Report: Apple Dropping Google Maps in Favor of In-House Maps Application in iOS 6

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Here's some interesting new intelligence about iOS 6 from 9to5Mac. According to the site's (trusted) sources, Apple plans to debut an "incredible headline feature" for the next iteration of the mobile OS, which is expected to drop at the World Wide Developers Conference in mid-June: A completely rebuilt in-house Maps application. 9to5Mac says Apple will discard the Google Maps program running on iOS's backend and replace it with a completely new Maps app with an Apple backend -- and they claim the app is a "much cleaner, faster and more reliable experience."

This piece of news actually makes sense. In case you'd forgotten, Apple had previously acquired Placebase, C3 Technologies and Poly9 -- all valuable mapping companies that folks assumed would be put to use so Apple could build their own mapping database. Incidentally, Apple's replacement for Google Street View is said to likely come from C3 Technologies' vastly impressive 3D database. 

9to5Mac also says now that the application has been built from the ground up and fully in-house, it is now being called simply "Maps" -- completely doing away with the reference to "Google Maps" because of the backend. Prior to iOS 5, they reported on Apple and Google extending their Maps deal, and now it's seemingly evident when that deal ends.

The final nail in the coffin, according to the site, is a completely new logo for iOS Maps. 9to5Mac claims it is basically a redesigned version of the current iOS Maps icon (with a tiny capture of Apple's 1 Infinite Loop Campus), but slapped with a new color scheme. It looks like we'll just have to wait for WWDC in June to see if this report holds up, but either way it's shaping to be an interesting developers conference indeed.

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  • iKrontology Says:

    "Jaw Dropping Headline"? hahaha.... right. Everything from Apple is supposedly Jaw Dropping and Earth Shatteringly Good!

    Now.... after so much "Jaw Dropping and Earth Shattering" False Calls, people are all yawning and like they've just watched another Steve Jobs inspired InfoMercial Marketing Commercial slot on late night TV!

    But it's other manufacturers that are truly innovative today and even the ridiculous Apple Fan and Media hype is rolling off our backs and hitting the floor. Who really cares what Apple's market cap is or that their delirious fans rate them as the best...est everzzzzzz. We all know they've been drinking too much iKoolaide! ;-P

    The only company truly capable of delivering Jaw Dropping products is SAMSUNG..... certainly not Apple with all it's share holders rubbing their hands together thinking their going to get RICHER. So you gotta to wonder if any of those iDiots ever realized you can't get money out of a turnup bled dry by lack of good paying jobs all in the interest of making them look like they're better richer and smarter than the average guy! Jones Town here we come and I hope all the Wall Streeters drink double does of RDF Spiked iKoolaide themselves!

  • Sheep Says:

    Sheep are sheep.

  • jackson Says:

    this is alba was drinkin the kool aid HARD. apple sheep

  • Miguel Says:

    It was definitely a feature that generated headlines.

  • RJ Says:

    Wow steve... you claim apple innovates? You... are the definition of clueless.

  • Romping WillyBilly Says:


  • RK Says:

    This story is funnier now that we know how it ends.

  • hergieburbur Says:

    @Steve - "It still has the largest app store, fastest processor, best display (Retina), so how is android better?"

    Except, it doesn't. The Nexus 10 has a better display, and a whole host of Android devices have better processors and GPUs. Largest app store is irrelevant when many of the apps are redundant. Having iPad specific apps is their one boon, and you failed to mention that. Meanwhile, Apple maps has been an outright disaster for them in the short term, no matter how it plays out in the long term. There is a reason why android continues to eat into Apple's market share.

    Furthermore, Apple did not invent smart phones or tablets, nor did they create the market for them. The adapted existing principals in such as way to actually release the first attractive products in the two markets, which they deserve a ton of credit for. But what does that mean today? NOTHING. These are rapidly expanding markets that require constant attention and Apple has made several missteps in the big picture with things like an over priced iPad mini that does not appeal to the 7" market at large, a half baked maps app that needed a lot more testing before release, and forced obsolescence of the "new" iPad after less than a year, not to mention their features have not kept up with the competition. Being first is all well and good, but it means nothing 5 years down the line in a competitive market. Apple needs to do something to win those people just entering the smart phone and tablet markets, and so far, the key to their success has been higher price/profit margins and selling to the same people repeatedly. That will only go so far before it catches up to them (it did in the desktop market 25 years ago as well.)

