in five days.

  • sanjay Says:

    i purchased dell laptop in oct ..after 6 mnths i got office prob recovery prob and usage very rarely twice in month under warranty i registerd complaint but till nobody came to recieve complaint ...very very bad service

  • jeffman Says:

    some of the Dells third-party technical support companies are the most horrible in the world that I've ever seen their pushy rude when you say something they don't like they'll hang up on you very very unprofessional, unskilled probably teenagers that don't know what they're doing

  • denise Says:

    dell is the worst technical support. I'm calling them because my laptop won't turn on. they were more worried about making sure I was up to date on everything. and I am. but would not help me. I am disappointed

  • Bella B Says:

    Dell computer suck and so does their service. Like someone who previously posted, my computer was worked on by different techs. One tech actually took my computer home and it took a week to get it back and numerous phone calls(of course he never answered). When I finally get it back, the computer case had been switched as mine had a silver logo on the cover and the one he returned had a black logo. My service tag was also missing from the bottom of the case. When I called dell for the upteenth time,the tech has his nerve to say it's my fault for letting him take it home because it's against their policy. So how the f&$k am I supposed to know that??? 2 computers later, 3 home service calls in which the changed the keyboard twice, the screen twice, the hard drive, LAN card, twice being sent to dell techs, they finally decide to replace it with a refurbished piece of shit that is not working properly to this day, one year later. They were supposed to transfer my warranty to this computer and every time I call I get the same excuse, "sorry the dept that takes care of the warranty has left for the day. I will leave them a message to call you." To date, 4 months since, I still haven't received a call. So anyone considering buying a dell Inspiron 2 in 1 tablet, think twice. There's a major issue with the screen connections that messes up whatever you r doing at the moment, you get these round circles going up and down your screen, the keyboard freezes, you can't close's ridiculous. I actually took a video of what happens and still they think I'm making this shit up. I hope they go out of business because they give the label "made in the USA" a bad name.

  • Steve Says:

    Dell Premier Support is a Joke!

    Did the online chat, had two techs tell me the were the wrong ones to help, sent me back into the same que and am still waiting for the 3rd tech to come online. Total wasted time so far with no resolution... +2.5 hours.
    The original issue would take 5 minutes to resolve. Bad Battery, under warranty.
    I have been doing Computer Support for 25 years, this is the worst I have seen from Dell and have worked with them for years. I would recommend HP over Dell at this point, maybe even Lenovo......

  • virginia curry Says:

    I used to be loyal to dell but even now the premium support I paid the price of my laptop for is utterly worthless. All I get are Indian men who talk down to me like I'm a lower caste female and who indulge in double talk citing "policy" I accepted when I purchased the computer and the alleged premium support. Dell sucks. I will never buy another dell product. It isn't American. They do not honor product warranty. My laptop literally came apart in two pieces it's supposed to be a computer folding into a tablet. Now they have sent guys out to service this thing each one says the guy before has fucked up my system. Since they have already replaced the system once, they refuse to do so again. I'm thinking I hot someone else's used lemon system and that is not what I purchased. I purchased new directly from dell. I've already told Indian guy who refuses to give his name or employee Id number I will take this computer out and put it out of its misery and mine with some well placed rifle rounds and place on youtube.

  • Karen Says:

    Lots of problems with automated system.
    Didn't recognize the express service number
    even though it was correct. Bounced to me to a customer service representative who told me in the future I needed to call the number I just called (the number currently displayed on the phone). Extremely frustrating!!!!!

  • Chace Elliott Says:

    I would be really curious to see how your experience changes when reaching out to Dell's premium support department (ProSupport).

  • chris Says:

    I have a Dell LATITUDE D600. it had a virus I had cleaned it now it won't load up without a ADMINISTER password. does anyone know how too fix it

  • Gerald Rardin Says:

    I have been getting my Dell laptop, which I love, a block telling me to call 866-851-7280 or go to
    It stops me from what I am doing How do I stop this thing?

