How To Get Google Play On Your Fire Tablet

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Fire tablets are pretty great. They’re inexpensive, they have parental controls, and the newest ones even have expandable storage. But what they don’t have is Google Play. Fire tablets only let you download apps from the Amazon App Store, which means no Chrome, no YouTube app, no Lego Boost, no Photoshop ExpressAnd while a lot of apps make it over to the Amazon App Store eventually, there’s really no need to wait. I’m not a computer geek, and I managed to install Google Play on a Kindle Fire following instructions from the XDA Developers Forum, a discussion board for mobile developers. I’ve expanded on the instructions and added screenshots to make it super easy!

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.


2. Press Settings. 2 3167431517512843

3. Under Personal, tap Security.3 3167431517512878

4. Under Advanced, turn on Apps from Unknown Sources. 4

5. You’ll see a warning about being responsible for all damage to your Fire that unknown source apps can do. This would be a good time to mention that while this is an easy process, I’m also not responsible for damage to your Fire, and neither is Laptop Magazine! Press OK.  



6. Hold down the Power button and click OK.


7. Now we’re going to install some APK files (that’s an Android file format) using the Fire’s Silk browser.

8. Open this article (the one you're reading) in the Silk browser on your fire tablet. If you don't want to, copy and paste these instructions into an email, send the email to yourself, and open it on the Fire.

9. Open the below links one at a time, and make sure you're using the correct set of links.

Links for 4th, 5th, and 6th Generation Fires, not the 2017 7th Gen Fire HD 8. Don’t know which version of Fire you have? Go to Settingspress Device Optionsand scroll down to Device Model.

Links for the 2017 (7th Generation) Fire HD 8. Make sure you follow the instructions above about installing them in order and which “Download” to click!

  1. APK File #1, Google Account Manager
  2. APK File #2, Google Services Framework
  3. APK File #3: Google Play Services
  4. APK File #4: Google Play Store  

10. First, click Download APK, ignoring the notice of a newer version below. (Do NOT click any other Downloads on the page, they’re probably ads.) If you click on a link in the email, the Silk browser will open automatically. The files need to be installed in order, so to avoid confusion, open, download and install them one at a time.


 11. Click “OK when each download starts you should get a pop-up warning that the file might damage your computer. 


12. Open the download.9

13. Scroll through the following screen to the bottom and tap Install. 


14. Tap Done. Now, repeat steps 9 through 14 for the remaining links.


You should now see the Google Play app on your Home Screen. Press it and sign in with your Google account! Voila!



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  • Joan O'Donnell Says:

    I cannot get this to download. Is it for the 2018 version of8.

  • Steph Says:

    Thank you for posting this. Now my Amazon tablet is actually useful to me now! Installed with ease!

  • Xavier Says:

    Fire HD 8 (8th edition) installed files but Play sign on keeps looping with sign on credentials. Compatible?

  • Harry Kopp Says:

    Yep same issue Google Play comes pack corrupt, must have tried 10 times.

  • Ann Nee Says:

    I haven't be able to download Google Play using any of these files. The Play services file comes up as corrupt.

  • Greg Ra Says:

    Has anyone been able to load Google Play on a fire 8 8th generation?

  • Trish Shenton Says:

    I have tried all options but even though have play store installed when I try to get an app it is not recognising the new kindle HD8 8th gen as an available device to downlaod tp. Its only recognising my other table which is a true android so suspect they have changed something in the 2018 version. I have chrome installed and working but it doesnt recognise my google account and wont access bookmarks.

  • Angela Rodriguez Says:

    If the google play store updates down the line will the downloaded version of the play store on the fire tablet update automatically? Or will the entire process have to be done again? Im giving this tablet to my non-techie parents who dont live near me and I dont want them to run into issues of having to download multiple apks just to update the play store. thanks for any help!

  • Error trying to download Says:

    The first two files download ok, but third produced an error that flashes two fast to read. Just got new fire 10 today.

  • Karla Says:

    I'm getting a parsing error. What do I do?

  • Ian C Says:

    Hi, This worked great after I installed about a week ago, but then I received a Kindle HD8 update and my Kindle have both started acting odd. The keep freezing, closing apps, rebooting, running super slow and worst of all, were you swipe up to get the 3 menu icons, either it doesn't show at all or only a black section shows with none of the 3 icons, but touching where they should be works. Does anyone have an idea on this, could the latest Amazon update to Kindles be doing this (Oct/Nov 2018 update) and is there a way to fix it or will I need to reset my tablet and try again. Thanks.

  • Zaman Says:

    APK File #1, Google Account Manager

  • Aamira Says:

    Wow!!!And you say your not a computer genius! Works like a charm. I can't believe it actually worked

  • Kate Nolan Says:

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for these instructions. Worked like a charm on my Fire HD 8 (2017).

  • Steve Darner Says:

    Excelent! I just put google play on my Gen 7 10" and my gen 5 7". Good to go.
    Maybe update the article to include the 10 inch Fire?

  • Henry Says:

    I lack words to say. But all I have to say is that thank you sooooo much and God bless you a thousand fold

  • Wes St.Onge Says:

    Thank you so much. Worked just as described. Glad I found this link, glad you posted it !!!