  • Steve Says:

    I love all these morons like "Vitsing" (who can't even spell "Google" properly), says his wife is mad for eliminating YouTube. Genius- you can simply download it for free from the App store, it just doesn't come already installed. I'm so sorry your wife has to click a button, I see that is too hard. You know what is really sad? My 3 year old son knows how to do it- and you don't. Further, anything people say a droid does and an iPad doesn't is ignorant. No Flash, no problem, I downloaded an app which allows me to easily watch anything flash on my iPad. No USB connector or SD card slot? No problem, I have an adapter for $30 (or cheaper on eBay) which allows me to easily import via either one. Not including it on the iPad was to make the price point more attractive by limiting options not everyone needs. It still has the largest app store, fastest processor, best display (Retina), so how is android better? You don't like Maps? So re-download Google Maps, its not like Apple blocks you from doing so. While we are talking, regarding innovation... did you forget who invented the iPhone appearance, swiping, pinching etc.? Did you forget who introduced and created the market for the tablets? That was only a short while ago. Some of the largest companies in the world do not "innovate" anyway. When did McDonalds, Exxon, or Coca Cola INNOVATE anything? Besides, of course Apple will innovate again- even without Jobs... you didn't think they would blow their load already the first year without him did you!? MORONS!!!!!

  • Louis H Says:

    I love coming back to read old articles and posting on them. It's as if I traveled back in time to let everyone know that Apple has made a huge mistake by removing google maps! Maps app is HORRIBLE! To be honest, my friend just picked up the Galaxy Note 2 and it basically dances circles around my BRAND NEW iPhone 5!! WTH man! I am switching next time around.

  • Johnny 5 Says:

    It's a damn phone for crying out loud! You can call people and they can call you. Nothing new here folks.

  • Jeedubz Says:

    I love how terrible Apple Maps turned out. Maybe more people will remove the wool from their eyes and stop blindly worshipping Apple. Sheep.

  • John Says:

    Hahahehehohohahahaha! How'd that work out? rofl

  • Larry Bear Says:

    Somebody said, "I'm going to compete with Google maps." And I said, "huh?"

  • Squirrel Says:

    Apple DID change the market with its original iPhones, however by this time, they are starting to stagnate and I believe that the iPhones have been surpassed by the current Android (and possibly the WP7) offerings. As a person who cannot stand Apple (especially their annoying adverts), I will grudgingly admit that they are good at the initial innovations, however they are always eventually surpassed by other companies that follow their model. They also have decent customer support, even if you take into account their ironically-named 'Geniuses' (of whom my opinion is only slightly higher than that of the generally-incompetent 'Geek squad').

  • lb Says:

    Apple is a great example of American creativity. They have built an empire. Their customer service and support is unmatched.Why are all these people hating on Apple who has made us AMERICANS proud to off having brought to the world
    some of the finest well made devices. Sure Samsung, and other forgien companies will attack Apple. They do not have the talent to be original, only the ability to copy. We should support our successes and not lose focus. We AMERICANS always
    stuck together and do not be fooled Apple, Google, Intel, Ibm, Coca Cola, MacDonalds, Pepsi are just a few of our great companies. We have to protect our countries businesses. SUPPORT APPLE they are us. You know they will make these minor problems get fixed.

  • Androidisforme Says:

    MacLover Says:
    August 1st, 2012 at 5:12 pm
    Haters gonna hate!! The iPhone changed the cell phone market idiots, everyone is trying to be like them now. Did you see the 1st android and windows based phones? Now they are trying to emulate the iPhone. Nice try though.

    Lmao Dude, you must have only been subjected to Iphones, the technology in the android apps have been out longer than an Iphone and it's stupid OS.

