Samsung Building Skylake-Powered Premium Chromebook (Report)

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Just a few days after Samsung’s Chromebook Pro leaked prematurely, a report from Chrome Unboxed suggests that it may have a sister device we don’t yet know about.

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Codenamed “Caroline,” (the Chromebook Pro was codenamed “Kevin”), it will also reportedly be a Skylake-based convertible with a stylus. However, this supposed revelation comes from much shakier ground than the Pro, which reportedly features an ARM processor and all-metal body, as well as stylus support.

Specifically, the latest comes from a Chromium commit adding stylus support to Caroline. The giveaway that it’s a Samsung device? The author has a Samusng email address.

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Chrome Unboxed also unearthed code suggesting Caroline will have a backlit keyboard, which we don’t expect the Chromebook Pro to have.

If all of these rumors pan out, it’s possible that we may see a family of premium Chromebook devices from Samsung soon.

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