Eve V Goes On Limited Sale Today at 9 a.m.

Eve-Tech's Eve V, a crowdsourced, crowdfunded 2-in-1 that takes on Microsoft's Surface Pro, will be available for a limited time starting at 9 a.m. EST today (Dec. 4).

The laptops are sold directly through Eve-Tech's website, and you can find the sale page here. The last flash sale saw all available units sold in just three hours. Following a deluge of press and reviews, its very possible they will sell out faster this time.

In our review, we praised the Eve V for its brilliant display, clever design, great port selection and the fact that it comes with a keyboard and stylus (the Surface does not). Its Y-series Kaby Lake CPU isn't as powerful as what you get with the Surface, and the battery life was middling on our test, but it satisfies for casual use. 

With its $799 starting price beating out the Surface Pro thanks to the keyboard and stylus, the Eve V is piquing the curiosity of many outside of the community that designed it. But the Helsinki-based company is still working to fill demand, so we're curious to see just how many people who want an Eve V can get their hands on it.

If you manage to grab one, let us know in the comments.

Image: Shaun Lucas/Laptop Mag

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