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Tablet Owners Are Likely to Keep Their PCs Too, Study Says

There’s no denying that today’s technology is shifting toward a mobile focus, but don’t ditch your laptop just yet. A new study reports that early adopters of emerging technology are likely to hold on to their old gadgets too, suggesting that tablets may not actually replace notebooks.

In fact, a survey from The Harris Poll reports that 78 percent of tablet owners are also likely to own a laptop, versus the 60 percent of non-tablet owners that are probable to own a notebook. 

That doesn’t mean the tablet industry isn’t growing, however. A survey from Pew Internet published earlier this week found that more American adults own tablets today than ever before—doubling statistics from a year ago.

Although Harris’ report indicates that there’s a nugget of hope for laptop manufacturers, the PC industry has fallen on tough times in recent months. General PC sales fell by 13.9 percent in the first quarter of 2013, marking the biggest sales decline in nearly two decades. Researchers at IDC attributed part of this steep decline to the less-than-desirable reception of Windows 8, which has seen a slower adoption rate than the ill-fated Windows Vista.

While tablets may not fully replace PCs, the traditional laptop as we know it is certainly changing. With Windows 8 came a slew of laptop-tablet hybrid devices with detachable displays and keyboards, which lets these gadgets act as fully functioning tablets and laptops interchangeably.