500GB for $150? Samsung Adds New Affordable SSD

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Now, you really have no excuse not to upgrade to SSD. While the smallest mechanical hard drives on most new laptops are 500GB, getting an SSD with that capacity can be cost prohibitive. Samsung is expanding its lineup of 750 EVO SSDs with a new 500GB option that carries a very-low MSRP of $149.99. That line already includes 120GB and 250GB options which go for around $55 and $84 right now. 


While SSDs have become increasingly popular due to their speed and stability (unlike traditional hard disk drives; they have no moving parts), consumers have been waiting for prices to drop, despite the fact that memory is relatively cheap.

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Samsung is backing  the 500GB SSD with a three-year warranty or 100 terabytes written. It will be availble in the U.S., China, Europe and Korea in early June.

The 750 EVO line of SSDs have write speeds up to 540 megabytes per second and read speeds up to 520MBps. The drives also include 256-bit hardware encryption to protect your data. Anandtech claims that the performance is similar to the higher-end 850 EVO, but the other drive gives you a longer, five-year warranty.



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  • JuanSoto Says:

    "The drives also include 256-bit hardware encryption to protect your data"

    And connect it with most Modern OSes and have your data uploaded to corporate HQ's, all you can eat, cloud-services. From there, it spreads like wildfire to "third-parties".

    Like using Windows Defender on a Windows 10 machine to protect against spyware and other malware.HAHAHA.

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