  • George Leon Says:

    All of you children using foul language & slanderous adjectives need to get a life. Apple is for some people & Android is for others, while others may choose Windows Phone. It has ZERO to do with wealth. Guess what, I write occasional tech pieces & have been asked to write for some pretty big sites. I refuse most writing offers these days because I have another career as an engineer that I love. I have been deeply involved with Apple, Sony & Android & Windows products through various positions, beta groups & long time membership in communities like XDA (I was at XDA pretty much at the beginning with itsme & buzz). I have donated more test devices to charities this year than the average user has probably ever owned. I get many devices sent to me, can afford to buy whatever I want if it's not sent to me, & while I have had every iPhone to date, not including the 5, I choose Android because it is the only device that does the thing I want & more importantly, does the non-negotiable things I require. I could care less if the name of my device was "a stick of dog crap with buttons", as long as it is a top tier device that performs all of the functions I need on a daily basis to best serve my clients & to make my life easier. How many of the people using an iPhone or Android device today were using a feature phone not so long ago? I can tell you the number is huge. Many user don't have the same requirements or expectations as a power user. They really just need a phone the calls in/out & posts to Facebook. iPhones are great for these folks as well as for those that don't have to worry about using VPN or RDP to use legacy programs that require the use of "F" Function keys. I can't use the iPhone because their keyboard does not allow for this & they don't allow third party SIP's. It has all of nothing to do with the thirteen year old girl, nor the 60 year old CEO, nor anyone between the two having anything I envy. Frankly, I don't care what you use & I care even less about what you think about my device. What I do care about is respect & common decency, which seems to be going the way of the leaping lesbian lizard or Cnemidophorus uniparens. I guess it's like good ol' Tommy Lee Jones said: "Once Sir & Ma'am go, the rrest is soon to foller".

  • Beemer Says:

    Tim Cook issues public apology for Apple Maps. Guess we know how that turned out. Very unlike Apple to beta test new features on the general public.

  • Vitsing Says:

    Apple really screwed the pooch with iOS 6 by dropping both the Goggel Maps and YouTube apps.

    Being naïve I made the mistake of upgrading both my wife's and my iPad and Apple iPhone 4 to iOS 6 . I have received nothing but venomous hate from my wife for eliminating YouTube from her iPAD. This was one that very few applications that she used all the time and loved her YouTube channel.

    It seems our only hope is for Apple to get on its knees, suck eggs and beg Google to come to the rescue. This has definitely led to a decline in Apple madness and I for one will not purhase another Apple Product until they correct this massive error in Judgement.

  • Droid BLOWS CHUNKS! Says:

    Listening to you little droid fan girls is really getting old...Face facts, your product is NOT as good as
    Apples, despite your incessant whining that it is...You know it, I know it, and anyone else with half
    a brain knows it too...Which BTW is a half a brain more than you have for buying some cheap knock off crap!

  • Apple of my Eye Says:

    Hey jealous peeps... Have issues with it, don't buy it. Your complaining sounds like a spoiled little kid crying that he wants his cookie flopping on the ground... It actually kind of funny how jealous you are.

  • Jon H. Says:

    Clean, Innovative, and stylish. That's how I would have described apple 5 years ago. But today, when the big reveal for a phone is Siri, a creepy gimmick to say the least. And then there's the tablet market, which i don't entirely understand, being that it's just as awkward to carry as a laptop. Besides a platform for students to carry an entire bag of textbooks on a single device, I wonder what the true market is. Kindle and Nook do that readily and they're easier on the eyes. It's hard not to use the word drones to describe apple fans because it seems like apple products have become a status symbol of wealth. No real purpose anymore. Clean, Innovative, and stylish sound more like Nokia Lumia's 920 with the new Windows 8 OS. A company that isn't continuously reinventing itself will fail quickly, especially in the tech industry. Have fun repurchasing docks for all your apple gear, way to innovate apple.

  • 6 yr macman Says:

    What a lot of you have to understand is that apple is a computer company that has its own platform samsung does not and google does not so how can they win? They (apple) are very very good at what they do. their only competition is microsoft and linux. Now as for what Rogerpjr said: Did samsung, google or microsoft care if apple went out of business just a few years ago? I think not! This tells me that people don't care how, when, where or why, only that it is a good product is what we care about.

  • Ed Kearny Says:

    Take another bite out of the Apple and change its logo. Samsung all the way!!!

