How to Tag Documents in OS X Mavericks

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Apple's OS X Mavericks makes it easier than ever to stay organized, with a cleaner Safari and the ability to use multiple displays. The operating system's new document tagging feature complements this convenience, allowing users to add a color-coded label to any of their written documents, pictures, or videos. Here's how to utilize this new function to stay on top of your work like never before. 

How to Tag Documents in Finder

1. Open Finder.osxdoctagging (2) 180140

2. Two finger / right-click your document of choice.

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3. Select one of the seven colored tags at the bottom of the drop-down menu. 

screen shot 2013 10 23 at 4.11.06 pm 232360

How to Tag Documents When Saving

1. Open or create a file and hit command+S or File>Save.

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2. Click the Tags menu and select one of the seven colored tags. You can also select "Show All" for the colorless Home, Important, and Work tags. 

screen shot 2013 10 23 at 4.16.36 pm 481.46017699115403

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How to Customize Your Tags

1. Open Finder

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2. Right-click one of the tags at the bottom of the menu on the left.

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3. Select Rename to give your tag a new title. 

osxdoctagging (9) 398344

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