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Samsung Announces 1TB, 9.5mm Spinpoint M8 Hard Drive

Notebook users looking for a lot more storage don't have to look very far. With its new Spinpoint M8 hard drive, Samsung is offering 1TB of storage in a slim 9.5mm, 2.5-inch form factor that will fit in most current notebooks. And with an MSRP of just $129, the price is right for users with huge video collections and small budgets.

To be fair, the Spinpoint M8 is not the first 2.5-inch hard drive to hit the 1TB capacity mark, but it's the first we've seen that's only 9.5mm thick, which matters because some notebook drive bays aren't large enough for a 12.5mm form factor. Samsung achieves this feat by using two 500GB platters where 12.5mm models such as Samsung's previous 1TB Spinpoint MT2 required three separate 334GB platters to get the job done. 

The company is able to fit more on each platter by utilizing advanced format technology (AFT) to increase data density on the magnetic media. By using one less platter, the Spinpoint M8 also promises 7.4 percent higher performance and 8.3 percent less power consumption than its older sibling. Unfortunately, like other notebook drives of this capacity, it only comes in 5,400 rpm speed, not 7,200 rpm. However, given the high data density on the platters, we wouldn't be surprised to see 7,200 rpm-like transfer rates.

The Samsung Spinpoint M8 should be available immediately in retail channels that sell Samsung hard drives.