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Smartphone and Tablet Time Overtakes PC Web Surfing

Want even more evidence we're living in the post-PC era? According to the comScore 2013 Mobile Future in Focus report 1 out of every 3 minutes online is now spent on devices beyond the PC. That's no doubt due to the fact that the number of smartphones owned by Americans has surpassed 125 million (more than 50-percent market penetration), while more than 50 million tablets are now in the U.S.

The study went on to say that apps account for 4 out of every 5 minutes on a phone, rather than the mobile Web. Does that mean we're heading into a post-Internet era, too? Who knows. But with only so much real estate on a smartphone screen, comScore says consumers are spending more time with the apps of major brands. For instance, Facebook finished 2012 as the top app, followed by five Google apps.

comScore's study also reinforces just how dominant Android and iOS have become. The two platforms now own a combined 90 percent of the smartphone market. So while others are trying to break in, from Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 to Firefox OS and Ubuntu, they're likely going to have a tough time.

Among smartphones, Apple accounts for 36 percent market share in the U.S., followed by Samsung with 21 percent. The South Korean giant could very well close that gap though with the imminent launch of the Galaxy S IV.