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Known for making gaming laptops, MSI's grade in last year's Tech Support Showdown was less than stellar. The brand squeaked by with a lousy score of 71.25, but wowed us with its very speedy phone support.

MSI started life as a manufacturer of video cards, motherboards and other computer parts, and those roots are very apparent in the company's approach to tech support. There's an unspoken expectation of computer literacy from its customers, and many of the excellent tutorials and FAQs in the online support section use terminology that isn't for newbies.

MSI currently provides support online and over the phone. The brand backs each device with a 1-year warranty, and there’s an option to extend it by 3 months by registering your product online. However, the support we received was barely passable.

We used the MSI WS60 to find answers to three questions. We asked how to activate Hey Cortana and how to reverse scrolling direction on the touchpad, as we did with all the PC manufacturers. Then we asked how to adjust the fan speed on our MSI.

Web and Social Support

MSI doesn’t make the best first impression with its online support. You're required to fill out a tedious questionnaire before you can even register the device you own. Questions include why you purchased your device and how much you'd want to spend on a computer. The latter query didn't make too much sense as I was attempting to register an MSI WS60 I already had in my possession.

msi-tss15_pq_1_questionnairesNevertheless, the promise of "faster customer service" included with registration and the extended warranty seemed intriguing. Once I'd finished registering the product, I got hit with yet another questionnaire that was so curious about my purchasing habits I was muttering "calm down" to myself. Two questionnaires with 10-plus questions each seems a little extreme for something as simple as product registration.

The "faster customer service" didn't even materialize. I submitted a request for help adjusting the fan speeds on my device and still hadn't received a response 48 hours later. That's distressing because that's the only way to get one-on-one customer service online. There is no direct email or chat function. In a world of instant gratification, MSI’s substandard online service is glaring.

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Following the link for Facebook support led me to nothing more than a reskinned version of the primary MSI support page. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I reached out to the brand via Twitter. Although it isn't advertised as an avenue of support, I did get a detailed solution to my question regarding activating "Hey Cortana" on a Windows 10 device within 7 hours.

I didn't experience any disappointment in the area of "do-it-yourself" tech support. MSI features a robust series of FAQs, instructional videos and active forums. The company seems to be catering to the enthusiasts who have no problem firing off some command line or digging into the guts of the computers they own. Some of the best help to be found from MSI is on its forums, where helpful MSI fans will pop in almost immediately to supply solutions to any computer problem you might have.

msi-tss15_pq_2_gregariousnessIt’s also a much less vitriolic place than other computer forums. The MSI staff and fans seem to intermingle with a kind of utopic gregariousness and are all eager to help one another and any errant MSI owner who stumbles in.

And they will stumble. I had to click on three different "Forums" labels on three different pages before I was taken to the actual forums. It's a shame that one of MSI's best support features is so well hidden.

Phone Support

My relationship with MSI phone support didn't start off as well as I hoped. MSI offers phone support for only 12 hours each day, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET. And yet my first two calls — at 9:09 a.m. and 9:20 a.m. — went unanswered. The first call resulted in a message asking me to call back during business hours. The second call featured a minute-and-a-half spiel about MSI's business hours and how much they care for me as a customer. The actual menu came at the very end of the message, but when I pressed "1" to speak to a representative I was stuck listening to a phone ringing. After a minute and a half of that I hung up.

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Call number three was the charm. Once again, I sat through the minute-and-a-half spiel, but this time I was immediately connected with a lovely young man who didn't give me a name. I asked him why saying "Hey Cortana" didn’t produce results on my computer. He immediately had his suspicions but first politely guided me through the steps necessary to see what version of Windows I had on my device. He then informed me that my device had shipped with the Cortana-less Window 7 and offered to check and see if my device was eligible for support from MSI’s Windows 10 staff — who would guide me through the process of upgrading and getting Cortana running. From dial tone to solution (including the minute-and-a-half message), it took just 3 minutes and 58 seconds.