  • evelyn Says:

    I brought my grandson a laptop for xmas that we just opened and he put a password on there and I am locked out can you assist

  • Randy Says:

    ***Buyer Beware****

    I had ordered Alienware Steam Machine online with the free upgrade to an I5 processor for my son on Dec 15, 2015 as a Christmas present. I placed the order and received a confirmation email stating the order was placed and went into production. I let my son know it would not be here for Christmas as the CS department at Dell had told me it would ship between Christmas and New Years.

    On Christmas Eve I called the CS department at Dell to check on the order and was told then that there were parts on the order that were delayed and the system would not be shipping until the New Year. I asked to speak to a Manager and was told someone would call. No one ever did.

    A week or so later I received a Call from Dell’s Customer Resolution Team on and was told that the item I ordered was not coming due to a problem in the configuration of the system and my order would be cancelled and reordered. I asked if I would get the same deal on the new order and was told that no the only thing they could do for me was give me 5% off on any order.

    This would not even come close to quality of system I had ordered or the cost that I was given for the first order I had placed.

    Since that call I have received 2 more calls from Dell’s CS resolution team offering the same deal. I will not take a deal that basically screws the customer and allows Dell to “bait and switch” their offers. This allows them to treat their customers however they feel like with no thought of repercussion or care that it is the customer that pays for the company's existence.

    I will never purchase from Dell either corporately or personally again they are a terrible customer service company. As well I will tell everyone that will listen the story and tell them to stay away.

  • Melissa Says:

    I purchased premium support and accidental coverage to be sure to have comprehensive coverage. Premium support? Took over one hour to be told didn't have warranty coverage - upon further investigation they concurred I did - will correct in system - sent me to in house warranty - put on hold - all lines busy disconnect. Went through entire process again. Then they sent the box for my return to the wrong address. As I said Premium Support! I will not buy another Dell. Not worth the aggravation.

  • Terri Ward Says:

    I have purchased a new Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series 2-1 7348 and was wondering how do I get my windows 10 installed?

  • Nicole Says:

    I purchased the Dell Active Pen for my Dell device, only to be left unsure how to connect/use it. I searched several sights, including every Dell site I could find, only to find from some third party sight that other customers have had this problem as well and say that it turns out their device was incompatible. Therefore, I am left to assume my device is incompatible, as I have been unable to receive help from Dell that would tell me otherwise. Dell's customer support system seems to be set up in a way that purposely makes it difficult to receive answers from someone who can actually help, and made me jump through several hoops in attempt to resolve my issue. Additionally, I attempted to simply return the product, and although I filed for a return nearly 2 weeks ago, it says the return is still processing. I am extremely dissatisfied with Dell, specifically their customer support, and doubt I will be buying from them again.

  • Scott Cleaves Says:

    (12/28/15) As something of a computer novice, I decided to purchase the Dell Concierge Service for a little over $200/yr. for 24-hour technical support. Best tech decision I've ever made. Yes, all of the reps are from India, but I have never had a single issue understanding them; they know what they're doing regarding my computer and then some; and they're trained very well in politeness. I've had the service for two years, and have never had even one bad consultation. My computer is running as cleanly and quickly as the day I bought it thanks to them.

  • Nombulelo Says:

    Got problem when I start my laptop the screen show checking media and then says Media fail after n boot device found press any key to reboot the machine

  • Cheryl Says:

    While the above review isnt even that great, you get an even better idea of Dells customer service problems by googling DELL CUSTOMER SERVICE complaints, or DELL CUSTOMER SERVICE RATINGS - this must be an issue of being just too big a company to care.

  • Cheryl Says:

    Waited all year for Cyber Monday to get best price. I ordered at 3am a great deal. Found it had been cancelled by 10am. Immediately called back. Was told too bad - cannot reinstate. Cannot get same great deal. Go shop on the website at the higher prices. Called sales and explained sad story. The rep gave me some kind of special discount on a similar computer that was still 75 dollars more than prev purchase, but also better than other deals anywhere I searched. I was happy enough. Went on trip and saw emails saying it was being shipped. Returned to find it had been cancelled while in shipping process. Spent another 6 hours on hold with NO resolution. No great deals. NEVER buying from them again, and will never buy new computers at any retailer.

