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Scara Bee Remote Control Wi-Fi Buggy Storms CES

It's 2013, so who needs remote-controlled vehicles with actual remote controls? The market is filled with Bluetooth toys you can control from your mobile device, but BeeWee Scara Bee Buggy uses Wi-Fi so it can travel 100 feet or more away from you. 

In a brief demo here at CES 2013, a BeeWee rep drove the Scara Bee around the hotel floor using an iPad app. We watched as he maneuvered the buggy around using both onscreen controls and the optional accelerometer mode. Android and iPhone versions of the app will also be available. 

BeeWee says that the toy should run for about 20 minutes on a charge and navigate tough terrain like tall grass and rocks. The company says it has durability tested the device to make sure it won't break the first time you crash it into a wall.

The buggy can run in either regular or expert mode, with the latter making it accelerate even faster. Though BeeWee doesn't provide a speed rating for the Scara Bee, it seemed pretty fast to us in both modes. 

We were particularly impressed with the real-time video coming in from the Scara Bee's VGA camera. Though it never moved out of our sight during the demo, we could easily imagine driving the buggy to different rooms within our home or office while we sit on the couch. Our rep also showed us how easy it is to shoot still photos or up to 1-minute long videos from the camera. 

The BeeWee Scara Bee will retail for $149 when it launches sometime within the next couple of months.