The 5 best 4th of July Prime Day deals you can still get now

5 Best 4th of July Prime Day Deals
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The 4th of July has passed, but these deals are still going and you can grab some early Prime Day deals. From gaming laptops and monitors, these makers are allowing you to get your Prime Day shopping done early so you can enjoy family, friends, and the beach. 

Our crack team of deals specialists has already given you a sneak peek into the best Nintendo Switch, Chromebook, and MacBook early Prime Day deals. However, there's more we're for us to share. 

Alienware Deals are out of control!

Gaming giant Alienware is unleashing awesome deals on gaming laptops, desktops, and monitors for you to enjoy huge savings of up to 45%! So If you're looking for a new battle-ready gaming laptop, now is the time to take advantage and save directly from Alienware

Here are just some of our favorite deals you will find right now. 

This Alienware x17 R2: $2,749.99 $1499.99 @Alienware

This Alienware x17 R2: $2,749.99 $1499.99 @Alienware This is an entry-level beast you can snag this 4th of July for under $1,500—packed with a potent 12th Gen Intel Core i7o12700H CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU with 6GB of RAM, 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage. The x17 R2 comes with a huge, immersive, 16:10 aspect ratio 17.3-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) display with a dazzling 480Hz refresh rate for gaming. With a blazing refresh rate, you will not experience tearing and enjoy silky-smooth rendering and gameplay. This gaming laptop will have you conquering enemies and ruining your friend's weekends.

Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor: $1,349.99 $899.99 

Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor: $1,349.99 $899.99  This 37.5=inche curved gaming monitor is Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate certified, Vesa HDR 600 IPS Panel with a 21:9 aspect ratio, running at 144Hz refresh rate for silky smooth, immersive gaming. This highly adjustable monitor features both tilt and swivel movement. With 2 HDMI and 1DP port, you have several options to connect. With this curved gaming immersive beauty, you can get a complete view while conquering your foes. 

Those are just two examples of the huge savings currently happening over at Alienware, where you can find everything from monitors, laptops, and even desktops on sale right now for up to 45% off! 

Best audio deals happening right now

As a content creator and audiophile, I can tell you the importance of an excellent audio experience. People love spatial audio, booming bass, and sweet musical mid and high tones coming together to create a unique vibe. 

The folks at Polk Audio and Definitive Technology are sound experience masters, creating indoor, outdoor, and portable speakers of the highest fidelity for you to enjoy. Right now, both as getting a jump on Prime Day by offering huge savings for the 4th of July holiday. You can take advantage of it right now. 

Definitive Technology All-Weather Loudspeaker: $249 $199

Definitive Technology All-Weather Loudspeaker: $249 $199The AW5500’s blend of high-performance drivers and passive bass radiators encased in rugged, weatherproof housing delivers deep, expansive sound throughout your outdoor living area. 

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini: $299 $249

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini: $299 $249
Suppose you're looking to take your home entertainment game up a level. In that case, this MagniFi Mini setup from Polk Audio is perfect for you as it delivers room-shaking bass, excellent mid and high tones, with excellent clarity. This 150W system features deep bass technology that ensures clear heart pumping bass. Thanks to its small form factor, it will fit easily within any sized room or decor. 

More Deals! 

You thought we were done, but deals are never over. Waverly Labs has a special 4th of July Deal on its Ambassador Interpreter translation earbud. If you travel internationally, this is a product you should look seriously at. I was recently in Taipei, Taiwan, and If I had had this Ambassador Interpreter earbud translator, I would've gotten around more easily. 

You can save 40% on the Waverly Labs Ambassador Interpreter translation earbuds. 

Wavery Labs Ambassador Interpreter: $89.40

Wavery Labs Ambassador Interpreter: $89.40 $59.60
Ambassador Interpreter empowers you to have smooth conversations free from the constraints of language barriers. The Bluetooth-enabled Ambassador works with Android and iOs phones and can translate 20 languages instantly. 

Surpise, one extra deal for you

Monster is a favorite peripheral maker, making long-lasting quality products. From power strips to wireless speakers and power to go, Monster has you covered. Starting today Monster is having a 40% off site-wide sale. You don't need stinking coupons or codes; the discount will automatically apply during checkout. 

Here are a few of my favorite products you can get a huge deal on. 

Monster Power Center Vertex: $99 $60

Monster Power Center Vertex: $99 $60
The sturdy Power Center Vertex comes with 6 AC ports. A magnetic hub with a 20W Power Delivery USB-C and 2 USB-A fast charge ports. A strong 6-foot nylon-braided cord is rated at 3,000 joules of surge protection.

Monster DNA Max Wireless Speaker: $179 $108

Monster DNA Max Wireless Speaker: $179 $108
The DNA Monster will be your indoor-outdoor companion this summer as you move seamlessly with your music wherever you go. Featuring Bluetooth connection to your favorite devices, IP67 weather resistance, and wireless Qi charging. The DNA Max Wireless is your portable audio partner. 

For everything from laptops, tablets, earbuds, cameras, and more, stay tuned to our Prime Day deals coverage and save tons of money on all your technology needs. 

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