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Samsung Laptops Twice as Reliable as Apple’s? (Report)

Apple’s premium-priced line of MacBooks and iPads may not be as reliable as you think -- if you’re willing to believe a new study. Rescuecom’s 2013 Computer Reliability Report named Samsung as the most reliable laptop manufacturer, while Apple placed in second. In fact, the company claims that Samsung's notebooks are twice as reliable as Apple's

It’s important to keep in mind that Rescuecom has a somewhat sketchy track record when it comes to its reports. The company bases its data on comparing a manufacturer’s market share statistics to the percentage of computer repair calls Rescuecom has received during that same time period.

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So, for Q3 2013, Rescuecom reports that 1.4 percent of its support phone calls were related to issues with Samsung products. It compared that percentage with Samsung’s 9.3 percent market share for laptops and tablets, which it obtained from IDC. This gives Samsung a score of 694. Apple, by comparison, commands 23 percent market share, and 9.1 percent of support calls made to Rescuecom have applied to Apple products. That gives the company a score of 259.

Rescuecom also makes a point to acknowledge that it doesn’t test any manufacturers in the “other” category that account for less than 1 percent of laptop market share. Other scores from Rescuecom’s report includes Lenovo ranked with 250, ASUS scoring 2012 and Toshiba scoring 69. The computer repair service's findings include tablets in addition to laptops.

Other studies conducted earlier this year contradict Rescuecom’s results. PC Advisor used a similar testing method by surveying its readers to determine which laptop manufacturer was most reliable. Apple beat out other computer makers with 19 percent of the vote, while Samsung placed in eight out of 13.  

Although Rescuecom's findings may be questionable, it's worth noting that the iDevice-maker is notorious for achieving low scores in repairability tests. According to iFixit, the iPad Air's repairability rating is 2 out of 10, while iFixit gave the previous generation Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 an 8 out of 10