Samsung's $499 Chromebook Pro Sports Metal Body, Premium Specs

Samsung will soon release its Chromebook Pro for $499, according to a report from Chrome Unboxed. It may launch as soon as Oct. 24 and functions as a 2-in-1, including a touch screen and a stylus.

The notebook features a 12.3-inch , 2400 x 1600 display, a 2-GHz hexacore CPU, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The stylus and touch screen display make sense, especially because the Chromebook Pro is likely to support Android apps from the Google Play Store out of the box. Not bad for just under $500, but it's unknown if this is the starting configuration.

It looks like the Chromebook Pro is entirely aluminum (the landing page referred to it as "full metal") and just 0.55-inches thick, along with very minimal bezels. It appears that the laptop will have two USB Type-C ports, and leaked promo images suggest up to 10 hours of battery life.

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Over the weekend, the device was temporarily up for pre-order on Adorama, though that page has since been taken down. A landing page also briefly appeared.

Internally, the premium Chromebook project has been known as "Kevin." The Chromebook Pro is poised to take on HP's Chromebook 13 G1, which also starts at $499.

We're looking forward to getting the Samsung Chromebook Pro into our labs to review. After it's officially announced, that is.

[via Chrome Unboxed]

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