I called the next day at 9:34 a.m. ET in the hopes that MSI would teach me how to set up reverse scrolling on my MSI laptop's touchpad. I wisely figured out that pressing "1" during the minute-and-a-half message let me skip it entirely, and I was quickly connected to Sid, who sounded a little confused by my request and maybe a little sleepy (the call center is in California, where it was just 6:34 a.m.). Yet Sid was also very patient, and once he understood the problem, he solved it in just 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

My final call was with Michael at 11:59 a.m. ET. I was put on hold for 4 minutes before I was connected with him. I'd called to find out how to adjust the fan speeds on my laptop. After looking up my model type, the MSI rep explained to me that my system was the rare MSI device that lacked fan control. I then asked him how to control the lights on my keyboard, and his response was immediate and helpful. All in all, the call took 8 minutes to be completed.

Bottom Line

MSI has always been a company that caters to enthusiasts, and its focused tech support really reflects that. The active user who can dig into his or her computer or scroll through MSI's forums will have a satisfactory experience. And once you get them on the phone, MSI's phone technicians are courteous, easy to understand and helpful. Yet a more casual computer user will need more than 12 hours of tech support and forums where there's no guarantee of a response and they’ll be frustrated by the complete lack of live chat. If you're not certain of the difference between the RAM and the hard drive on your computer, than this brand might not be for you.

Tech Support Showdown

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  • Paul R. Lewis Says:

    I just bought my GL72 7rd-028 and about ready to take it back. The shady downloads to register, the ridiculously tedious email support form (RIDICULOUS!!!!) and the GD marketing BS popping up with other MSI products. The fact that it doesn't return from hibernate/sleep and has been going on for more than 4 years and they only provide phone support Mon-Fri makes me want to use a company that cares about customers and not exploit them. Its's pathetic and extremely disheartening to want to game and feel used and abused and not well supported! If they put half that effort into making the LAPTOP (they are NOT notebooks) experience pleasurable, with minimal bloatware and a feeling of some consideration, they might have better than 67% complaints on BBB. WAKE UP MSI!!! WAKE UP!!!

  • Ryan Kasper Says:

    I had purchased the MSI Notebook about 2 months ago and I already have to send it in with my warrenty because my CD ROM drive somehow dissapeared off of it. Cannot use any discs.

  • mefil Says:

    We bought a laptop for our son nearly three years ago. It stopped working less than a year after. We don't know why. We managed to contact the main company in NSW-Australia and after being given the run around, they agreed to fix it as it was under warranty. Less than a year after, the same problem. We sent it back and it was fixed. Less than six months later, the damn thing happened again, and now they're quoting over a 1000 to fix it. I'm disgusted and want to complain, but don't know where as the MSI site is a pain in the ass to navigate and the support is crap. Any suggestions?

  • Maria rodriguez Says:

    My MSI laptop is damaged, where can I bring it to fix it?

  • Maggie Furga Says:

    The worst customer service ever.

    I will never, ever buy anything from this company again even though they do have good equip.
    They are not the only company with good stuff in if they do not know how to treat their clients who are spending loads of money in their shop they will never see them again. Definitely not me.

    If you have time to read explanation why this low rate:

    Firstly we have been trying to reach them over the phone than sending emails on website which did not went through than we called again an the guy (first time speaking to human being) send our note about faulty item to the wrong MSI email address (?!??! very competent staff...) Then we used the website contact form again and describe what is wrong (damage could not have been made by user) and what they can do about it and after 2 weeks of trying to get to them, finally we got email response that they will take the computer and they prefer it to be packed in original box as they don't provide any package (Of course. I do keep all the boxes of equp I am buying... I mean all of them. I have special container reserved for them boxes just in case...) They wrote that they may keep the computer for a month and if nothing is wrong with it as we suspect than they will charge us... its like I do love to get rid of my very expensive and precious computer for a month during Christmas time for no reason, yes. Just to have fun. This is my hobby... I paid so much money for stuff to than pretend that its broken and give it away. God sake... I dont know what kind of moroons are working there and who made those ambelivible rules of how to treat customer but If I would know how thing can go with silly thing I would never go for this company.

    FYI We did try to find out what is wrong with it and maybe there is simple solution but there is no other tech support they can provide apart from this...

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO BUY ANYTHING FROM MSI if you do want to have piece of mind in a case where something is faulty.

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