Samsung Nexus Prime Specs Leaked, Verizon Exclusive?

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Another day, another tech rumor. Samsung's been busy stoking the flames for its October 11th Samsung Mobile Unpacked press event, complete with a tantalizing teaser video showing what many believe is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. It was first rumored that the long-awaited device, codenamed "Nexus Prime," would be the first Android headset to run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

But nothing gets the hype machine going like a good old-fashioned leak, and there seems to be a doozy over at Samsung. According to BGR, they've received a list of specs for us to salivate over until October 11th. In addition to Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy Nexus will feature a 1.2-GHz TI OMAP 4460 dual-core Cortex A9 CPU with 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. There will be a large 4.65-inch 1280 x 720-pixel Super AMOLED HD curved glass display with rear- and front-facing cameras at 5 and 1.3 megapixels respectively with 1080p video capture. At 0.35 inches, the phone will be seriously svelte but will still have enough space to house a 1,750 mAh battery.

The phone is supposed to be a pure Android experience and debut as Verizon-exclusive. However nothing's set in stone until October 11. Until then we can only wait and speculate.