  • mehreen chishty Says:

    Worst laptop of my life. Never going to buy it again. Poor customer service, laptop battery has worse life I have ever seen within first year. This company should shut down, I am sorry for EMC merger with them. Please don't buy Dell everr.....

  • NateBennett Says:

    I attempted yesterday just to get my original disk that did not come with my lap top, besides going from home personal to business laptop twice, hung up on once, on hold for 45 minutes, this is horrendous, never dell again.

  • Jim Roberts Says:

    I read all these negative comments with great amusement, I broke my laptop screen, and expect Dell to repair it for free. When you crack your windshield do you expect Caddilac to fix it? to I spent $2000 on a laptop but couldn't be bothered protecting my investment my upgrading to a decent warranty and complain when you receive the "YGWYPF" service. If you have an onsite warranty and they refuse service, you ask for a supervisor. An amateurish article responded to by amateur Computer users....

  • Charlene Says:

    I bought a dell and was reminded again today why that was a terrible decision. Poor customer service, long wait times and reps blaming customers for substandard dell product problems. My screen cracked, was told that warranty only covers mother board and that if have to pay sell 269 plus wait 12 to 15 days to have it fixed and then additional time to send it back.
    I was on the phone for 40 plus minutes with three different people. Half of that waiting.

  • Kris Says:

    This review is laughable. Did the writer preface contact with, "Hello Dell Representative. I'm researching an article for Laptop Magazine. Tell me, how much is the company willing to bid for an A rating? Anything below 50 million puts you in the running for a C minus".... In the past 6 weeks I have suffered through 45 emails, phone calls and live chat sessions with Dell customer support. The option to speak with an English speaking rep is non-existent. I spoke with many reps named Karash and PuhLeep. I typed with many reps named Jay and Jenna. Exactly 1 day after the return period lapsed, Dell admitted that my brand new $1500 computer was a lemon. A replacement computer was authorized. 7 phone calls later, it was processed and shipped. The brand new replacement computer is also a lemon.

  • Adam Says:

    I'm sorry but your review doesn't address more important customer service issues.

    Like when your computer simply isn't working properly. Every case you gave them was a relatively simple task for anyone who has basic computer skills.

    I've been buying from Dell for nearly a decade now. Purchasing my first laptop from them in 2005. I've loved them over the years. The ease of custom putting together a computer, ordering it, and getting service for it.

    Enough so that I've gotten several family members on their computers.

    Over the past decade I've purchased more and more valuable models from them. With the most recent model I bought in May 2013. It was their top line XPS laptop, costing me nearly $2000.

    Unfortunately it's been nothing but a headache of a product. Being the only laptop that I've had wifi card issues in... on top of that compared to the past where I could get a technician to help me with those small things (like finding certain applications or components to re-install drivers) for free, I learned the harsh way that anything outside of basic troubleshoot problems is now a $30 charge. An unfortunate change from service I've been given in the past.

    Not to mention that many barely understand your issue, and anything more complicated then "how to set up the basics takes a lot longer then a half hour". This review got the top of the ice berg. There's a whole lot of trouble below water level though.

    Suffice to say I will be doing a lot of reconsidering before I purchase my next computer from them. Especially since overall I think the products they are creating now are inferior in their design compared to past models.

  • Robert Deck Says:

    Your amateur review of Dell shows. If you want to talk to a script reader in India, Dell is your company. They wouldn't give me onsite repair for a failed fan though I had an onsite warranty. They sent me a windows installation disk with a windows 8 set of drivers. They insisted I wipe off the feed tray of my printer with a damp cloth for a wifi connectivity problem. What a joke! How much did Dell pay you?

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