Black Friday gaming chair deal slashes 55% off of the Emerge Vortex

Emerge Vortex
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Black Friday 2023 is on Nov. 24, 2023, but we’re already seeing some fiery deals on the top products from laptops to phones. But beyond the best electronic devices out there, you might want to browse the web, get work done, or play games without sitting on a pile of bricks. And what better time to invest in a comfy chair than one of the greatest deals seasons out there?

Enter the Emerge Vortex, one of the best deals you can find if you’re in the market for a gaming chair. Boasting a headrest, lumbar support, and up to 275 pounds of support, it is a great pick for those who need something comfy to sit on without breaking the bank. 

This Staples Black Friday sale brings the Emerge Vortex Gaming Chair down to $119, which is 55% off its initial price of $269. 

Best Black Friday Emerge Vortex Gaming Chair deal 

Emerge Vortex Gaming Chair:$269Overview:

Emerge Vortex Gaming Chair: $269 $119 @ Staples
Overview: The Emerge Vortex is one of the best gaming chair deals during Black Friday

Features: Bonded leather back, built-in headrest, lumbar support, seat height adjustment, tilt tension, tilt lock, supports up to 275 pounds, flip-up adjustable arm.

Price history: This deal is $20 more expensive than the lowest all-time price of $100, last seen August 2022.

Reviews: The Emerge Vortex gaming chair has many positive reviews on the Staple website, averaging a 4.5/5 across 9,100 reviews.

Buy it if: You want an affordable gaming chair that can provide some of the best features seen in premium products yet doesn’t break the bank.

Don't buy it if: You’re a stickler for the utmost comfort and are willing to spend big bucks for it. The most comfortable chairs out there can go anywhere from $400 to $1,000, and this won’t achieve the comfort levels of those chairs, but it will still get the job done.  

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