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Rickshaw's Tablet Messenger Impresses and Protects

When it comes to buying a bag, I believe that bigger is always better. So, when I saw Rickshaw's Messenger Bag for the iPad 2, it seemed far too small to be in any way useful. As a student, I need a bag that I can cram full of stationary and fill to the brim with books. Because this bag weighs just 1 pound and is only 3.75 inches deep, I didn't have high hopes for it.

The Rickshaw website boasts about a "large" compartment in the back of the bag. I decided to test this and see just how much I could actually fit in there. As it turns out, it's a fair bit. I managed two books, my glasses case, a pack of tissues, an orange, a water bottle, hand sanitizer, gum, makeup, keys, deodorant, and a scarf. The bag shut with ease. Not too shabby.

The bag is equipped to hold the iPad 2 with the Smart Cover on its own, however if you want extra protection you can purchase a horizontal or vertical sleeve for $40. Each sleeve is made up of 100% recycled polyester and the soft felt interior will clean your screen while protecting it. It easily connects to the bag via a Velcro strip in the main compartment.

For those who strive to be color-coordinated, Rickshaw offers a choice of 17 colors and fabrics to choose from, including Black, Coal, Florescent Orange,  and Performance Tweed Secret Garden. The X-Pac bags have a waterproof liner and the Tweed and Cordura fabrics are water-resistant, with the option to upgrade to waterproof for $15. Every bag is built to order in San Francisco, so you can ensure it's made to your personal specification.

Each one comes with an over-the-shoulder strap and a top cushioned handle for grab-and-go carrying. The bag is also padded to ensure your gear is protected from any bumps or scrapes.

If you're looking for a small bag that's surprisingly roomy, secure, and easy to carry, then this is for you. The Rickshaw Messenger Bag for the iPad 2 can be bought online for $75.