Samsung's $399 Solar-Powered Netbook, the NC215S, Will Be Sold in the U.S.

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Samsung NC215S

Brad Linder at Liliputing got confirmation from Samsung that they'll be selling their solar-powered NC215S netbook in the U.S. for $399 starting the week of July 3rd. This sweet little number looks pretty much like most other Samsung netbooks, but the feature that will get heads turning are the solar cells in the lid. So not only will it be usable outside thanks to the matte display, but being out in the sun will also give you extra time away from the outlet. Hello summer writing sessions in the park!

The NC215S was already due to come out in the developing world, which makes a lot of sense. Samsung first announced the model during their forum in Africa back in May. Further announcements revealed that it would also sell in Russia. Now America gets a crack.

Check out Brad's post for the known specs and more pictures. And keep an eye on the site for our review.

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  • Tumain mathew Says:

    Was good but i have problem with display cable which connect from motherboard to screen i like to ask how i can get it

  • SolarUniverseCal Says:

    Solar power is really the only way to go. We all need to do our part to spread the word. It's just about getting the word out that solar and going green takes "just about the same effort".

  • Doug Says:

    Shame when open and in use those panels will point towards the floor, needs an extra hinge for the panels or a mirror on your knee

  • Peter Says:

    @ Jim

    I can not believe I had to explain that to you.

  • Peter Says:

    @ Jim

    No one makes a white solar panel.

    But Samsung does make a white laptop.

  • Jim Says:

    How many white solar panels do you see around? I think "reflect away the sun's energy" is precisely what you want to avoid in a partly solar-powered laptop!

  • Peter Says:

    Samsung is currently investment a LOT of money into solar panel production and development.

    I bet they've decided to quickly increase their market share of solar panels in the market is to tap their CE divisions resources and put it on them.

    Brilliant idea.

    This isnt the first time Samsung has put solar panels on its electronics. This is actually the 4th product from Samsung with a solar panel built in ( The first three products were all mobile phones).

  • Peter Says:

    I hope they make one in white. That way the color will reflect heat from the sun better than a black color laptop.

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