  • Geoff Says:

    Ive been using iOS6 for the last 3 months and the maps are absolutely stunning. The built in turn by turn works better than any other nice app i have used ie magellan, tom tom, etc. For only being a beta, 6.0 is very nice. Btw, the new maps are created by tom tom and others according to the onscreen info on my iphone

  • Ed Kearney Says:

    Isn't it hilarious when people Hate on Apple? Anyone who buys Apple products are "drones". Hahaha. There sure are a lot of drones out there then. You guys can keep hating. I'll keep laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Bill Patterson Says:

    Check this report from LA Times:

    Jobs didn't steal it, but he saw the potential they didn't see and got the functionality to the consumer.

  • Divebus Says:

    @RogerpJr: blah blah blah... and it's all wrong. Xerox entered into a business deal with Apple to exchange that technology. Then, Apple proceeded to dramatically improve on that technology before they released it. I worked for Xerox when that happened and we basically got our head handed to us. Xeorx invented, then ignored the computer as we know it because the clueless people in Rochester didn't know how to sell it.

  • Tyrone Says:

    Isn't Windows just a cheap knockoff of the desktop that Macs have had for years? Why does every smartphone look like the iPhone?

  • wwwwwwww Says: make yourself appear ignorant when you don't know the basic facts. Apple paid Xerox at the time Apple programmers were allowed access to PARC

  • RogerpJr Says:

    I will not be satisfied, untill apple pays XEROX PARC the BILLIONS, and BILLIONS it ( apple ) owes XEROX..
    It is DOCUMENTED that apple stole XEROX IP. Jobs and his company did conscienciously and with ill intent take XEROX' PARC IP and SLAVISHLY worked for a year to get the code, and then one year later came out with a competing product that was sold by apple for a small FRACTION of what XEROX was selling. THUS harming by intent and willfull malice a market that Jobs admits was already in place.
    With the total damage that apple has caused XEROX, the damages total into TENS of BILLIONs...
    Watch as things develop. MORE evidence against apple, impossible to conceal is brought to the fore... There are a host of smoking GUNS...... ALL pointing to apple.
    APPLE, your insistence on harming the industry ( competition ) is your undoing.....
    In this case, you have no Judge with little or no prior knowledge. Apple, yuouhave people who were adults. THINKING, and WATCHING you back then. WHo rooted for you, untill seeing your malicious, callous behaviour. THEN as well as know.....
    Fair is fair. All will be done nice and legally. Unlike yourself..

  • NotGoogleFan Says:

    Google maps have become much less useful since they will only display business searches that pay to advertise. Not that Apple won't have the same restriction?

  • MC Says:

    @NotMacFan, you truly are an imbecile.

  • Mike Thomas Says:

    @cisco93, I doubt you'll have to worry... Google has too much riding on its Google Maps to not release an iOS 6 replacement for the Maps app. I look forward to seeing the Apple Maps reboot this fall.

  • MacLover Says:

    Haters gonna hate!! The iPhone changed the cell phone market idiots, everyone is trying to be like them now. Did you see the 1st android and windows based phones? Now they are trying to emulate the iPhone. Nice try though.

  • NotMacFan Says:

    Apple if famous for this... "Jaw Dropping" feature that someone already has. Their long time CEO did NOTHING for society except steal others ideas and remarket them by creating jobs in China and then charging a price like they are made of platinum while providing performance equal to compeditors (2 years prior). Meanwhile all of the apple fans (drones) just flock to them and MUST have the latest stupid POS they offer and don't care that they are blind to the competition.

  • cisco93 Says:

    If any of Apple products that rely on their back-end are any indication, I'm not looking forward to this change at all. ANd what if I don't want to use Apple maps, but Google instead? Does that mean I have to remain on iOS 5? This seems like a BIG gamble for Apple.

  • sysint Says:

    Microsoft needs to sue Apple over "maps" .

    This is what it is on my Windows phone - which incidentally I bought on a whim and it works well and is easy to use. Which for Msoft is shocking, but in this case true. They finally made something that didn't have much $#!^ attached to it.

  • Steeve Ha Says:

    No wonder the Apple products are soooo expensive. Seriously, I can live with Google map thank you very much. Nice try Apple.

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