  • Marci Bratz Says:

    Awesome!! Thank u very much for this solution!! Much appreciated!,😊

  • Michael Says:

    Great. Thanks for the guide. Worked perfectly and happy child as was missing games that are not on the Amazon store!

  • Jaden Says:

    I am able to run play store and everything successfully but one problem i see is once I sign in with a Google account there is no option to sign out\change my Google account. I can add a new account but cannot change it. Any pointers anyone?

  • Justin Says:

    Worked great. Bad to reboot after installing everything, but then worked perfectly.

    This is on a Fire HD8 purchased yesterday.

  • Francis Banks Says:

    Stacey is right! I realise now that I didn't reboot after changing the security setting to allow installation of apps from unknown sources. I rebooted and then went through each of the downloaded apk files in order to re-try installation. It worked! Now I have the Google PlayStore on my Kindle.

  • Francis Banks Says:

    I just received a Fire HD 10 7th generation as a replacement for my previous Fire HD 10 7th generation under waranty. Both are running Fire OS, but the later one shows a build date (9th August 2018 23:03) whilst the earlier one shows an installed date (29th August 2018 03:43). I just went through the procedure with the new Kindle, and whilst everything seemed to install since there were no error messages, the two icons that should have appeared on the home screen did not appear, even after rebooting. They do not show up in the apps window either. I had the PlayStore and Google Apps installed in the old one, and as far as I can remember, I used the same set of instructions to install them without any difficulties. The icons showed up as expected. Any suggestions? Since the icons don't show up, I don't even know how to uninstall and try again!

  • Stacey Says:

    It works if you follow the instructions exactly the way you are supposed to.

    I have the Fire 8 and this worked for me. Thanks!

  • Camel Valley Says:

    Hi. Super Awesome - thank you. I have an Amazon Fire 7 2017 (the cheap £30 one with adverts) - and this worked a treat - had to download the play movie app afterwards as well, and switched storage to my sd card - and it's downloading all my movies. Thanks a million. You're AWESOME!

  • Anthony D Bussert Says:

    Google Play store won't install either. I've been trying to figure this out for months and nothing works. Drives me crazy since I just want me kid to be able to play the games he wants to play.

  • Anthony D Bussert Says:

    I have a 7th Gen. Each time I try to install Google Play Services it stays it won't install. Anyone else have this issue and know a workaround?

  • Anthony D Bussert Says:

    This doesn't work. Google Play Services won't install.

  • davber Says:

    why do they downloads want access to everything on your device and network. it seems a bit crazy to give up so much privacy. is there a way to turn off all those permissions?

  • Bernie Says:

    Thank you. It works! I have the Amazon kindle and was not pleased with the limited choices of games and apps. Your method bypassed that and I now have full access to Google play store.

  • Silver Scorpion Says:

    You, my friend, are a genius! Thank you!

  • Mike Trz Says:

    Worked perfectly on new Fire tablet! Thanks.

  • garryp5752 Says:

    You are the woman! Tried for literally hours to do this, thank you :)

  • Allie Says:

    Worked perfectly, many thanks!!

  • maldonado Says:

    GOT IT. Just connect the tablet to your computer and download to your computer and drag and drop into your tablet. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  • maldonado Says:

    It's not working for the newer Amazon Tablets I got mine this week. Any other place I can go?

  • Sandy B Duke Says:

    Step # 6 says to turn off your Fire and then the next step we are to access our Silk browser on our Fire?? How do you do this with the device turned off?? (I'm guessing we need to eliminate step #6?)

  • Brent Collins Says:

    Perfect, much easier than rooting and other processes. Thank you!

  • Kitty Reagan Says:

    Thank you, Amy! This is THE best how-to I've seen in a long time! Pics were almost like what I have, but we're close enough that I could muddle through and the side comments like (Do NOT click any other Downloads on the page, they’re probably ads.). Awesome job!

  • Paul Smith Says:

    Thanks this worked great! tried other but yours was the first to get it to work

  • gtrmn01 Says:

    I tried to install and run Google calendar and it wants me to update google play services to newest version. Will this mess with what seems to be working install of Google Play Store.

  • pahatman Says:

    Worked like a charm! Was able to access Google Play Store and install the apps that I wanted. Clear, concise instructions! Thanks!

  • Debra Says:

    Google play store appears only under manage all applications and not on the home screen

  • Le Anne Lindsay Says:

    This was genius. THANK YOU!!! Any chance there's a work around for adding WhatsApp to my Amazon Fire tablet?

  • Waldo Sandburg Says:

    Worked flawlessly for 7th gen. Downloaded and installed in order without any problems.

  • Tommie mcbroom Says:

    Put Google play on fire tablet using Apple id

  • Katt Rocketman Says:

    I have one question. If you decide to uninstall the files listed at a later date, will the apps downloaded from the play store still work properly?

  • Ruth Auker Says:

    Great instructions. Worked perfectly. Thank you!

  • J.D.Hay Says:

    I am using the Links for the 2017 (7th Generation) Fire HD. Steps 8.1 through 8.3 worked like a champ, but no amount of persuasion will cause step 8.4 - the Play Store All to install. Any suggestions?

  • Paddy Says:

    You need to download the latest version of google play store. For it to open.

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