Microsoft Claims Edge Battery Life is 35 Percent Longer Than Chrome Now

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After seven months of silence, Microsoft has stepped up again in its one-sided browser cold war against Google. Last June, Microsoft released a video claiming that Microsoft Edge gets you 70-percent more battery life than Google Chrome on Windows 10. When Google made some enhancements to its Chrome browser, Microsoft clapped back with another video in September. Somehow, this nerdy beef has found its way into 2017.

Which is to say, yes, there's another video. This one's running the latest version of Edge in the Windows 10 Creators Update, and pits it against Firefox and Chrome. The video has three Surface Books taking the test, streaming videos form Vimeo in fullscreen over Wi-Fi.  You can see more about the methodology here.

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The video has the machine running Firefox lasting 7 hours and 4 minutes, Chrome enduring for 9:17 and Edge topping out at 12:31. Edge lasted 77 percent longer than Firefox and 35 percent longer than Chrome. Of course, Microsoft ran the tests on their machines and in their labs, so Edge did have an, well, edge.

Will Google respond again? Probably not. But hey, we'll take what we can get to squeeze more battery life out of our machines.

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  • Joe Bean Says:

    Considering the recent article from Paul Thurrott about how Microsoft managed to put so many lies in the first 20 seconds of their promotional video for Creator's update, I would take all those claims about Edge's superiority with a grain of salt.

    That is the Microsoft that once advised us to stop using Google because the game was almost already over for them and Bing was so far in the process of crushing them...

  • JuanSoto Says:

    Not a fan of Chrome but Microsoft is the kind of company that would put specialized code in their OS to drain the battery faster when a competing browser (or other competing app) is running.

    They are the kind of company that pays 3rd-party research teams to tell us how secure and privacy-respecting their OS is.

    I think Microsoft and the first word association is sleaze. They haven't changed their stripes in decades.

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