Windows 10 Users Should Upgrade Now: Here's Why

If you're running Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (version 1607), it's time to update to a newer version of Windows 10. Microsoft has begun displaying banners on computer screens prompting users running older versions of Windows 10 to download and install the April 2018 Update (version 1803). 

The banners state, as first reported by Windows Latest, "Update your PC by October 9, 2018. Join the millions of people who are up to date." Click on the banner and it takes you to a web page touting Windows 10's security enhancements.

This may all seem inconvenient and annoying, but keeping your Windows software up to date is pretty important. On Oct. 9, Microsoft will no longer support the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, and its users will no longer receive security patches or be protected from new threats. 

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Although Windows 10 is among the more secure operating systems out there, researchers and online criminals often discover new vulnerabilities. Google researchers found a serious vulnerability in Edge and Internet Explorer browsers this past February that would allow malicious hackers to build fake websites that caused them to crash. Microsoft released critical patches to defend Windows 10 users against the nefarious Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities earlier this year. 

The April 2018 update has new features that make it worth downloading. The most prominent addition is a Timeline view, which lets you scroll up to 30 days back in time to find old assignments or stories. There's also Focus Assist, which hides system notifications and other distractions while you're working. There are a number of new Edge features, including mutable tabs and a "clutter-free" printing option, and a new dictation-based typing system.  

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