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OS X 10.12 Rumors: Siri Finally Headed to the Mac

"Hey, Siri? When are you coming to the Mac?" The answer looks to be "soon," as reports are pointing to Apple's assistant playing a big role in OS X 10.12. The new OS will likely be announced at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June and debut by the fall, and include updates to the Photos app.

Siri's arrival on the desktop seems inevitable, as Apple has included the assistant in all of its other platforms: iOS, watchOS, tvOS and the company's CarPlay automobile platform. Adding this feature would bring OS X closer to Windows 10, which features Cortana.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has been testing and fine-tuning how you'll interact with its digital assistant on MacBooks since 2012, and an anonymous source explained to the site that Sirt will launch when you click on its Menu Bar button at the top of the screen.

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Siri will apparently appear as a dark, transparent rectangle that displays its translation of your commands and your results. iOS users are already familiar with this interface, but 9to5Mac's source claims the assistant will only fill a notification-sized space in the corner of your display.

An artist rendering of  how Siri may look in OS X. Image: 9to50Mac

You'll be able to set up a keyboard shortcut that triggers the service, and if a Mac is connected to a power source, you'll have the option to activate the feature by saying "Hey Siri," just like you can on iOS devices.

OS X 10.12 also looks to add image editing and management features to the lightweight image management app Photos. This news comes from the Japanese Apple blog Macotakara, which was informed by a reliable source that Apple's target is to match the feature-set seen in the recently retired iPhotos. 

This would mean the return of facial recognition technology, as well as controls for adjusting exposure, contrast, saturation and color temperature. Macotakara's source also says the company has no plans to add any features from its also-defunct pro image editor Aperture.

Finally, while there is no current rumored codename of OS X 10.12, its internal title within Apple appears to be Fuji. This follows a pattern of platforms named after kinds of apples, as 10.11 El Capitan bore the internal name Gala.

We're also expecting to see the usual performance improvements and helpful user interface tweaks, but no other major features have been reported yet. Follow this post to stay up to date on OS X 10.12 rumors, and comment below to let us know what features you'd love to see in this year's update.