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OS X Mavericks Launches for Free Starting Today

Apple is shaking up the way you upgrade your computer's operating system with the announcement that its OS X Mavericks operating system is available today for free to all Mac users with computers manufactured in 2007 or later. The operating system is expected to deliver more battery life, better memory and graphics performance and some nifty new apps. 

OS X is all about power efficiency. Take a 13-inch MacBook Air and install Mavericks you'll get up to an hour longer of web browsing and 1.5 hours of video. The software is also smart enough to compress data in your system memory that's not in use, making space for new allocations. Apple says the feature can make 6GB of data fit into just 4GB of RAM. That means you'll be able to run more apps at once without slowing down your system.

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Mavericks also brings enhancements to graphics capabilities with Open CL support for integrated graphics. Apple says the latest version of OSX will provide for 1.8X acceleration for graphics tasks, and can dynamically change memory allocation for graphics performance based on what you're doing.

On the software side, Mavericks features Safari Shared Links, which lets you quickly see what your Twitter and Facebook friends are sharing. You can now also reply to notifications directly from the desktop and there's also an enhanced Finder complete with tags that helps you organize files no matter where they are. 

Mavericks features a new Maps app, complete with flyovers, along with an improved iBooks and iCloud keychain so you don't have to remember your passwords or even payment info. New Calendar invites have data detectors and know where you're coming from so you can get directions to your next meeting. 

OS X Mavericks is available today, so get downloading.