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Samsung and Rovio Launch Angry Birds Into Space at SXSW 2012 [Hands-On Video]

There's no shortage of Angry Birds merchandise around — we know this from an abundance of stuffed plush toys, a Mattel board game and even an upcoming film featuring these irked winged heroes. But now apparently, our favorite feathered creatures can't even be contained by gravity. This afternoon at SXSW, in the Samsung Blogger Lounge, Samsung and Rovio officially launched the angry birds into space while unveiling, well, Angry Birds Space, which they (fittingly) demoed on a Samsung Galaxy Note. 

Samsung chose well when it came to the device onto which to fling our avian friends. The Samsung Galaxy Note, with its dual-core processor and super-sharp 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display handled the classic game adroitly. Most impressive of all, the physics of the app were downright believable and made the game completely captivating—for instance, we saw in a video how the planets onscreen actually had the gravity to pull the birds in, and affected their trajectory.

Samsung also stated that some content would be available only to Galaxy users, including the Lazer Bird, an exclusive Samsung character and Danger Zone, an exclusive Angry Birds level. Samsung took the wraps off the game at the event with representatives from the company, Rovio and NASA. (Yes, they got a real astronaut to go onstage.)

The out-of-this-world version hits iOS, Android, PC, and Mac platforms on March 22nd. It's been a while since we've grabbed a new episode of the outplayed game ourselves, but Angry Birds Space looks like such fun that we probably will snatch a copy out of orbit after it blasts off.